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... or is it heartbreak? On Grey's Anatomy, the two are never separated by much.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Meredith and Derek try to have a night to themselves when Lexie offers to watch Zola on next week's episode, while Callie hands babysitting duties over to Mark for similar reasons.

Ben proves to Bailey that he knows her a lot better than she thinks, while the ER fills with romantics and the requisite disasters that seem to follow every holiday at Seattle Grace-Mercy West. You know how it is.

Teddy is at or reaching a breaking point, it looks like, along with Cristina and Owen. How do you think it's going to play out for them? Will this Valentine's installment yield more tears than smiles?

Read our review of Grey's Anatomy from last night for a breakdown of the alt-universe drama, then watch the promo for next week's episode, "All You Need is Love," as the characters return to real life below:

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I know what you're saying but it's not painful for me to watch Owen and Christina, but I know from firsthand experience that they way they're playing out the relationship (which is pretty accurate) it's not going to work. One person wanting children and the other NOT wanting children is pretty much a deal breaker. I think Owen and Christina's therapy will make them both realize that they might love each other, but they need to let go because he will always resent her for what happened and for not having kids, and she will not be happy if she relents and chooses to have kids just to please him. Letting go might be their 'happy ending', which I'm pretty confident it's going to be, if Shonda is going to play this out like real life. Or not..


I've been predicting this for months ever since Cristina had the abortion. Teddy's husband was going to die, Owen and Teddy would end up finding solace in one another and Teddy gets pregnant. Cristina doesn't want kids. Owen does. That marriage will not work period. Owen and Teddy would make a great pair; they almost did! This love hate thing will culminate into a heated fling, and then Owen decides to stay with Teddy cause she's having a baby.


Owen stands up to Cristina,
I have faith in CrOwen,they can make it, meant to be,
I much enjoyed Kevin & sandra's acting and actually I won't mind they keep fighting if the script is good


love Teddy but i'd rather see her move on so I don't have to suffer Owen's stupid face on my screen more than minimally. Christina needs someone less annoying and more fun. Not a huge MerDer fan, but happy they will have childfree time. Maybe I'll start liking them more. Calzona needs some alone time too. Lots of kid time this season. Hope Mark and Lexie DON'T get together. Those two annoy me. Stick with Julia, Mark, so that Lexie can finally get a personality. Karev-meet someone, already. Not April. I don't like Avery but I wouldn't mind those two together.


I'm really wondering if Altman's extreme dislike of Hunt will culminate in something that Crowen fans will be upset about. I just can't see Cris ever wanting a baby.I know the promo is edited to make things look a bit different than they are, I'm refering to the Lexie and Mark interaction.
I'm interested to see where Callie takes Arizona for their date. But I do hope MerDer get some alone time, and more than one brief scene together. Cos they're happy(at the moment), they barely interact as a couple!


Oh crap, Owen's not gonna wind up screwing Teddy is he? In one of those love/hate moments while he and Cristina are on the outs? I hope not. :( I hope what Shonda meant was more that Owen moves out temporarily, and they're separated, but working on things...I love them together. :(


I'm looking forward to some MerDer time without Zola. I mean, the parenting stuff is definitely cute but happy and sexy times alone has been lacking this season. I'm definitely looking forward to hints of Mark and Lexie as well! As for the Teddy part, I've been waiting for her and Owen's confrontation so that should bring in something heavy to the episode. I mean, aside from the car crashing into the ER. And of course, after Cristina and Owen's confrontation, heavier things have to come about. Looking forward to this episode!


omg I love MerDer soo much!!! Derek- you are so sexy lol :p i am so happy they r finally happy and have a daughter! zola is so adorable


hope owen doesn't die since teddy said that she wished he was dead


Is it possible that that is Teddy driving the red truck trying to kill Christina....For payback against her for letting Henry die(its not her fault however) and payback to Owen by taking away what he loved?

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