Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "All You Need is Love"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "All You Need is Love," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for their weekly Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Courtney: Definitely belongs to the awkward conversation between Lexie and Richard when she admits "she hasn't been hitting much of anything lately." Hilarious.

Sean: It may have been cheesy but I loved the rock, paper, scissors battle. I mean after all, it's definitely a sport that needs a corner man to help discuss strategy. 

Christina: Alex reading the love letter. That entire storyline with the 10-year olds was perfectly adorable.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. Are Cristina and Owen splitting up for good?

Courtney: They are for sure going to take a break that will shake things up a bit. They need their space to find out if they really should be together. Owen has to be end game for Cristina and I'm ok with that. The only thing better would be the return of the tight turtle neck sweater wearer himself, Preston Burke.

Sean: I'm not sure. It truly feels like it at this point, but maybe some real space might give them time to figure out what they really want.

Christina: Yes, and rightfully so. I just don’t see how Owenstina can get back to what they had until they come to terms that she doesn’t want to be a mother and he wants to be a father.

3. Should Teddy forgive Owen since she is not mad at Cristina?

Courtney: The situations are way different. Teddy trusted Cristina and although she didn't succeed, she did exactly as Teddy would have done and told her the truth. Owen, who is supposed to be one of her oldest friends, kept the truth from her and lied to her face. He would be dead to me too.

Sean: I want her to forgive him but I know it won't be that simple. Her feelings of betrayal are too strong to even allow her to think about forgiveness. Tough question and I'm glad I'm not in that situation.

Christina: Like Courtney said, both situations are vastly different. While both Cristina and Owen did their jobs, Owen chose to do his job by not telling Teddy over being a friend and keeping the truth from her. If I were Teddy, I’m not so sure I’d be able to ever forgive him.

Mer Der Lovin'

4. Who is the best couple at Seattle Grace?

Courtney: Derek and Meredith are the obvious choice so I'm going to switch it up a bit. Richard and Adele. They have been put through the ringer with affairs and a demanding job. But the old Chief loves his woman and does what he can for her: including singing in an OR and sitting through an anniversary/Valentine's dinner as a complete stranger. Gotta love the underdogs.

Sean: Avery and Sloan. I know, I know, they're not really a couple but when these two get together they crack me up. Their bromance really works for them.

Christina: MerDer… always have been, always will be.

5. Who is the worst couple at Seattle Grace?

Courtney: Sloan and Julia. This is only because we don't know this girl and have no interest in her character. A little more attention to these two and their ranking would change.

Sean: I will agree with Sloan and Julia as well. We just haven't seen enough of them as a couple to really determine anything about them.

Christina: I’m going with Sloan and Julia as well. This is mainly due to the fact that I can’t wait ‘til Slexie is back together!

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


bxt couple merder cos no mata thier probs/wori dey stl kom bk**thier rship is so mature & ful of undastandin


1. have u forgotten, nobody knows where they might end up, meaning what u think will happen is not what will happen. so it looks like mer can't ve mcbaby, she will and cris does not want a child but in the end she also will have one, this applies to all the cast.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I am a big fan of Cristina and Owen. I do take Owen's side though. He seems to be in a lot of pain cause he lost his child and he's losing his best friend and wife. I get why Teddy is mad but I don't think that justifies her telling him she wishes he was dead. He's still her best friend and even if she is mad at him that just crosses the line. I would also like to note that Teddy didn't even support Owen when he was going through all the abortion stuff with Cristina. He could really have used a friend then! Best scene would have to be the Owen and Cristina elevator scene! Absolutey beautiful how sad and in pain they both look. Loved the end scene too. I think Teddy made Cristina realise that she couldn't handle losing Owen or him hating her. Owen would never hate her though, I think he's more hurt than angry. Still have hope for them :)


1. I have to say the rock,paper,scissors game I love their bromance.
2. I hope so they are endgame
3. I maybe be in the minority but I agree with Owen her husband died in the middle of her being in someone's chest how can he tell her something life altering like that while she's trying to save someone's life. Cristina was doing her job I think Teddy's are peace with thar
4. MerDer
5.Sloan and Julia Slexie ftw


1. Rock paper scissors. Mark and Avery ftw.
2. God, I hope not.
3. No, Teddy has right to be pissed at Owen.
4. Slexie, Callie and Arizona, Mer/Der, Crowen, Addison and Mark.
5. Bailey and Eli, Mark and Julia, Kepner and Karev, Kepner and that asshole guy Stark or whatever, Avery and Lexie, Ben/Bailey


i loved the rock and paper scissor scene that was funny and also the scene with mark and lexie before and after she shows up at his apartment with zola not knowing that avery was there awkard


4. Who is the best couple at Seattle Grace?
Hm well....Richard had a long affair with Ellis Grey...and still has this attachment to her not him and Adele... Derek treated Meredith like shit for all of season six and most of seven...only to decide to be nice to her again because she was gonna leave him. so...even though they used to be great nope not them...Callie and Arizona just...bore me with all their motherhood...Cristina and Owen...well lol obvi not them.. soo.... hm the ten year old couple?
5. Who is the worst couple at Seattle Grace?
Cristina..Owen...hands down


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Everytime Mark looks at Lexie. You would think that the actors were actually secretly in love. Rock Papers Scissors is a close second. 2. Are Cristina and Owen splitting up for good?
Gosh, I hope so. Worst couple ever.
3. Should Teddy forgive Owen since she is not mad at Cristina?
The real question is, should Cristina forgive Teddy? Teddy is the one who lied and tricked Cristina into operating on Henry, and put her in such a horrific and scarring situation.. Also should Cristina forgive Owen?
The answer to the first is maybe yes eventually...but the second...NO! What kind of husband would do that to his wife? Put his best friend before his wife and put her in a potentially life scarring situation?


Fav Scene
When Lexie showed up at Marks apparment. That was presh!! Worst Couple
Ben/Bailey. Best Cople
Mark and lexie forever. The scenes of them were presh


1. Bailey n Ben at the end. A cute scene. That man is in love with Bailey, understands her work and what it means to be a surgeon. A man our Bailey deserves. 2. Owenstina will survive. My second best scene was the one where she begs him not to give up and it happens in that vent place. 3.
Teddy needs to be angry at herself but she is denial about how is wrong so she needs to take it out on Owen cuz he is her friend. He should just let it happen and worry about saving his marriage. 4. Mer/Der best couple. They make sense on every level. 5. Sloania. We didn't even see her on VDay.

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