Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "All You Need is Love"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "All You Need is Love," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for their weekly Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Courtney: Definitely belongs to the awkward conversation between Lexie and Richard when she admits "she hasn't been hitting much of anything lately." Hilarious.

Sean: It may have been cheesy but I loved the rock, paper, scissors battle. I mean after all, it's definitely a sport that needs a corner man to help discuss strategy. 

Christina: Alex reading the love letter. That entire storyline with the 10-year olds was perfectly adorable.

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. Are Cristina and Owen splitting up for good?

Courtney: They are for sure going to take a break that will shake things up a bit. They need their space to find out if they really should be together. Owen has to be end game for Cristina and I'm ok with that. The only thing better would be the return of the tight turtle neck sweater wearer himself, Preston Burke.

Sean: I'm not sure. It truly feels like it at this point, but maybe some real space might give them time to figure out what they really want.

Christina: Yes, and rightfully so. I just don’t see how Owenstina can get back to what they had until they come to terms that she doesn’t want to be a mother and he wants to be a father.

3. Should Teddy forgive Owen since she is not mad at Cristina?

Courtney: The situations are way different. Teddy trusted Cristina and although she didn't succeed, she did exactly as Teddy would have done and told her the truth. Owen, who is supposed to be one of her oldest friends, kept the truth from her and lied to her face. He would be dead to me too.

Sean: I want her to forgive him but I know it won't be that simple. Her feelings of betrayal are too strong to even allow her to think about forgiveness. Tough question and I'm glad I'm not in that situation.

Christina: Like Courtney said, both situations are vastly different. While both Cristina and Owen did their jobs, Owen chose to do his job by not telling Teddy over being a friend and keeping the truth from her. If I were Teddy, I’m not so sure I’d be able to ever forgive him.

Mer Der Lovin'

4. Who is the best couple at Seattle Grace?

Courtney: Derek and Meredith are the obvious choice so I'm going to switch it up a bit. Richard and Adele. They have been put through the ringer with affairs and a demanding job. But the old Chief loves his woman and does what he can for her: including singing in an OR and sitting through an anniversary/Valentine's dinner as a complete stranger. Gotta love the underdogs.

Sean: Avery and Sloan. I know, I know, they're not really a couple but when these two get together they crack me up. Their bromance really works for them.

Christina: MerDer… always have been, always will be.

5. Who is the worst couple at Seattle Grace?

Courtney: Sloan and Julia. This is only because we don't know this girl and have no interest in her character. A little more attention to these two and their ranking would change.

Sean: I will agree with Sloan and Julia as well. We just haven't seen enough of them as a couple to really determine anything about them.

Christina: I’m going with Sloan and Julia as well. This is mainly due to the fact that I can’t wait ‘til Slexie is back together!

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


1. WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE SCENE FROM THE EPISODE? Tied: Meredith & Derek trying to find a place to have sex (even though it was kind of ridiculous notion that they couldn't move Zola's crib into one of their newly vacant rooms they have, but funny none the less) and Callie leading Arizona to the trailer. 2. ARE CRISTINA AND OWEN SPLITTING UP FOR GOOD? I really hope not, but it would be very understandable and not surprising if they did. 3. SHOULD TEDDY FORGIVE OWEN SINCE SHE IS NOT MAD AT CRISTINA? No, because it like apples and oranges. 4. WHO IS THE BEST COUPLE AT SEATTLE GRACE? Without a doubt Callie/Arizona 5. WHO IS THE WORST COUPLE AT SEATTLE GRACE? I don't think that there is a worst couple per se, but if I had to chose it would probably be Ben/Bailey.


Ok i'm gonna do the rank 1,2,3 on some questions
Fav Scene: 1. Mer/Der trying to find somewhere to have sex! hilarious, 2. Alex reading the love letter 3. Ben telling Bailey he know's her.
Yang and Owen: They need time to work thing's out and time alone. Truth and Trust is important for any relationship and seem's like there is none of that in this relationship. I wouldn't want to live like this.
Teddy: Owen did the right thing professionally, personally he was stuck between a rock and a hard call to make. Would you really call a doctor out of an operation to tell them there husband/wife has died probably.
Best Couple: 1.Mer/Der 2.Richard/Adele 3.Bailey/Ben
Worst Couple: 1.Der/Addie 2.Bailey/Eli 3.Mark/Julia


Cont. Best couple: Calzona, love that Callie is actually getting her priorities straight this season. And yes, the chemistry is STILL there. Worst couple: It's a tie. Baiben. Just can't get into them. Bailey had more chemistry with Eli. Avery/Mark, the bromance has become annoying. Avery has become annoying. It's like the writers are trying so hard with these two and keep forcing Avery down my throat.


Fave scene: Callie surprising Arizona with the trailer. Callie's little dance and Arizona's trying face at the end. Great scene. Crowen: They need to split up. Sometimes love just isn't enough when both parties want the opposite. Both feel really strongly about their side, so I don't see either of them changing their minds. If they stay together, they will only end up resenting each other. Children is a definite deal breaker. Teddy: She will forgive him but not now. It's too soon. She's still grieving. What she said was harsh but then again so was him blatantly lying to her face. When he said he needed a friend, that was just insensitive considering what she lost.


1. Alex with the little girl. I adore Alex. It's absurd that he still has no love life.
2. C/O should be done. The real Cristina Yang would've dumped him long ago.
3. Could not care less about Teddy. She needs to leave and take Owen with her.
4. I don't like any of the current couples. MerDer are boring, and the others are just there.
5. Grandpa Mark and pre-teen Lexi. He's way too old and experienced for her, and she's an absolute child. Callie/AZ also have zero chemistry. They are pure fast forward material.


4. Mark and Lexie (FYI He's not 20 years older, that would make him 50 LMAO. Also to the person that said Mark well never be faithful what show are you watching? Because Mark and Lexie were always faithful to each other) Meredith/Derek (Also they aren't boring and have never been boring. They have more Sparks then almost any couple on this show.)
5. C/A & J/S - C/A makes me ill, Arizona Deserves better. Callie is just one selfish person. Jackson is just creepy, He has some kind of man crush on mark and i just cringe, of course Jesse Can't act at all so it makes it even worse


Favorite Scene: Rock, Paper, Scissors...I just thought it was so funny. Favorite Couples: I love the Sloan/Avery bromance, but I also love Calzona. I guess I just wish that Arizona were more bubbly and bright the way she was in previous seasons. Worst Couple: Sloan and Lexie...I'm just so over it. I mean, I'm all for Addison coming back and being with Mark or something...but Lexie's character just doesn't interest me enough.


Worst couple: Lexie and Lexie. Yeah, I mean it.
She's been doing nothing for several years. Am I the only one who remembers when she was the brightest of the interns? When a lot was made of her trick memory that she used to save George and then the guy with the ear problem? Since Sloan she's basically just been a stick figure. First, just as a sex symbol. Now, she's just the person people talk to while she looks beautiful and opens those big eyes wider. She seldom really interacts with anyone at all except to cast loving, longing glances at Sloan who's twenty years older than her. She needs a younger man, one who is not burdened with a couple of children (including one close to her own age). Of course, I also know she is being kept in reserve. If Ellen Pompeo leaves she becomes the "Grey". But currently she is essentially boring.


1. Favorite Scene
*CrOwen's elevator scene, hearbreaking and vent scene, powerful
*Slei's chocolate scene,simple love
2. Cristina & Owen- meant to be,Made for each other
3. Teddy- she should forgive Owen,the speech's incredible,be mad for that?
4. Best couple-Calzona , always be happy!!
5. Worst couple- MerDer (too boring )& BaiBe (too fake)


1 - my fave season is the one between teddy and owen. That powerful scene left me staring without blinking. Kudos to Kim Raver for a job well done, I felt her pain. 2 - I never liked Cristina and Owen. And I hope they don't survive coz realistically speaking they shouldn't. I mean they have diff views in life. They stay together they will just end up fighting. They will both be so miserable. I like Teddy with Owen, I think they are hot together. 3 - What Teddy said to Owen was just too harsh but I think it's justifiable. She is grieving for the love of her life. Plus Owen came to her saying, 'I need a friend right now.' Dude that is so wrong. For sure they will patch things up at some point, and please hook up together already! 4 - I want to answer Teddy and Henry, but he's already dead. Gawd! Henry is the sweetest. So I'll answer Calzona. 5 - Cristina - Owen. Split up already!

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