Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "If Only You Were Lonely"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "If Only You Were Lonely," in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have assembled for their weekly Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Courtney: Meredith asking Cristina what is going on with her. It was classic twisted sisters with her offering to do all types of crazy things. A closed second goes to Bailey teaching Derek how to do Zola's hair. She did make a point - your daughter can't have messy hair when yours is just about perfect!

Sean: Sloan: "You're two attractive people. Any ways you could alleviate that stress?" Hilarious that he would ask April to "take one for the team."

Christina: Bailey: "Daddy's hair is nice ... maybe even perfect. And his daughter's hair is 31 different flavors of wrong. Your daughter is black. Do her hair!"

Grey's Anatomy Round Table - depreciated -

2. Is Owen cheating on Cristina? If so, what's going to happen to the Hunt's?

Courtney: I'm not too sure. Like I said in the review, the signs are there and I get why Cristina is suspicious. I just don't think that Owen would go there, especially this early into their breakup. Final answer? No.

Sean: I don't think so. I understand her feelings, but I think their relationship problems make Cristina seeing a pretty girl talking to her husband, etc as more than it is.

Christina: I'm honestly not sure, but I have a feeling that Owen wouldn't go there. Either way, Cristina should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

3. Adele's condition is getting worse. Should Richard move her into the nursing home? What's your prediction for Adele's fate for the remainder of the season?

Courtney: Yes, because it is truly heartbreaking to watch Richard at home with her while she throws things and sets fires and has no idea who he is. His speech with Meredith was so sweet. He did make vows to her that he has broken before and that he needs to stand beside her through her sickness. But as a doc, Webber knows that he can't give her everything she needs by himself. Hopefully Adele's fate is just in the nursing home, because I am not sure I could take Shonda having her die on us. There is not enough tissues in my house to deal with that.

Sean: He should and doing so doesn't mean that he loves or cares for her any less. At a nursing home, with her condition, she could get the best possible care and Richard can still be apart of her life. I think Richard will reluctantly come to the decision in the end.

Christina: Yes, Richard should move Adele into the nursing home ASAP. Unfortunately, I think that Adele's condition will continue to worsen and she won't make it to this season's finale. It'd be one heck of a way to close out this season, and you already know Shonda and company love bringing on the waterworks.

Adele and Richard Webber

4. Who is going to do the best on their boards: Cristina, Meredith, Alex, or Jackson?

Courtney: Meredith. Not only is she a Grey and pretty much rocks at everything, but she has Callie on her side. Who doesn't remember her killer flashcards?

Sean: I'd say Meredith and Jackson because they both are doctor's kids, but that would be too easy of a choice. I think Cristina, although top notch, will be distracted by her personal problems. Which leaves, Alex. And it would be good for him to have that success, even if it means plenty of bragging.

Christina: Meredith, of course! For starters, her last name is Grey. Secondly, she is awesome at everything. Lastly, she's prepping like crazy and has Callie's studying technique on her side.

5. Better BFFs? Mark and Derek or Mark and Jackson?

Courtney: As much as I hate to say it, Mark and Jackson. The two actually talk with each other and any comedy from the guys always comes from these two. Plus, Mark never slept with his wife like he did with Derek. His time with Lexie was never cheating.

Sean: Mark and Derek are good buddies, but Mark and Jackson maintain that comedic bromance. It's always fun watching and you can tell that the two guys have a good time when they are together.

Christina: Mark and Derek! Even through the ups and downs, these two are still the best of friends. Forget about Addie! They've both moved so far beyond the worst of their days and are now hanging out at the nursery with their daughters. I can't imagine that it gets any better for two lifelong buddies.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


1.) Agree with Christina on this one. Bailey is simply the best :D
2.) It kind of makes me laugh that people think that Owen's cheating. I mean, I could be wrong but then I'd have to be SO wrong. Owen's just not that kinda guy. It would be absurd. He was so sad during the whole episode - made me sad too. Here's hoping for better times - soon! And I want a Chris/Owen baby, no matter what :D
3.) Yes, he should and he will.
4.) No idea. Probably Mer.
5.) Mark and Derek - they have known each other for such a long time and Avery is ruining it anyway because he's in love with Lexie.


4. April! The one not listed for some reason...


1. Derek asking Sloan how his other half was, and Sloan thinking Derek was talking about Jackson - so funny
2. Yes, I think it would be a clever plot because no one would think Owen would do that, but I think he is cheating
3. Yeah I think adele will go the nursing home and this is the right choice for Richard. And I don't think adele will still be alive in season 9.
4. Meredith and jackson will do the best, but I think Alex will still ace it and Cristina I think might be too distracted to study.
5. I think Mark and Derek will always be friends, but something was lost when Mark slept with Addison. And I love the bromance between jackson and Sloan. But I think it's Mark and callie who are the real BFFs in this situation.


1. Alex/Lexi looking at the kids' pictures. I loved hearing Alex admit he likes Peads.
2. I hope Owen's cheating, and Cristina dumps him.
4. I'd love to see Alex do the best, but I'm sure Mary Sue Meredith will because it's always her and the writers never do anything new. LOL that April isn't even in the running. Can they please unload her and Avery already.


in the number four, they forgot about April. LOL


1.Meredith and Cristina.Partners in crime forever.
2.At this point is hard to tell.May be the nurse is up to something (she probably knows about the rocky situation between Cristina and Owen,after all the hospital is very gossipy place)Owen is an honorable man,but he is a human being as well.Sometimes people do things which don't suit them. Moreover,according to the official ABC press release Summer Glau aka Nurse Emily will be guest star again in the upcoming episode.And we all know pretty well that the list of cheaters on GA is a long one.
3.Adele really needs help and Richard will make the right decision if he send her to Rose Ridge.
4.Board exams- it seems to me the writers are setting up things for these boards.And we know that some people will fail them and Cristina is my prime candidate
5.Mark and Derek have a long time friendship.Mark and Avery,they are very funny to watch-it's more like father-son relationship.


i can imagine christina cheating, infact i see this going in the worst direction possible.. her believing owen cheated... and going out and doing something drastic, only to have it blow up in her face...i hope not.. but i just cant see own cheating on her.. if he were at that point.. he'd leave.. he wouldn't live that kind of lie.


It tottaly sucks that last week there was no MerDer scene at all, and this week there was only a 2 seconds one!:s their best scenes were only on season 1 and 3, when it was sweet and kind of epic with the speeches and all that. After that it got really boring, and its such a shame since they are the best of the show. And as much as I love Zola she made it worst.


Owen is not, and will not cheat on Christina. Owen has too much integrity to be a cheater. If he was the type to cheat, he'd have slept with Teddy in Iraq. I like that this plot line can show that just the questions and suspicion of cheating can change a lover's behaviour and harm your relationship, even when it is not really happening.


Zola's hair needed to be done and it was cool that Bailey showed him how.Zola is such a cute baby and good addition to the show. It's good that Mark has taken Jackson under his wing since in the first seasons, he refused to teach Alex. It was a solid episode.

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