Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "If/Then"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our official Grey's Anatomy review broke down last week's episode, "If/Then," in detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff writers Courtney Morrison, Sean McKenna and Christina Tran have gathered for their weekly Round Table Q&A to further debate, discuss and dissect the goings on at Seattle Grace/Mercy West.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Courtney: Hands down, Meredith running to Richard after finding out that Alex is a cheater. This father/daughter duo is the best. Runner-up goes to the mentioning of Izzie, George, and Burke.

Sean: Derek finding out it wasn't his baby. Not only was the moment reminiscent of when he walked in on Sloan and Addison, but it showed his willingness to fight for something.

Christina: I loved the final minutes of the episode with Meredith and Derek at Joe’s. It was a nice nod to the pilot and I couldn’t help but smile as they realized they were simply just a guy and a girl at a bar.

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2. Was this episode a waste of time like last years' musical massacre?

Courtney: Definitely not. I hated the musical episode. Even though we got to see the actors show off their singing skills, I would rather watch some reality competition for that. I think this episode was a filler episode, just like that one, but it was light and enjoyable. I didn't mind watching an hour of it... I don't want to do it again, though.

Sean: It wasn't as bad as the musical episode, but all the episode really did was prove that destiny brings everything together no matter what direction or choices are made. It all works out in the end. It was certainly an interesting (and drastic for many) change for the characters.

Christina: Honestly, I enjoyed this episode MUCH more than the disastrous musical massacre. Although I’d rather watch an installment that was the real deal, I certainly didn’t think that it was a waste of time either. It was fun and definitely intriguing.

3. Who is your favorite character/situation in the alternate version of Seattle Grace?

Courtney: The same person who is my favorite in the real version... Cristina Yang. She's hardcore and gets the job done. I harbor a serious girl crush on Yang, and even those bangs couldn't stop it.

Sean: Lexie Grey because let's face it, did you ever think that she would be rocking the dreads and addicted to drugs?

Christina: I’m going with Meredith. I’ve always loved the dark and twisty version, but the bubble gum-cardigan-wearing one wasn’t so bad either. Her relationship with her mother has always been interesting to me. I also thoroughly enjoyed her interactions with Richard. Lastly, who’d a thought Meredith and Alex could ever be together? That was so weird and funny at the same time.

Bailey with Braids!

4. Would you rather things be the dream way or the way we have watched over the past several seasons?

Courtney: Real way, without a doubt.

Sean: I like the way things have been the past few seasons but ultimately, dream world or real world, the point was that it doesn't matter. It's all going to sync up and work out how it is supposed to.

Christina: I’m going with the real way, for sure ... because dreams end.

5. If you could keep one thing from the dream to carry into the real version of the show, what would it be?

Courtney: Miranda, I mean Mandi Bailey's hair.

Sean: Lexie's tattoos. It would bring out that bad girl in her. Hottie alert!

Christina: Alex’s glasses ... so g33ky and n3rdy, but seriously kind of cute all at the same time.

What do you think? Share your responses in the comments below!


2.Last years musical episode was dire, even Patrick finally admitted it didn't work. This episode ranks higher for me than the all male episode, which I thought was a disaster.
3. Meredith being 'bright and shiny' was interesting. Ellis was an awful mom,hooray that Meredith saw through her by the end of the episode.I guess Richard was entirely responsible for making Mer the positive person she was, although he was so manipulated by Ellis.
5. To see the restart of MerDer falling for each other in the new dream version! LOL


all nods to the pilot and previous seasons made me so happy. 2.
unlike the musical episode, this is a stand-alone episode. you could skip this episode in a marathon and not miss any information. but the musical episode had a plot which carried over into other episodes of season 7. i preferred this one. 3.
cristina yang is my favorite in every universe. 4.
reality, with a dose of dream world. 5.
izzie would have been fired for stealing that heart like she should have and she would have gone away forever. if only...


1. Meredith's scene "she wants everybody around her to be ordinary so she can be extrordinary". It pure perfection. 2.I hated the musical, I think it was pointless.I know this adds nothinf the season, but I was waiting for a Ellis/Meredith episode for a very long time. 3. That would be having Ellis around. It would be really nice to see how the two of them would conect if she was still alive, and see the Mer-Ellis-Der interaction. 4. Altough I really liked to see Ellis I prefer regular, some things was just bizarre , like bright and shinny Mer 5.I would say again, Ellis Grey.


1. Last scene, but the best quote was from Cristina... "we don't have to do that thing where I say something, then you say something then somebody cries" - definite nod to earlier episodes. Followed by Charles's "somebody just shoot me now" 2. I liked the musical a lot better the second time round actually. But I really liked this episode too, it's always good to see Addison and I liked having Ellis back and seeing her rule the world 3. Lexie's the best character but the best situation is Mer having a real father 4. Regular way - seeing Callie and Owen proved that somethings are just not meant to be 5. Mer and Richard's relationship, definitely.


1. Meredith's quote about not feeding the animals - aimed at Cristina. LOL.
2. Total waste. MerDer are boring in any universe. I really don't need to be hit over the head with their Eternal Epic Super Magical Love. I get it. Gag.
3. Best situation was Cristina alone as a kick ass surgeon, minus the dead weight that is Owen.
4. Real or alternate universe doesn't matter, since Alex gets screwed by the writers in either. I'd prefer a universe where he wasn't just used to prop up other characters, and could actually have his own story.
5. I'd keep Alex's glasses, and his smile - which would be nice to see more than once a series. Pre-Owen Cristina, too. She was awesome.


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
The last scene. I loved how the writers did it to sort of remind us that they are truly meant for each other. I also loved all of the lines from past seasons that were reused.
2. Was this episode a waste of time like last years' musical massacre?
I loved the musical episode, but during this one, I found myself screaming at the television.
3. Who is your favorite character/situation in the alternate version of Seattle Grace?
Lexie, still smart, but really rockin’
4. Would you rather things be the dream way or the way we have watched over the past several seasons?
5. If you could keep one thing from the dream to carry into the real version of the show, what would it be?
I would say Callie's long hair, I thought that she looked really pretty with the extensions.


1. Scene: the one were Mer and Xtina saved Lexie and the one Alex was crying in! :D just GA style!
2. Waste of time ? are U kidding me! it was great, the episode had something the show lost since the mains become Residents! THE TENSION! To not know how will it end! Shonda in "real life" hasn't any curve balls to throw at them but how many storylines I saw in this 40 minutes!
3. Elis Grey Webber! She is amazing, she changed the whole dynamic of the show, she had such a big influence on every single character.
4. Fake or Real! If u asked me a year ago (shity second half of season 7) I would say FAKE! Cause there I see the chance to fix the shit they made! But season 8 RULES! So it's OKe!
5. Bring Elis Grey back! She died 3 seasons to early,at least!


4. I prefer real Grey's. Everyone's journey is much more interesting. Plus there's no Teddy & Henry in AU and I love them. However, I would prefer Calzona's AU s/l because it doesn't have the awful three stooges playing out. Owen would actually have a life outside of Callie and be busy with Cristina.
5. Definitely keep Clark Kent's - er- Alex's glasses. He's just so darn adorable in them and when he takes them off he turns into SuperAss/Assman. lol


1. Hands down MerDer in the bar, followed by Calzona talking at the end. Just proves that these two couples will eventually find they're way to each other in any universe.
2. The musical episode sucked. Sorry but as talented as some of the casts are, these doctors need to stick to medicine. I prefer this AU ep, which is still Grey's in every sense of the word, to doctors breaking into songs every five minutes. It was annoying as hell.
3.Callie but the whole Calwen(?) thing was just weird and random. Watching those two was just as awkward as watching MerAlex. I did love Callie's bubbling attraction to AZ and how she couldn't help but stare/stalk her.


Reading your reviews is a bigger waste of time than the commercials. I liked the musical episode and this one.

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