Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview Clips: MerDer Car Sex!

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How times change.

In a clip from tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy, we see just how far Meredith and Derek have come since they were first hooking up in the car back in 2005. This Valentine's Day, they try to bring back the old magic, and while the chemistry is certainly still there ... someone else is also there. All the time.

We've all been there, right, parents?

Should be a fun episode. Two other clips from "All You Need is Love" appear below.

In the first sneak peek, Bailey teases Ben about their upcoming dinner date. Those high heels might even push her over 5'! In the second, Cristina worries that husband Owen is on the cusp of leaving her.

The blowoff he gives her at the end certainly backs up her theory, but that doesn't mean she's going to grovel, she says. Cristina Yang is gifted. She doesn't beg. Watch below and see what you think ...

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I'd tell him to make sure she does his laundry. Kidding..but that's what I waalys tell my husband. My husband's job actually allows a lot of time/opportunity for cheating. He gets a phone call and leaves. That phone call could easily come from another woman instead of the company for all I know. His job also frequently involves staying the night in another town. A lot of the guys he works with cheat while they're there. It would be easy for him to cheat but I trust my husband 100% and it helps that he can't keep a secret to save his life.If I did suspect that he was cheating I would probably just ask him because I don't think I could contain my emotions long enough to snoop. I think his initial reaction would give him away.


@McKidd, I like your comment and agree with all what you said
I won't mind CrOwen couple keep fighting, coz I really enjoy Kevin & Sandra's acting

Mumbles cit

no again, if you don't remember merder had car sex back in season 1


I absolutely adore Christina and Owen, but boy, I'd really like to kick his butt about now! She didn't want to have a baby, never made a secret of it and it's unfortunate that she got pregnant. Didn't really like how the show handled that, but you can't change it now. I will be TOTALLY ticked if he fools around or ends up with Teddy. I like her just fine, as long as she's not with Owen, but I have a feeling that's where this is heading. If it does, I'd like to kick Shonda too. Bring Andrew back for her. Or perhaps find a way for her to just leave!!


mel: Like George and Callie. Seriously?


Hunt seems to have forgotten what Mer told him about being an unwanted child of a 'Cristina'.Hunt has the quandry of loving a woman who doesn't want a child when he does, and she was always upfront about that.
Avery&Cris, nooooo.JW has one expression when he trys to act, he's just eyecandy froth.
Haha, bless MerDer and the parenthood quandry.Should someone remind them aboout the oncall room? LOL


i think mark and lexie should run of to vegas on a spur of the moment and get married,and come back and just announce it to everyone.


I do not blame Owen for being pissed at all.
Ill have your baby Owen lol


I feel so sad for Cristina and Owen... And to be honest I have expected this sooner or later, since they never spoken to each other about the abortion.. all they did were sneak out and have sex in the hospital...
I don't blame Cristina for not wanting the baby... And for sure I don't blame Owen for forcing her, because he doesn't... he was there holding her hand while she had the abortion!
If I have to blame Owen for something, it is when he let Cristina to operate on Henry without knowing... I know Teddy requested him, bu he should NOT have let it happened.
And if I have to blame Cristina for something, it was when she sided with Teddy and mock her husband and laughed it off with Teddy. And Owen was there listened to it, no wonder he's upset.. I love them,,, I still think they're soulmates... but Cristina must learn how to respect her husband.


At the beginning I liked Owen more then Burke. Burke was always trying to change her, to turn her into someone she wasn't. I thought Owen was different, that he was loving her for who she was... But with the baby thing... Owen acts just like Burke.

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