Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview Clips: MerDer Car Sex!

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How times change.

In a clip from tomorrow night's Grey's Anatomy, we see just how far Meredith and Derek have come since they were first hooking up in the car back in 2005. This Valentine's Day, they try to bring back the old magic, and while the chemistry is certainly still there ... someone else is also there. All the time.

We've all been there, right, parents?

Should be a fun episode. Two other clips from "All You Need is Love" appear below.

In the first sneak peek, Bailey teases Ben about their upcoming dinner date. Those high heels might even push her over 5'! In the second, Cristina worries that husband Owen is on the cusp of leaving her.

The blowoff he gives her at the end certainly backs up her theory, but that doesn't mean she's going to grovel, she says. Cristina Yang is gifted. She doesn't beg. Watch below and see what you think ...

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I'm curious to see where Cristina and Owen are going. They couldn't be more wrong for each other in so many ways but I've gotten used to them. I wish Cristina could find a man who can deal with her selfish, self-absorbed ways. Owen and Burke wanted more from her than she is/was willing to give. Not sure why Owen didn't see that. Burke saw it before it was too late. Poor Owen, she never lied about who she was. He just didn't pay attention.


I agree with Mara. I love the characters Owen and Christina. I'm neither condoning nor blaming either character for their actions. I don't believe someone should have a child when they don't want to and I am pro-choice. But the way the story was handled, like the abortion was the only solution was unsettling. I can appreciate good drama but this scenerio needs a more thoughtful turn of events to help the audience digest these scenes. One of the reasons i even watched Greys was because of Season 5 with Owen and christina. I miss that magic and have been patient - even appreciative -of the more mature/serious story arcs. But I must admit my patience is wearing thin because it seems like their story keeps devolving.


Why would they waste Jackson on Cristina since Sandra Oh looks to be on her way off the show? Anyhow she looks old enough to be his mother and Jesse whats his name can't act to save his life. I think SR will bring in some PYT to pair with him. Her marquee boy who does nothing but take off his shirt because he can't memorize more than 3 lines at a time.


I don't get why everyone is so hard on Owen. It's not like he tricked her into pregnancy. She got pregnant by accident - again. If she doesn't want kids, then that's ok. But getting pregnant by accident TWICE? I love Christina. But what she did was not ok. I know abortion is a right and I understand when people abort when they got ... raped or something. But getting pregnant by accident and then using abortion to solve the "problem". I don't think that is right. Use birth control, don't have sex, have your tubes tied or whatever. But don't get pregnant by accident and then decide a baby is a "problem" that you have to get rid off.


Owen is a douche... seriously keep your personal life out of work... totally uncalled for. It's totally time for Lexie and Mark to get back together... I miss them as a couple, and I hopve they find their way back together... I wonder if there is a Cristina/Jackson romance coming... can't wait until the next episode :)


On a lighter note, did anyone half expect to hear Bailey's voice saying 'Ya mind moving this tail wagon?' when Lexie knocked on the car door? :')


While I appreciate why Owen is upset, he's been a complete douche since...well actually, half way through season 6. What happened to the Owen we saw in season 5 who swept Cristina off her feet and took out her icicle? You can't FORCE someone to do something they don't wanna do. That particularly applies when it comes to forcing someone to have a baby. Start of season 8? I wanted Owen to be better for her. Now? I think it's time to call it a day; they aren't even remotely compatible. He's taking little pieces of Cristina away now, just like Burke did, and throwing a tantrum when she doesn't let him. And it's not like he didn't know that she didn't want a baby before he signed up to marry her. What happened Owen? What happened.


Owen is such an ass...


urgh if i was cristina i would WANT him to leave. He doesn't get to blame her for not wanting a baby, he knew from the beginning she never wanted to be a mother, and he thought she'd just 'grow' out of it. Owen needs to turn it around.


Yeah Cristina belongs with a blow up doll who won't talk back and lets her be the " wonderful, amazing" person she is. The passive "badass" who never takes responsibity for her actions, so her fangirls say. No wonder Burke ran and never looked back.

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