Grey's Anatomy to Meet Private Practice: Crossover Event Promo!

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Grey's Anatomy celebrated Valentine's Day last night, while Private Practice introduced viewers to Sam's troubled sister.

Next Thursday, though, both these Shonda Rhimes creations will come together once again, as the latest crossover event will feature Amelia arriving at Seattle Grace to beg her brother to help save Erica's life. SPOILER ALERT: Derek accepts the mission.

Grey's fans can also look forward to Cristina and Owen undergoing marriage counseling, while the residents continue to study for their boards; and Private Practice viewers should expect Scott to try and take his relationship with Violet to the next level.

Watch a combined promo for this two-hour event now:

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can someone explain to me in what sequence you're supposed to watch grey's anatomy and private practice. The set of private practice is introduced into grey's anatomy in season 3 episode 22.. am i supposed to start the first season of private practice after season 3 of grey's or do the stories not match up anyway?


When is the re run playing?


Oh no! Not a crossover :/ I really hope I don't have to watch PP to understand what's going on in GA...if you know what I mean? Already annoyed ....


Violet and Scott are not going to the next level, aftewr this episode I doubt if we will see anymore "it's just sex". That will put an end to him and she will get her head out of her ass and see the light the right way. She has been the problem from the start with everyone at the clinic and her marriage.


I don't usually watch Private Practice, but this looks like a good episode! Can't wait.


No. Let's have Grey's stay Grey's and Privae Practice mind it's own business.


Finally another crossover. I love them :)
Hope team Shepherd can save Erica ... or at least don't kill her


The promo is using the deep voiced man who sounds so earnest and using those magic words'unforgettable,most powerful'. PP needs GA to boost their audience share. I hope Amy's scene of Der can help is shown on PP. I think the Canadian promo is more interesting. it shows a lot of Callie


Both worth watching a usual. Hopefully it'll bring up PP ratings.

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