Grimm Review: Ancestry, Grimology, and the Status Quo

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Wow. "Last Grimm Standing" was one crazy episode.

There were moments big and small, and they all amounted to something more than what Grimm usually doles out every week. This is the sweet spot where procedurals hit their high points, when the case is interesting and it feeds into the progression of the serial elements.

Creature Fight Club

The progression this week was mostly due to a few of Renard’s layers peeling back. The man clearly has his fingers in a few pies, and is used to calling the shots. Leo the Lowen took advantage of some of Renard’s leniency with his Battledome. As the wealth it afforded him corrupted him, Leo strayed from his instructions to stick with only people Renard approved.

So, what does this say about Renard?

I’m not entirely sure. Renard is still a pretty big mystery, and I’m beginning to think the goals of Grimms and Reapers might not be so far off. I’ve speculated prior that the two might be allies, and I still believe this could be the case. But a few differences arise for me: Reapers want things to stay status quo; Reapers look to be on the upper rungs of creature society, if not, perhaps, royalty (or Leo was being sarcastic with his royalty comment); they have influential allies (the priest), Hell, maybe even religious ties.

Those distinctions are pushing me towards a different theme. Nick “is upsetting the balance of things” and Renard is responsible for keeping it. Could Grimms be more of the vigilante origin (that would certainly explain why Nick is unique since he has “a badge and a conscience") while Reapers have a time-honed way of dealing with problems? That could explain why Renard has been hesitant to do anything to Nick.

However it turns out, Renard now has something he didn’t have before: a trail. His actions are beginning to ripple out past him, his cards are being shown, and Nick has the ability to see who people really are.

Will any of Renard’s actions this week come back to haunt him? Maybe. My guess is it’ll probably all start with that murderous priest who completely ravaged Leo at the end of the episode.

There were two other small, but major things that happened in “Standing:” Eddie and Nick grew closer together while Juliette and Nick drifted further apart. Naturally, I, too, would grow closer to the closet person I could rely on in a fight to the death, but it goes deeper than that. Eddie is the only person in Nick’s life that he can reach out to. He’s the only one who accepts and doesn’t care that Nick is a Grimm. He’s the only one who is willing to continually stick his neck out for Nick in a way that Hank can’t. I’m glad that Nick could finally return the favor and was willing to put his life on the line to save him in a room surrounded by enemies.

On the other hand, Juliette’s expectations and dreams with Nick were squashed a little bit tonight. We know she’s been pretty good and forgiving when Nick’s job forces them to break plans, but not so much here, and I can understand why. She certainly didn’t have to say much (kudos to Bitsie for saying so much with so little), but you could tell Juliette wondered how Nick could focus on his job so much on their anniversary night, especially when there’s an engagement ring in his sock drawer.

To be fair, it’s a poor deal for both sides. Nick clearly wants to propose to Juliette, we’ve know he wants to since the premiere, but this newfound life of his makes him worry for her safety.

All in all, I'm always happiest when Grimm decides to go past it's procedural core and explore it's characters and mythology, and "Last Grimm Standing" certainly didn't disappoint.

Other thoughts:

  • This week in Grimm Grossness: Eating human flesh, with tattoos no less! Because chopped up bodies aren’t gross enough on their own!
  • If it’s all right with you NBC, it would be really great if Grimm could go more than a few weeks without interruptions.
  • Is Nick’s single-handed ownage of his opponent thanks to his Grimm abilities or his training as a cop?

What did you think of the episode? Do you have any theories or comments about the Grimm world? Let us know in the comments!


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I think this show is either underrated or under advertised, most people I know are not watching it and when I mention it they have never heard of it. In our house we love it, you have just grown to love the characters especially Nick, Monroe and Hank I do like Juliette just not 100% sure about her


You weren't the only one thinking that, Jill! It's not a gladiator fight if we don't see some skin...and that doesn't include stuff being eaten. Maybe next year. Give the actors a little time to work out. They thought they were starring in a foggy procedural, not SPARTACUS. Producer David Greenwalt knows better. Angel had his shirt torn off a lot! ;-)


The only thing that would have added to this episode would have been if Nick and Monroe had become overheated in the ring and removed their shirts. I'm sorry!


peter t., i totally noticed that nick told hank it was a monroe lead and was very surprised! it was said so offhand, i thought i'd missed something, since last i knew, monroe's involvement, even his friendship, with nick is totally hush hush.


Anyone notice that when Nick was on the phone with Hank that he said the fight club was a lead of Munroe's?


I LOVED this episode - I love how this show gets better and better with each showing. David Giuntoli is such a pleasant surprise - eat your heart out, Brandon Routh... Nick has grown so much. First he was just super cute and charming, but now he's also quite bad-ass. The man went in a cage with a cannibalistic killing monster UFC style, defeated him and THEN still was yelling "bring it on!!" That was easily my favourite part. I love how much development we got on Renard (who is also super cute). It does seem like he's some Wesen royalty with a code of honour. He allows the "bad" Wesen to be killed in the fights, but draws the line when good guys get involved. Renard and Nick (and Monroe) are all unrepresentative of their ancestors, which is why they're all having trouble. Poor Juliette had to be confused,finding an engagement ring from a man who can't make it to anniversary dinner. She's gotta be wondering where his head is really at AND if she can really be a cop wife.


I liked when the cop said he should have just slept here.
Renard is an overseer/deputy for someone, or the Reapers are enforcers for a wesen hierarchy I think.
I liked the wesen priest that said yes but that's not why you're here.
Nick fighting was cool. I knew he'd spare/not kill the wesen but I thought he might hurt him badly.
A flashback to Medieval Europe would be cool.
Grimm has a good mix of procedure, action, grossness, light moments, and mythos.


I think Renard is the ruler of Portland and he's trying to maintain balance between the creatures and humans. But it's obvious some of the less than good wesen are starting to rebel and lose respect. Maybe they think that given their power, they should be allowed to live as they choose? The fight club was a way of appeasing some of them, but he was also able to control it and stop innocents being slaughtered. Until he found out that wasn't happening and got rid of the guy. And we know that something big is coming so maybe it's someone to challenge Renard's rulership. Someone who's not as interested in preserving humanity?


I agree with nbc only presenting new episodes every now and then. I love this show, but it's hard to keep if i never know when there's gonna be a new episode. This seems to be a trend now with every network, i guess that's why a lot of shows drop in ratings...


@mark: maybe we will find out that she's a fairy...

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