Happy Endings Review: Nightmare on Dave Street

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Ugh-mazing is the new ah-mah-zing on Happy Endings. "Cocktails & Dreams" taught us that even things that completely gross you out can provide for ah-mah-zing entertainment.

Despite Dave's crap ideas in the past (hello, boxer thong!) his latest venture into the speak easy business was actually a pretty big hit. Who doesn't love a little historical twist on the usual bar idea? However, his "whore's bath" drink? Not so much.

Colin Hanks on Happy Endings

People say that oysters are an aphrodisiac, but it turns out that Dave's speciality cocktail was all it took to board the love train. Problem is, it left his group thoroughly freaked out. Just like Freddy Krueger, Dave was invading their dreams.

After that glimpse of Dave in the Freddy Krueger outfit, I'm going to be the one having nightmares tonight. Childhood fears never really die!!! So what was in "whore's bath" anyway? I'm sure more than a couple of bartenders would like the recipe for that. 

Too bad for Dave the bar got panned by a few critics and his idea crashed and burned. I have to say, though, nobody really pays attention to those what's in and what's out tallies in magazines. If it's fun, it's fun! Besides if it leaves you a little horned up, what what!

I hI was a wee bit disappointed in Colin Hanks' cameo. He wasn't all that funny, but I could totally picture Dave pissing himself over the attention from her. Also, props to the reference to Colin's 2002 movie Orange County. The movie is funny as Hell and I highly suggest anyone who didn't get the Shaun Brumder reference to go rent it immediately.

Happy Endings always throws in random but great references and this week was no exception. Brad has a sexual attraction to the mom on dinosaurs? Weird but hilarious. What a randomly old school awesome show that was. Varsity Blues is also a classic, though I'm sure most people who dream about that movie don't dream about Jon Voight being their coach. Whipped cream bikini is all I'm saying.

I loved seeing Max all neurotic and denial about being in love. But with every relationship, no matter how perfect the mate, there are obstacles. Grant doesn't want kids and Max probably does. This is a real issue and we got to see Max a little bit vulnerable, so much so that he had Penny lie to his friends about why he and Grant broke up. 

Things we learned this week? Don't drink your ex-boyfriend's special sex dream drink because real things can happen. A fritatta is like an omelette pizza. Lastly, never ever hide plates of food on your ceiling fan. What did you all think? Hit the comments and don't forget to check out favorite quotes!


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I just started watching this show and love it! But I have a problem with the reason Max gave for breaking up with Grant. It seems as if the only serious issue between couples in TV is the wanting kids thing. Lame copout, should have used something else espically when Max made it so clear in a previous episode on how much he dislikes children.


I was sad that max broke up with grant :( I hope they get back together or at least they let grant come back to the show.

Leigh r

Don't worry the whore's bath line is in the quotes!! Hilarious! And yes I forgot to include Dave's proposal to Alex in his montage of "bad ideas" and that was absolutely hilarious.


The proposal in the montage of Dave's mistakes was hilarious.


You forgot the most hilarious moment when dave said "whore's bath" to Penny and he rwhole explanation afterwards!!! It was slut comedy at its best. Sometimes i worry about Penny but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!


Pretty sure I may have laughed so hard I cried when they showed Dave's crappy ideas and it flashed to the proposal. And I don't think Hanks was meant to be funny, just douchey. Pretty sure he brought the most douche to a cameo since Seth Green on Entourage. So basically? Job well done.


I loved this episode! I loved how Brad screamed when Dave entered the restaurant. Can't wait for next week!


Too bad we didn't see Max's sex dream. Maybe Dave's DNA ended up in the drinks?


Penny/Dave is so going to happen! Also that entire scene with the pajoveralls had me literally dying...so hilarious.


But a Whore's Bath is a real drink, and it's not gin-based. Which is too bad, 'cuz us gin lovers are always game for a new creative twist on our favorite elixir. But not if it involves turpentine.

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