Hart of Dixie Review: Lies About Lemon

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I had a few problems with this week's episode of Hart of Dixie ("Aliens & Aliases"), which was light on story, but heavy on a few hard-to-believe character decisions. To wit:

ONE: Zoe called George with the intention of telling him about Lemon's affair with Lavon. Really?!? She had just referred to the latter as her "best friend in Bluebell" and she didn't think he deserved time to explain his actions? She wasn't curious about every last detail before deciding to make the monumental move of ruining multiple lives by outing Lemon and Lavon?

I understand Zoe feeling guilty over keeping such a secret, but her dismissal of Lavon's initial plea to explain himself just didn't make sense. It was included solely to extend the episode.

Zoe & Lavon

TWO: Everything about the Joelle-and-her-ex storyline was rather lame. Does anyone care about Joelle? Does anyone see her as anything but a contrived obstacle to delay the inevitable Wade/Zoe hookup? Did any of this even make sense, that her former lover would think he saw her at a bar way out of town... and then, what, track her to Bluebell somehow?

But. Fine. Wade wanted to work his scheme to fool Ed. Even if we accept that premise... why would he then call George to come down and rescue him from a wasted Roxy/Lemon? Simply because she was drunk and wouldn't stop dancing? Big deal.

Hang out there for another hour, take her home when it closes and give yourself props for pulling off the prank and saving your relationship. Why take the risk that the plot would be foiled, as ended up being the case, when George arrived?

THREE: It's a pet peeve of mine in any medical show - yes, I'm looking at you, Grey's Anatomy! - when the Case of the Week so closely mirrors whatever the main character is going through. It's just poor writing, and it's almost insulting to the audience; as if we needed this episode's alien-loving teacher to smash us over the head with the idea that sometimes  a white lie can bring a couple closer.

Not to mention the lazy way the episode set up Zoe's diagnosis. The guy just happened to have a giant tattoo on his arm? And his wife just happened to often hand him bottles of juice in public?

Overall, a pretty bad Hart of Dixie installment, which is disappointing because it focused on such a seemingly huge deal: the reveal, to Zoe at least, of Lavon and Lemon's affair.

It was really meant to set the stage for what's ahead, as now George and Lemon plan to elope; Zoe is privy to a vital piece of information; Lavon, of course, is still reeling from his heartbreak; and Wade is single. Those are all key developments for the final few episodes. I just wish HoD didn't have to waste this one in order to get us there.


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Does anybody no what the music was in the background of the final moments of this episode where Zoe and Levon talk and Lemon and George go skinny dipping it contains 'All I see is the stars in your eyes" and "I need to be near you" I really like it can't get it out of my mind


I don't think the episode was that bad really. I get the point about Zoe not giving Lavon a chance to explain himself. I thought she of all ppl would want to know the details, not just becuz Lavon is supposedly her "best friend" but becuz of her past wit Lemon. Maybe she just saw a chance to finally get wit George seeing as she is constantly denying she has feelings for Wade. I mean come on, I'm all for Wade and her getting together, but my guess is she sees George as the "safe one". Either way, I think this episode was needed in order to really get things going in the show. The wait for the wedding is over, so now a lot of things r going to come out and fast. Let's see who will tell the secret first, Lavon, Zoe or Lemon?


We're together on this one Spindae


I'm on the other side really happy with this episode!
The Joel storyline wasn't so impressive, but it gave us some hilarious moments to enjoy and a positive progress in the Gemon relationship! Loved how careful he was about her feelings,and he gave her all of his attention! And the lake scene gave so much material for the future!And how hot and crazy is JoeLemon!
Zoey's struggle about telling George the truth was a bit over, but she wasn't thinking rational she saw an oportunity to make him available. We should remember hat Zoey isn't a social person and didn't had si much love issues! I didn't liked the way they handled her change of mind but I loved the Alien story! The part where he tells Zoey to lie so they could still have their initial chemistry was great!


I noted that last that I've stopped watching the show, but I regret it now, as I didn't get to see the Lemon-Levon kiss, but if it's sad bad like you've said, then I'm glad I missed out.


Totally agree with Wednesday. The plots for the last 2 episodes were disappointing. I get that they are drawing out the Zoe/Wade/George triangle but these episodes could have been used to focus & develop other characters; instead the plot made Wade and Zoe appear immature.


Enjoyed this episode very much. The whole thing is based on Zoey and her reasonings to create a problem and then get out of it when she figures out she made a mistake. Good for you Lemon and thank you Wade for not pining away over getting Zoey's attention. Wade just keeps on trucking and being almost as thoughtful as George but with different characteristics..Wade wanted George to see Roxy. and it worked....Lemon was not married to George and still is not so she and Lavon had a fling. Big Deal.....


I agree this was not a great episode. I really like Rachel Bilson and I did like the show at the start but every since the episode that Wade and Zoe admitted to liking each other but then Zoe putting the breaks on, it has gone downhill for me. They are making Zoe and Wade be super immature around eachother and he was just plain mean last week when he told her he took bets on how long her and Judson would last...I really hope it gets better or I may not watch in the fall if it gets renewed


Also, the build up that will inevitably lead to Zoe and Wade kissing has been pretty bad. I expect this to happen in the next several episodes, but the tension and games have reached its limit. I would have liked two episodes for these two characters to have at least start building a mature friendship that was more than pranks and tricks. Even if the plan is to wait until the season finale for them to kiss, the writing leading to that moment could have been much better. Anyway, I hope that if if the show gets renewed, it won't be several more seasons of love triangles and Wade and George fighting over Zoe. These last few episodes have made me see the positives of George being with Lemon. They seem to really care for each other despite Lemon's secret affair with Levon. Of course, we all know that George will eventually find out. They will need to introduce new characters or things will get old really quick with the same four main characters fighting over each other.


This show could be a lot better if they improved on the storyline just a tad bit and made the characters act their age more often. Especially Zoe and Wade. Even though I like them together, both have been annoying me recently with their immaturity and selfishness. First of all, I really think that Zoe's reaction to Lemon and Lavon's relationship was mainly due to the fact that she still has some feelings for George. Yes, it seems as if there have been more sparks between Zoe and Wade, but Zoe's heart was set on George the first day she rolled into town. And now that she is angry with Wade, well, George seems like the next best thing. Telling George would have been the ultimate betrayal but I think Zoe wanted to tell not only because George is her friend but also because she'd finally have a chance with George. Her motives behind telling George about the affair seemed more selfish than selfless.

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