Hart of Dixie Review: Love and War

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The sweet in "Sweetie Pies and Sweaty Palms" was certainly short-lived, wasn’t it?

All of our major relationships were on the table, and none were left the same by the time this Hart of Dixie episode concluded. Some were for the better, and some were not. Isn't that, right, Wade the jackass?

At the Sweetie Pie Dance

Wade and Zoe were definitely a hoot to watch as they continually tried one-upping each other in their little faux lovers war, while Judson was playing third wheel to his own date. Not that I cared, but he had more chemistry with that goat. So I can’t say I was surprised he decided to end things amicably with Zoe.

But Wade’s response to Zoe at the end felt forced, contrived, just another way to delay the inevitable and focus on the George/Wade/Zoe triangle. Which would be fine... if George’s story was left at him just having doubts. Now, George is having doubts and his good and loyal heart has sucked him back into Lemon’s vicinity. George is now the nice guy who’s in a poor situation, Wade is the sweet guy who just made a fool of himself - and Zoe is back to square one.

Zoe put herself out there momentarily for Wade, and the carpet was pulled out from under her. How does this help further any of the core relationships in the show when things are needlessly reset? I’m all for angst and love triangles, but at least make it believable. Hart of Dixie has no vampires, murderers, or high schools to set up obstacles. It lives and dies by how its characters and the relationships between them work.

Sadly, the main triangle didn’t this week. But, hey, at least Wade had his shirt unbuttoned.

The relationship that did work was that of Lavon and Didi. Lavon had some real doubts, and some real troubles with Didi. Most of them were in his own head, but at least he had the guts to actually express what was going on to Didi. However, as was the theme this week, relationships in this show chang sides quickly. I can’t help but wonder how long Didi will be around since she’s discovered Lavon’s secret photo of Lemon. Especially when it's clear Lavon still has some major hang ups and emotional ties with Lemon.

As for Lemon, talk about a one-note woman. Yes, I realize she’s been through Hell and had to grow up too quickly, but can we get a few different layers to her character?

It was nice to see her vulnerable side, but her actions and how she treats people leaves me with no sympathy for her. She’s truly an unlikeable person at this point in time. The good will I had for her way back in the prankster episode has evaporated. She likes to compare herself to her father, but at least he has a humorous side to him and has the ability to connect with people. So far, Lemon has none of those qualities.

“Sweetie Pies and Sweaty Palms” feels like one of those episodes that just has to be forcibly done so the deck of cards can be reshuffled and new cards dealt. Hopefully, a few good pairings will come out of it.

Other thoughts:

  • Poor Rose, she’s such a sweet little girl and she ends up feeling alone and isolated.
  • More pranks between Wade and Zoe, please. They were the definite high point of this episode.
  • That woman kisses like she’s eating corn.


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Positive things:
-Zoey,she is such a fragile women!So Damaged,the way she was afraid of stepping up with Jadson!But so funny as well!
-Zoey/Wade scene/sheeming!Really amazing!I laugh really loud!
-Diddy and Lavon!Both of them are hilarious! Together or alone, they rock the scenes they act in!
-Lemon sheeming!She is amazing!She is the only one who bitches things up!
-The kick ass bitch Wade is together with!
-The raft slowly created between Lemon and George!
-Rose!Love that girl she can act!
-Losing the constant! Why put Zadson together,than split them up in the next episode!
-And the Triangle/Wade,Zoey,George/ do they exist or just appear when the writers need it!


I have to disagre, i like lemon and i think her story gives her more layers. Pay attention guys and stop being so quick to judge a character. Pay attention to the positive and not the negative.


The only girl I enjoy George interacting with is Didi. He's actually fun to watch with her.


This was the first time I actually got mad at this show. I want Judson and Zoe to be together now after Wade was such a jerk to her at the end. He likes her everyone knows he and he pretty much admitted it to Levon last week. Then we finally have Zoe confront Wade about liking her and then he is a total jerk about it...I used to like Wade but after last night I want her and Judson to be together but he knows Zoe likes Wade and dose not want to be with a girl that wants to be with someone else.

Uss biddle dlg 34

HOD is the Tim Tebow television show. 45 minutes of UNwatchable, lame , halfwit , teeny bopper JUNK..... And then it gets serious for some 10 minutes or so and you sit there ...." where was that for the whole hour ?".
Strike 2.5.....on very very thin ice. Always DVR, now I just FF thru more than the commercials !


I agree with you @Jen the character of George is in my opinion a mistake and they can't fix it by making Wade a jackass. George is the guy who is marrying someone because they were 'nice' in high school. He needs to grow up and man up


Zoe and Wade: If the writers don't want it to happen and prefer the engaged guy as the love interest then don't make almost everyone root for Zoe and Wade just so that you can ultimately take it away. Wade was nasty, Zoe was snobbish but at least she adressed what was between them. The show itself isn't doing so great and to piss off the people who watch the show for Wade might not be the smartest idea. (There seem to be a lot of those who tune it for WB) The way they wrote him in this episode really turned me off. Last episode he seemed like he was trying and this episode they wrote him horribly. Maybe they want to build up George and can only do it by making Wade horrible, but that is just bad writing. I am not going to root for Z/G mainly because I don't want to root for an almost married men and the other woman. Wade gets one more chance but only because WB seems to be a sweetheart and it's not his fault that the writers don't give him a better story.


So disappointed in this episode. Lemon and her mother issues are getting on my nerves. She shouldn't cry about it in every single episode George is still not interesting. Judson, however, grew on me. Keep him and get rid of George. Lavon and Rose were the only 2 good things in this episode.


The writers need to get their act together and make Wade and Zoe happen. Also they need to decide where they stand on Lavon and Lemon! As for George he needs to man up


I know Lemon and George are wrong for each other. But I love Brick and George in their scenes together.

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Lavon: Zoe, Wade just text me, he says it's an emergency. You need to go home.
Zoe: As if I 'm gonna fall for that. Nice try Wade. Lavon, text him back and tell him to blow it out his wazoo.

I lost our save the date cards because I'm having doubts.