Hart of Dixie Review: Snoooooow Day!

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We always knew Bluebell, Alabama was an unusual place - see races, turtle - but Hart of Dixie drove that point home this week with the reaction of its residents to flakes falling from the air.

Seriously, who doesn't absolutely love a snow day?!?

Snowing in Bluebell

Granted, "Snowflakes & Soulmates" gave plenty of characters plenty of reasons to curse the power at their feet, starting with Lavon. It's hard to remember a character on a show I've liked more, who was involved in a storyline I like less, than that of Lavon Hayes and his feelings for Lemon.

I've said practically every week that I don't buy it, but that's only because HoD shoves it down our throats almost every week. This is clearly all leading to the former couple's secret getting out - likely right before Lemon says "I Do" - and I'll at least be grateful when that time comes so we can move on from Lavon walking around and pining over a woman with whom he has nothing in common. It's just a waste of a fun Mayor to have him so mopey all the time.

Meanwhile, as much as the sight of Ernie Hudson makes me smile over his role in Ghostbusters, I was mostly frowning during the cheesy, trite nonsense that comprised his appearance here.

The marriage between Lavon's parents had grown stale... he doesn't pay a lot of attention to her... yadda, yadda, yadda. This may actually happen in real life, but that doesn't mean the cliche makes for an entertaining episode plot. Especially when the show chickens out and doesn't even have the wife conduct an affair; she merely got close to someone on Facebook?!? Her major, life-altering decision was to "defriend" her high school crush?

I'm sorry. I know Hart of Dixie prides itself on its PG-13ness, but that's just really lame.

Fortunately, I did enjoy the other two main storylines tonight.

We all knew George and Lemon wouldn't actually elope, but I appreciated George's realization just as the pair almost went through with it. As a happily married man, I can vouch for the fact that there is something to be said for celebrating that occasion with everyone you care about. The pictures, the moments, the memories... you want to make the day as special as possible.

(Sidenote: As someone who also got engaged in Charleston, allow me to stick up for that city: I didn't see a single prostitute on the street and nary a city hall smelled like pea!)

Then there was Zoe. Poor, unloved-by-her-father Zoe. I appreciate how her relationship with Brick has slowly morphed by combatants to cohorts to quasi father/daughter. He's darn right that it's Zoe's dad's loss, but it's obviously understandable that it may be hard for her to see it that way.

I wish we'd get even more of this. Zoe is the lead character, yet she's mostly just throwing out sarcastic one-liners and saving the day with some medical maneuver. I'd love to delve more deeply into what have to be some serious parental issues, considering what we already knew about her mother and found out here about her father.

I'm sure Wade would be a good listener if she ever wanted to open up. He could even make her a tropical drink and serenade her on his guitar in between deep thoughts.

So not a bad episode overall, just a bit cliched and corny at various times. But that's Hart of Dixie for you. We know what we're getting into when we flip it on. I do have one final point of contention, however:

Isn't lying down the worst thing one can do when one might have a concussion? It's a good thing Brick ignored this piece of advice from his coworker.


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As I've said in other posts, the writers need to step up their game. This show has the potential to be a more serious drama comparable to Dawson's Creek or Felicity. Instead, the writers are neglecting the medical drama and not delving deeper into the friendships and personal relationships of the characters in town. A few laughs can be good for the show but sometimes the show is packed with too much silliness and one-liners from its main character. Next week's episode doesn't seem too promising either as it is focused on Zoe messing up a speech dedicated to George.


I absolutely agree that Lavon's love for Lemon makes no sense at all. I understand Lemon wanting someone unconventional whilst engaged to George but even she seems to have moved past the short lived affair with Lavon. There hasn't been a lot of good reasons presented to understand why Lavon loves Lemon so much that it torments him in practically every episode. The entire relationship just seems to be there for the convenience of the writers in order to break up Lemon and George by the end of the first season. I personally think Lemon and George make a good couple and realistically Lavon would be happier with someone like Didi or even Zoe.

Uss biddle dlg 34

This episode Down to 35 mins of dimwit/ teenybopper nonsense...before the episode GETS IT.....at least that's an improvement...in the right direction....


I enjoyed the episode. It was a twist I didn't expect. Like George wanting a big wedding.. This opens the door for Lavon and Lemon to start a flame. I didnot want Lavan to let Didi go and Scott mccreery coming up soon....Did Zoe drive Brick to the wedding..(that never happened?) I missed that part.


No, I'm with you Mackenzie. I didn't want to say anything but it wasn't an interesting episode. Looking at the preview for next weeks episode (in the hopes of something good) it looks like it will be another episode like the start of the season. They might be going back to the love triangle thing again. There's so many shows with love triangles I thought Hart of Dixie would break the mould and entice us with this funny coupling of Zoe and Wade but... nope.


I dont know if anyone else think this but I thought this week was kidna boring. You just see it coming what going to happen and I think it should just happen all redy.


Did someone else thought it was kinda weird that the day before it was like really cold and snow storm and the day after that it was sunny again and warm enough to be sitting outside??? But, good episode. Wished that they would uncover a little bit more about Zoe though.

Sarah silva

This was a pretty good episode. One of my favorites of the season that is until Wade decided to use Zoe's place as a the places for Levons parents to get back together and have sex...EW!!
But I tried to look past that and enjoy the rest of the episode


Sa'ad702 - I disagree! While there should be more focus on medical cases, since this is supposed to be about a doctor, I do NOT want to see it try to meet the "standards" of GA or House. The cases should show us the quirky residents and help Zoe realize this is the kind of life she wants to lead in a place that's become home to her. It's a dramedy about the life of a small-town doctor, not a procedural medical drama. That said, I wish this show was actually about the life of a small-town doctor. The last several eps, I felt like I was watching the GLL Triangle show. Now, I love all the characters, and so I'd love to see them all have an equal amount of storyline and development. An occasional ep focusing on someone besides the supposed star is more than fine. Several in a short time where she's saddled with the C-plot? Very bad pacing. And still no real development in the Wade/Zoe storyline. THAT'S why the ratings are suffering, IMO!

Uncle jackass

I also think you're not suppose to take aspirins for mild to severe concussions.

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