Hawaii Five-0 Review: Archer Hits The Mark

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This is officially my favorite episode this season. While I was sad that Lori has left the show, I can say that Tony Archer (James Caan) turned my frown upside down and made me laugh so much that by the end the episode I was saying: Lori who?!?

I’m not afraid to admit that I've had a little man-crush on Caan since the first season of Las Vegas. He and Josh Duhamel are what made the show survive when so many other programs about Vegas were failing at the time. As much as I’ve enjoyed the bromance and carugments between Scott Caan and Alex O'Loughlin, having Caan Senior in the mix just made it that much funnier. When he pointed out their “hen pecking” and offered to be their marriage counselor I was cheering. 

Danny, Tony, and Steve

Did anyone else expect some sort of nod to Scott and James being related? I really thought we would get some sort of inside joke, but that wasn’t the case. What we did get was Tony giving us some of the best quotes so far this season. 

CBS, please tell me you have the elder Caan lined up to make return visits. Not only was he humorous, but he really brought characters back down to earth; their behavior and actions seemed believable for a change. Speaking of believable...

Did you notice not one suspect took off running this week? All the way to the end when they arrested Todd I just knew someone was going to run. I was wrong. Now, before you mention Dumb and Dumber who took Raines’ body (that is how they were listed in the credits), keep in mind that they were already running before Five-0 confronted them. So they don’t count.

I also took note that they explained why Raines and Archer we’re not Hawaiian, that they had moved there from New York. Why couldn't they have done that with Frye earlier this season? Was it really so hard? I hope nobody pulled a finger writing that. 

Finally, I’m willing to let the fact that Dennis Miller was only in the episode for three minutes slide given how much they used James Caan. If I had to pick between the two, I’m taking Tony Archer over Bobby Raines every time and twice on Mondays. Here’s hoping we see Tony again real soon. 


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They should of used Dennis MIller more. I really like him as an actor.


Couldn't agree withou more!! I was so happy at the end of the episode


Hey Timothy,Odd that you agreed with Fran fbeore I'd actually moderated her comment, and approved it. Doubly-odd that you did so only three minutes after her comment. Triply-so that you did so from the same IP address as Fran, and that you'd agree with her so vehemently.I'm happy to have anyone commenting here, and do welcome all feedback. But you don't need to invent pseudonyms to create support for your critique.Despite this seeming like something of a trolling message, I'll respond to the specific points, because I'm like that.I'm sorry you don't like the puppetry, but the quality is varied, and really depends which characters you're looking at. Also, it's gotten much better over the course of the season (I'm quite proud of my own progression, for example, and find it genuinely difficult to watch the early stuff now, because of how far I've come). A goal is to increase the quality, absolutely, and part of that will come from increased rehearsal time, which I didn't really get, and structuring it in a way to allow the time to get more takes of a shot, which the first season didn't really allow for.I do watch the old Muppet stuff a lot, and obsessively study. And as Maddy will attest, I spend a surprising amount of the day pretending I have a puppet on my hand.


ExplosiveNutSackadam jones he without a doubt one of the most tlaented guitarists of all time in my opinion. he has many many many aspects. being able to solo, sweep, and all that other predictable bullshit isnt very cool. the ability to distinguish and pioeer your own tone and feel is alot cooler. adam jones is a progressive master..im not even going into the fact that he fkn creates their videos and is an artistic genius either lol at ppl who think guitar skill is about sweeping and being satriani. hah


05.12.11 at 8:32 amSchamotnikGood list.. can definitly agree with all the mionents. Although Community will probably never be one of my favorite shows, it really had a couple of good episodes this yearhaven't seen Justified yet.. maybe I should get on that.. btw I think as far as Sunny goes Dee Reynolds Shaping America's Youth featuring Lethal Weapon 5 should get a mention.. that shit was hilarious Oh and the Friday Night Lights was indeed brilliant. Thanks for bringing that up.. I'm gonna go and cry grown man tears again..


Kyra.. oh I know. No way could he have had that many votes in such a short time. Someone is voting over and over. jschoi... I had the same reaction to seeing Fryer again. Why do the keep bringing him back.


I see that Capt Fryer is back in next weeks ep, can we please get rid of him.


Kelly.....last night Alex was ahead by 250 and this am he is behind by 250. A swing of 500 votes overnight. I don't think so.


I voted for Alex yesterday and he was ahead but checked again a few hours later and suddendly Jensen Ackles gained about 300 votes. These polls are never accurate when they allow you to vote over and over.


Jschoi.....I did not know who he was either. I don't watch his show, but apparently he has a big following. Thanks for voting. The poll is open until Wednesday. I would like to see how they link the past show to the current one for 2.19 They seem to be trying different things which keeps it interesting. Another week before we get a new episode, then back to re-runs.

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