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Chase and Adams aren;t sleeping together....House even says that there's no way he's sleeping with Adams without him knowing it. House knew that Chase was using Adams' shampoo at the hospital because of the fact he's going out drinking and saving time by showering at work.

Anyway, thought this was a great ep of House and nice to see it's still capable of some of that old magic. It would be nice to see more fallout from this ep in the coming weeks


Aaargh! "House's green card wife who I could care less about." Surely a published writer knows the proper phrase is "House's green card wife who I COULDN'T care less about."
Sorry, but that really bothers me.


Excellent review Lisa, you pretty much read my mind and I agree wholeheartedly. I also hope that the remaining episodes this season build on this. If not, it will be yet more wasted opportunities. Great acting last night on the part of Laurie, Spencer and Wright. Great directing, loved the camera angles. Best episode all season. My only other favorite was Dead & Buried. (House shows his humanity in that one).


Love the review, liked the episode. Be prepared to be disappointed, House will stay the same.


A pretty solid episode again. There's been a few this season as well.

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