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Think positively. What did "Man of the House" do right? I suppose I was intrigued with House trying to pull one over on the government by faking his marriage to Dominika. 

But I think I was only interested because even though the cited reason for him pretending was money, it seems to me that House wouldn't really do something like that unless he wanted to. Which circles back around to the question of House's motives. 

Why does House want to help Dominika? Does he like her company? Is he lonely? Obviously. Maybe he just wants someone around. Throughout the series, he has lived with Wilson on and off and appeared to take comfort in his pal's presence. Even when he roomed with Alvie during "Broken," he was annoyed at first and then grew quite fond of his roommate.  House needs someone around. He can't be alone. And no, I don't think House is heading for true love with Dominika, at least I hope not, but a companionship for House could be healthy, even if it is dysfunctional.

House and Dominika

As far as the patient goes, I liked that he was a man who recognized the value of women. Kind of. Actually, not really. 

Joe, the patient of the week, needed testosterone and was only sensitive and more feminist because he lacked testosterone. Is this really representative of how testosterone works?  That was one of a few medical things that bothered me this week, which is strange since I usually never pay too much attention to the differentials. But I was annoyed by them discussing a Lyme's disease diagnosis without a target rash, which was a huge deal in a season four episode called "Ugly." Picky, I know. 

I also feel like jaundice and liver failure going hand in hand has been used far too many times. Enough times so that each time someone has jaundice on this show, I know it means liver failure. So that must mean that I'm ready to practice fictional medicine, yes?

In the end, the patient chooses his wife and work over his daily dose of health and manhood, a sacrifice that makes him a bigger... man? I'm too turned around. And distracted by Dominika's Amy Grant-ics. 

In team news, House opts for conflict over collegiality, so he forces his team members to vie for second place to his first. At first, everyone seems to be above this clear attempt to create conflict. But then it actually works, despite every team member wanting to remain friendly. I'm sorry, but did Chase's stabbing actually happen? Did House not admit fault to the way he runs things? 

It was my understanding that his apology to Chase at the end of "Nobody's Fault" was such a poignant moment because House finally realized that his system for diagnosing, while effective, may actually be dangerous. So this week, rather than learning from his wisdom, we see him fall right back into the patterns we've seen so many times before. 

It's not like I expected a complete turn around, but some mention of his methodology and the scrutiny he was just under might have been nice. Instead, the only mentions of the stabbing were when Chase walking in to the outer office, barely limping, and when Taub talked to House about the team being brought together by the stabbing. With nine episodes left, can this series really afford to just coast into one last dramatic story arc? 


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I think that House should be on NBC for another year. I think that it is a better fit than on Fox. I like to see House more like it was without these new interns this season. There must be more storylines that have yet to be told on this series!


yeah I've seen the next ep too and it's actually really good IMHO.

Neon glo

I'm posting here now because the next episode got preempted by NASCAR locally, although I hear some people did see it in some areas. But this is what's bothering me: the writers don't seem to be moving to wrap things up. This should have been evolving all season. Let's see House finally show he's learned to be more than a puzzle-solver. Let's PLEASE not see him end as he began, a drug-addicted misanthrope. That's a pitiful, and lazy, way to end a show.


Part 2:
4. House is the main character of the show, which like all fiction means that ultimately he will win out in everything, no exceptions. That also means that House will always get away with everything bad he does too.
5. The entire dynamic of the show follows the last 4, it always has and it always will, and that's how it should be, because that is why it is good.
6. Last and most important, HOUSE IS A TV SHOW!!! Everybody, especially the reviewer quit expecting everything to be realistic. In fact, quit expecting anything on this or any other show to be realistic and you'll have a much better time watching it. House is as good now as it's ever been, and it's definitely a hell of a lot better than most other shows out there. I'm going to be sad to see it go.


@allie Nice to see a fan of House that understands this show, as opposed to the rest of the so called "fans" that don't understand House's character and the dynamic of the show yet call themselves fans. Here's what you need to know if you want to understand House: 1. House will ALWAYS be a anti-social, manipulative, ass who never learns anything from his mistakes because:
2. House has NEVER made a real mistake on this show. Even Chase's stabbing was actually Chase's fault, not his or that of his methods regardless of what even he tried to make the viewers think.
3. House will always be miserable, nothing that can give him happiness will ever last, and even if it does it won't change that.


"I'm sorry, but did Chase's stabbing actually happen? Did House not admit fault to the way he runs things?" I was wondering exactly the same thing. "/ Thanks for the review.


The sad truth is that the previous season should have been the last one.
I love this show, but there's nothing left. The writers should have let House be happy and have a family with Cuddy, that would be a great satisfying end for everyone. Instead of it, they made his life miserable and pointless, like there was no story at all. It makes the whole show, the existence of this great character meaningless. And for what? Just to make more money? I've always been sure that this show will end at the right moment, but they've missed it. This season ruined everything, the whole idea of House.


I recall my review months back that didn't think even as good an actor as Laurie is he could save this show. Now they are even killing off his likeabality. Poor writing and uneeded characters too. What a shame. This could have had such a great future done right.

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