How I Met Your Mother Boss Warns of Changes, "Turbulence" to Come

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Ted and Robin, take two?!?

The latest episode of How I Met Your Mother was met with mixed feelings by that sitcom's long-time followers, who were shocked to see Ted confess his love to Robin and are clearly wondering: where the heck is this going? No way she can be the mother... right?

"I like to think it goes in a direction that people won’t see coming,” executive producer Craig Thomas previews to EW in reference t next week's "No Pressure," which includes this scene:

Getting VERY Close

That's nice and vague and intriguing, as is the following, broader tease from Thomas:

“There will be some big switches in the dynamics of our gang as we head into the end of season 7. There are going to be some changes that we see. I hope people who are fans of the whole serialized, emotional aspect of our show will stay with us... you don’t want to miss any one of these last batch all the way to [the finale]. There’s definitely some turbulence coming up.”

We doubt the show is going there, but chime in now: Do you want Robin to be the mother?


I think Ted really needed to hear from Robin once that she doesn't love him, to simply let go off the past and focus on the future. They broke up while they were still in love and he might've always been thinking that they're gonna get back together some day. I understand why the writers go into this direction. But I'm also pretty sure that this was the last Ted and Robin moment about love. I wish that Barney marries Robin..but I don't see that coming anymore, because she broke his heart and even though he might still have feelings for her, he is ready for something new and for having children.


i love barney and robin... i wish they end up together and somehow adopt or something like that


This is kind of off topic, but did anyone notice Conan O'Brien in the bar when Barney ran off to find the sextape?


Well it could be true if Ted's a maniac, and calls the mother of his children their aunt...


Ted is getting old! He really needs to stop being with random women a la Barney, and meet the mother. If she turns out being a one night stand resulting in his first kid... oh my god. It's how I met your mother (to the boy) and then he turns to the girl... and this is how I met your's. LOL. I'm sure it wouldn't be that because of some evidence that he says "their"... I don't analyze the show so I just like to joke around.


Kids could be adopted. This whole mother thing has gotten way out of control though.


I think that Robin will leave the group for a little while, giving Ted some space as she knows how much he wants kids and she feels guilty that he'd give all that up for her. It's very likely that Robin will end up with Barney but this show does have a habit of surprising me with some of the big story lines. Plus Barney wants kids just as much as Ted does. I hope Robin and Ted don't get back together, it would make Robin really selfish.


THEY SHOULD CAST 'SOPHIA BUSH' AS THE MOTHER. TO HONEST I THINK THE SHOW IS STARTING TO LOOSE ITS MOJO AND THE WAITING FOR THE MOTHER IS GETTING REDICOLOUS... I Mean they could write a lot of funny stories while she is in the picture.I have stopped watching becasue the earlier seasons were funnier and now the show is just draaaaaaaaaaging. i have every season, but this season is just not entertaining to me, and I hate the fact that 'obin cant have kids" i stopped watching after that episode. I got all emotional as i know a lot of woman who cannot have kids and I think the show pushed it too far with that.


I am pretty sure Robin and Ted wont get together as there have been hints for the mother, (her foot, umbrella). With Robin there will be some, mentioned in season 6 about her crush in the clothes shop, narrator Ted says 'there's more of that to come'. So they wont end up together, I personally think it has been done to spice the show up


Sure we've been down this road before with Ted and Robin but you can't deny that The Drunk Train was by far one of the best episodes in a thus far, extremely lackluster season. This is the moment that Victoria mentioned earlier in the year that will change the group forever and most likely will be the final time we entertain the idea of Ted being with Robin, since she's obviously not the mother. I would highly doubt that they are going to get back together, this should be a one or two episode story arc that leaves both of them heading down different paths. On a side note I'm not sure I can respect the views of anyone who gives The Burning Beekeeper 5 stars, and 46 minutes 4 1/2 stars; those were two of the worst episodes in the shows history.

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Barney: Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my hand a copy of tonight's Top Ten list. The category: top ten things I would've called my truck...
Ted: It was never your truck.
Barney: if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back.
Ted: It was a rental.
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Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things...we're done here.