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About halfway through this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother, I was looking for the conductor to stop the "The Drunk Train" because I wanted off. 

While Barney and Ted's nicknames for it were classic, as were the top 10 things Marshall and Lily said on their wedding night, I felt like the episode tried to cram way too much into one half hour block and came off as a poor attempt to hot-wire the Mother storyline.

Barney messing up his trademark catchphrase was amusing, but I honestly could not believe any woman - let alone someone he met a day ago - could unnerve him like that. I felt like the great Barnabus's legacy was slapped in the face with such missteps, along with the fact that we were meant to believe that Barney honestly did not recognize Quinn from her job at his favorite strip club. It would be like if someone drew a comic book where were were lead to believe Aquaman died by drowning. Come on, people. 

Naked Barney Alert!

Moving on: hey, look who they decided to bring back: Kevin! And he had a ring! Kudos to Robin for coming clean about not being able to have children, but shouldn't she also have mentioned that she didn't want to have kids at all? Instead, we had to endure Kevin asking her to marry him time and time again. Don't worry about Robin, though, because Ted went from no longer caring about "the one" to telling Robin he loved her.

Are we really supposed to believe Robin is the mother? Ted and she have shared a few tender moments the last few episodes... but really? Robin put out her cigarette just in time for Ted to lay the granddaddy of all lines on her? I don't think so, or at least I hope not. 

Aside from some great Barney, Ted's line about his date - whose favorite band was Glee - and the flash forward scene with Marshall and Lily, the only other redeeming part of this episode was that it did at least try to advance what had been a stalled storyline. There was no Vin Diesel, but tonight's installment was too fast and too furious a plot.

So I throw myself at the mercy of the court. Having gotten so thrashed for liking last week's "filler" episode, if I am completely off base in your opinions once again this week, I am going to have to seriously reevaluate my take on the show or my faith in humanity. 

Perhaps I am sadly devoted to an ancient way of judging television. So here I am, my light saber at my side. Oppose and contradict my opinions if you must, or concur with my feelings and join me. For those of you who choose to do so, remember that as the others try to strike us down, we will only become more powerful than they could possibly imagine.


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Quick note: I'm from long island and the drunk train is a real thing and I absolutely loved seeing it on tv!


I'm reading everyone's comments and people are making really good points. My previous comment was probably a little too vitriolic. I actually enjoyed the episode on a whole - the drunk train was hilarious, Marshall and Lily were fun, and Barney and Ted's hangout was epic-dary. I can totally buy that Barney wouldn't recognize the stripper. Their faces is the last thing Barney Stinson would be focused on :-) What I didn't like about the episode was the end, that's all. I totally get that this is a vehicle to move a plot, and they did foreshadow it earlier, granted. It's not even about Barney and Robin, as much as I liked that pairing. It's about what seems like a regression for Ted's character. That moment means that he's been wasting the past number of years just dating girls while waiting for Robin to be commitment ready. I just want to believe that Ted had grown more and had learned more about himself than that. I wanted to believe that he had stopped living in retrospect.


@Jeff is right. enjoy himym! everything happens for a reason on this show even if you cant see it yet! everyone didnt like it when robin said she was pregnant, but look what happened there. you need to give a storyline a bit of a chance before shutting it down. give the writers some credit, they have kept you watching for 6 years with the twists and turns.


Gosh I was reading all the comments thinking I'm on a completely different page with this episode... and then I saw Rosie, Drill and Ellbehbs comments! :) I have been a viewer since the very first episode and haven't missed an episode so I am one of those loyal viewers. I remember Ted and Robin meeting for the first time and have watched how far they've come. I never understood the Robin and Barney coupling but the shippers of those two CAN be so loud that I just thought I was missing something. I still think Robin and Ted, for all their differences, balance each other out. I can already hear the shippers "she can't have kids so she can't be the mother". Things change and nothing in life is for certain so the ending was fantastic! I really liked this episode, it refocussed on Teds love life again and had those awesome Barney and Ted moments.


the top 10 things Marshall or Lilly said on their wedding night WAS GREAT!
-Ted and that girl in the bar, first date I loved that parts!
-Do U think U're better than me? hilarious!
-But I expected more from the Barney & quinn connection! Interesting but not WOW. and barney doesn't look at Ur face when he is in a strip club!
-The I love U seen between R&T didn't came of right! disappointed.


At the very least it moves the story ahead... Barney is in his ''Changing for a girl phase'' and both the times it happened before, for nora and briefly for robin, i enjoyed both of that... plus no matter what happens b/w ted and robin, at least TED's love life is back in the picture...!!!


No offence to anyone here.. but i really liked this episode. because of one simple reason.. this episode had everything that HIMYM stands for... sure the show has progressed over the years.. but lets face it, It began as a journey we took with TED as he goes on his quest to find the ONE... A hopeless romantic, who blurts out I LOVE YOU on his first date, tries to make it rain so that his love does'nt leave town... Thats the guy we love... This was supposed to be HIS story, with the rest being the fillers... But lately, even while producing funny episodes, i felt that the show was losing its essence... pushing ted in the sidelines... While i love the rest of the cast, Kal penn included, but lets face it, this is not F.R.I.E.N.D.S, its a story of ted, and how he met his wife, and how his friends helped him on that journey... so yes, i know the new TED-ROBIN thing isnt gonna last... but it felt nice to see ted doing something that he is best at...


I think everyone seems to miss the big picture these days. What I love about HIMYM is I am now thinking why is ted saying this to Robin now? Rather than everyone else's take of "not this again", I think this is what causes Robin to move out of Ted's appartment and start her successful career. Every storyline needs a spark. I liked Barney and Ted hanging out properly together this week, it doesn't happen too much these days. You think you're better than me???? I always think these days with HIMYM - Enjoy the ride, don't bitch about the ride the whole way and look for faults, because hey, you may just miss the ride when its finished ;)


So I am a fan of HIMYM and have been for years- I look forward to watching it on Mondays with my sister wherever we may be that week- and lately I'm feeling they are stalling. I wasn't completed opposed to last weeks episode, I completely understand the need for filler episodes and HIMYM does them well. Tonight though- I completely agree with you- fast, and furious chaos! I'm ready to see movement on the Ted/mother plot for sure- this felt like 10 steps backwards- I was literally screaming "NO" at the end of the episode- why would Ted do this again, I guess one more go of it was somewhat inevitable, but can we just move on!?
- I like the Barney twist and turns but I just dont buy it that "Mr. Smooth" wouldnt recognize the stripper-
- all in all it felt way rushed and I agree with you- no thrashing necessary-
Thanks for the review!


People need to disabuse themselves of the notion that everyone loves Barney and Robin. Their fans are certainly the noisiest and shrillest on the Internet from among the HIMYM fanbase, but that doesn't mean the coupling is universally popular. Also, those who wouldn't mind seeing Ted and Robin temporarily rekindled are not, for the most part, living in denial that she's the mother. It's about giving the original, central relationship of the show a proper tribute, proper respect, and a proper send-off. Furthermore, it's no secret that, long about Season 5, NPH became the de facto lead of HIMYM. A sizable element of that was the development of the relationship between Barney and Robin. But, this isn't primarily Barney's story. It's Ted's. Moving back in the direction of Ted/Robin, even if only brielfy, would refocus the story on Ted, reaffirm the centrality of his character, and could be a plot point that in some way eventually leads to Ted's meeting the mother

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