Ian Harding Teases A Reveal, "Juiciness" to Come on Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars is about to go all in.

That's how Ian Harding just described the show's plans to me on the phone, referring to the upcoming revelation of A on the March 19 season finale. How did the actor behind Ezra react when he first learned of this mysterious character's identity?

"I was surprised, then I kind of went 'Ohhhh,'" he said. "Things fell into place and made sense once I thought about it."

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After joking about his initial reaction to this long-gestating secret finally coming out ("I better start looking for other jobs! This show is over!"), Harding actually said the finale sets up season three storylines that make the A reveal practically pale by comparison.

"There are several shockers, aside from finding out who A is, on that episode. Other things will be equally gob smacking. It's not like we end the season on a nice and tidy note. There's more juiciness to come."

Before we even get there, of course, Ezra and Aria have their own issues to sort out. As the former made clear last Monday, he's seriously considering that job offer in New Orleans.

"This is a great opportunity for Ezra, whatever the source of that opportunity is," Harding said, alluding to the bribe from Aria's dad. "It could take his life down a path that is truly remarkable. He's absolutely in love with Aria, but he's been waiting his whole life for this."

So... do tell: What will Ezra do?!? Harding would merely tease: "You'll see him make a very big decision."

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I hope he doesn't go to New Orleans. The main reason I watch this show is for Ezra and Aria. I get a little bored when they aren't together in an episode! And people who keep griping about the age difference. It's a friggin show!!! Hello. Most shows out there don't follow the rules! That's why we watch them.


I hope he takes the job I cant tolerate ezria any more its boring and tearing the whole family apart. I dont like the way Aria speaked to her dad @ the dance and walked away from him shes still his daughter even if he doesnt approve her relationship doesnt mean she can blow him off and disrepect him she lied she is being rrally awfuo. I like Jason and would rather see Jason with Sria. Im very interested in finding out more about Spencer family. I,like Spencer and Toby vut I also,like Wren. I hope to see Wren and Jason n Toby next season. I like Hannah mom shes finally realizing somes after the girl s. Emily dads leaving again it sucks she spent her last time with looking for Maya I cant her. I hppe it isnt Emilys Dad who dies. I cant believe Hannahs Dad bailing out on her but shes got a good mom.


I'm wondering who A will be since everything on the show is so different from the books. But I suppose they have to change it up so those of us who read the books won't get bored. Although I do think the first A is Mona. True she's getting the texts too, bu what better way to get the girls to trust you as they did Allison than by making it seem as though you're a victim too. I'd say either Mona or Jenna and her cocky cop boyfriend.


PLEASE DONT LEAVE ! ezria is the best couple ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


i will lol so hard if Ezwah dies rofl, the look on aria's face will be really priceless than any mastercard commercial


Omg can't wait!!!!


I love Pretty Little Liars soo much,
all the girls are sooo pretty! :)


He could be the one who dies in the finale, perhaps? The job could be misleading us.


Most importantly she's a child, she can't smoke, buy a drink, join the army, or even get married without her parents permission. He has been in an adult relationship and considering marriage. The school, Hollis, parents & students placed him in a position of trust, & he abused his power, he'd loose his job and face jail. When the people of Rosewood find out there'll be an angry mob with flaming torches and guns wanting blood, and I can't blame them, who'd want him within a 10 mile radius of their children. Hanna & Caleb are the best couple, they're funny, have great chemistry, & look out for each other.


The other girls have sacrificed so much because of A, Aria hasn't suffered much at all. She had to do community service, A told her mom about her dad's affair (but they got back together), Noel found out about her and Ezra but didn't tell in the end, Caleb stopped her mom from getting to the exhibit, kind of pales in comparison to being nearly killed by someone trying to run you over, having A try to kill Toby, try to send Caleb to jail, leave Emily in a garage full of carbon monoxide and put steroids in her cream. It's hard to like Aria when she's always whining but seems to have it easy compared to the other girls, even Mona's suffering more, at least Aria didn't have to do her community service alone. She lied to Spencer, got mad at Hanna over the tickets.

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