Ian Harding Teases A Reveal, "Juiciness" to Come on Pretty Little Liars

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Pretty Little Liars is about to go all in.

That's how Ian Harding just described the show's plans to me on the phone, referring to the upcoming revelation of A on the March 19 season finale. How did the actor behind Ezra react when he first learned of this mysterious character's identity?

"I was surprised, then I kind of went 'Ohhhh,'" he said. "Things fell into place and made sense once I thought about it."

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After joking about his initial reaction to this long-gestating secret finally coming out ("I better start looking for other jobs! This show is over!"), Harding actually said the finale sets up season three storylines that make the A reveal practically pale by comparison.

"There are several shockers, aside from finding out who A is, on that episode. Other things will be equally gob smacking. It's not like we end the season on a nice and tidy note. There's more juiciness to come."

Before we even get there, of course, Ezra and Aria have their own issues to sort out. As the former made clear last Monday, he's seriously considering that job offer in New Orleans.

"This is a great opportunity for Ezra, whatever the source of that opportunity is," Harding said, alluding to the bribe from Aria's dad. "It could take his life down a path that is truly remarkable. He's absolutely in love with Aria, but he's been waiting his whole life for this."

So... do tell: What will Ezra do?!? Harding would merely tease: "You'll see him make a very big decision."

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I hope that they split, they're the definition of boring, Aria and Jason or Aria and Noel (before Noel became creepy) were much more interesting to watch than Aria and Ezra. They never say anything interesting just I love you but we can't be seen together. Ezra doesn't treat Aria's friends with respect, he was rude to Spencer, and he basically ignored Hanna when they spoke to him. He's supposed to be intelligent but never says anything insightful, and she's selfish & childish, she fails to see how wrong this relationship is and how upsetting it is for her family. Her dad my have had an affair with a student, but Meredith was in college, and was an adult not a child. What kind of mother is Ella allowing this to carry on. He's a pedophile.


I hope he goes to New Orleans. It would be the only decision that makes sense. Obviously it wouldn't be permanent and he decides to come back. But the big decision has to be that he goes despite his Love for Aria. If he chooses to stay, there will always be this what if? Angle. That would be boring.

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