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Jamie Lee Curtis on NCIS: First Look

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Jamie Lee Curtis guest stars on NCIS next week and the following week.

In the first installment of a two-part arc, -level security Navy reservist is found dead, and Gibbs goes face-to-face with Dr. Samantha Ryan (Curtis) of the PsyOps Division to uncover the truth behind the potential suicide.

It looks like the show is gearing up for a chess match of sorts between Gibbs and Ryan, possibly with romantic tension in store. Should be a real treat for fans to watch Curtis and Mark Harmon square off for two weeks.

Check out a series of photos from "Psych Out" and see what you think:

  • Gibbs and Ryan
  • Gibbs, Ryan
  • Dr. Ryan
  • Vance Pic
  • Tony and Dr. Ryan
  • Gibbs Pic
  • Dr. Samantha Ryan Photo

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Your kidding me! Jamie Lee's character is irritating, distracting, and doesn't add to the chemistry of the cast. What are the writers/producers thinking. I guess if it ain't broke lets fix it anyway.


After last nights episode not sure the writers know whether to keep Ryan and Gibbs sparing and keep her as his nemesis or let her stay as love interest ..........but whether she will b good guy or bad guy they should keep her role reoccurring, she rocks and spices up the show! Love the whole cast


Nobody mentioned the lawyer. She was only protecting Col.Bell to get into Gibb's pants. The cold slice of pizza and a cold beer. Puleezzzz. Sure signs of the nasty. Did she give Gibbs Abby's forensic report about his sniper day in Mexico because she liked him? No Way she saved his butt because she had his butt. Bring her back she was so very hot!!


I would like for Gibbs to meet someone. A strong career woman.


I agree with everyone about Jamie Lee,...have loved her sexy demeanor since....forever! And then to throw her into some involvement with Harmon...sounds GREAT!! I think it will do some good to get off some of the Tony/Ziva intertwinings and throw Gibbs back into the 'romance spotlight'!!
Oh, speaking of romance,...Steve M.,...have you heard when the action will be turning back to Palmer & his future bride?

Avatar orbiter. However, I think Gibbs has probably had plenty of "anchorings" since Col. Mann...just not any that we've seen! In "Safe Harbor" when they were trying to find him a woman, he said he'd already dated Dusty when they picked her out of Borin's black book. Oh, and if Abby puts MH and JLC's pictures in that program she has that shows what a couple's kids would look like, would theirs show a little silver-haired toddler?? ;)


Well, of COURSE they're going to end up in bed. They've practically got the same haircut, so why not? And Gibbs hasn't dropped anchor on anyone since Col. Mann bugged out four or five years ago, poor lad.


A new woman so soon after the 200th episode... hmmmm, what could the writers be cooking?


THAT SHOULD BE GREAT--------------------------


I can`t wait I liked JLC