Jane By Design Review: Billy Chooses Jane ... Sorta

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It's hard to believe that "The Getaway" was the second to last episode of Jane By Design this season. Relationships were ended, others started and big secrets revealed!

Jane at a Bar

How adorable was Ben? Awkward wooing isn't limited to the teenagers on this show. Ben showed how much he was willing to do to be close to Rita. He hated everything about camping, but went for her. Their kiss on the bridge may be my favorite so far, even more than any of Jane and Nick's kisses!

As predicted a few episodes ago, Lulu forced Billy to choose between her and Jane. The whole canoe scenario was a little contrived, but it served a purpose. He was honest. Why wouldn't Billy would choose his best friend who has always been there for him over Lulu who wouldn't even leave a party to support him? Hmm ... his choice was no surprise!

Poor Nick. He was stood up by Jane yet again for her job. Unfortunately, he thought she was doing much more than working and fell into Lulu's lips. Nick and Lulu actually make a lot of sense as a couple. I was sad to see him give up on Jane so easily, but at the same time, I don't blame him. Will he regret kissing Lulu?

At least Jane had a work assignment that didn't go all kinds of wrong. I have been begging for an episode where she got an assignment and things just worked out. She did not need Billy to bail her out or anyone. India brought Jane along on the trip to keep her from spending the weekend with Jeremy. Unfortunately for her, Jeremy just did not want to be with her and it had nothing to do with Jane.

It was also a nice change to see India look out for Jane. She wouldn't let her sleep with Ron's assistant and made sure she got up to enjoy some pool time. For the first time all season, I did not despise India. This new improved India was too good to last, though, as she told Jane they weren't friends after giving her a gift. Almost have to wonder, if India was buttering Jane up, so Jane wouldn't reveal the secret meeting with Gray's husband.

Jane's life is about to go through as many twists and turns as a dryer tumble cycle. Her relationship with Nick is up in the air, her brother has found out about her job, India's intentions have gone from evil to questionable, and lastly, Billy was arrested.

How will Jane keep a positive attitude through this all? Will keeping India's secret come back and bite her big time? Will her secret be revealed to Gray and Donovon Decker?

There are so many open questions to be answered inĀ  the remaining hour. What do you think will happen to Jane now? Which couples will survive, if any?


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I really think that billy and jane should be together. Not nick and jane. Nick kissed lulu and so he cheated on jane and lulu cheated on billy. Billy even saw the kiss


LuLu is such a jerk I mean making him choose, I can think of a thousand reasons of why he would choose Jane but I'll just say 3.
1.She made Janes life hell since middle school when jane did nothing to her.
2.She din't stand by his side during the party.
3.She wanted to sleep with him said she liked him to get him to keep doing it but tells know on. I HATE HER!


Im With Jank (Jane & Nick). Well Nick Made A Very Stupid Dision To Kiss Lulu! Him And Janey Made A Great Couple. And Billy Saw Them And The Worst Part Is When They Kissed Again.Bad Nick. But Janey Has To Forgive Him For Making That Stupid Choice. And Yay For Brit (Ben & Rita) She Kissed Him!


Jane and Jeremy!! Jane and Jeremy!! JANE AND JEREMY!!!!!! If you could not tell this is who I want together!! I dont know what year Jane is in high school but once she graduates, if the series makes it that far, I want these two together!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. What was the escort from Showtimes Gigolo's doing hitting on Jane. To me that's an odd cameo for someone I kept thinking Jane or India were going getting mixed in some escort activities, but alas they just ogled in the totally needless pool scene


I think it is too soon for Jane and Billy to get together and I like Jane and Nick. I think the only way for them to work is if she tells him the truth about the "internship" and maybe he'll be a bit more understanding and she won't have to rely on Billy for everything.
I know at the beginning of the series it seemed the writers were setting up a Jeremy-Jane-India love but I think Jane and Jeremy are great work buddies maybe even one day a confidantes.
Lulu is the high school India who are both really unlikable characters. Lulu gets upset at Billy for him not chosing her. First she changed the premise of the game to force him to publically chose and then she kisses Nick, when Lulu ever chosen Billy over anyone?


Tough situation. Jane wasn't ready to date nick yet. She's too busy to date anyone. He had reason to be upset but it should have involved talking to Jane before falling onto lulu. Lulu on the other hand kind of knew what she was getting into and it's hard to feel bad for her regarding that. Billy has always been close to Jane,that wasn't going to change si why get upset about something you voluntarily walked into,especially when she was more upset over Billy doing what she did by keeping their relationship from his bro. India was slightly redeeming in her protectiveness of drunk Jane. Ben and rota was sweet.


Even though Nick and Lulu kissed and it seemed sort of like a betrayal, I didn't blame them one bit. They would always be second best or maybe even third in Jane's eyes. I thought Lulu's kisses with Billy's were hot, but I think I'm going to like more lip action with her and Nick. I like Lulu, not Jane who comes off as self-centered. When does she ever come to Billy's rescue? He's always breaking his neck to do for her and listens to all of her close-mouth whining, but she barely has time to listen to his problems.


Stupid stupid Nick. I'm glad Billy saw that. Doesn't surprise me that Lulu would do that though. I don't care for her. Asking her to choose was so dumb and she knew she would loose before she opened her mouth. Billy needs a different chick (not Jane, not yet) who is much cooler than Lulu.
I am actually kind of hoping Jeremy and Jane get closer. I know that India is in love with him and she would flip out...but they are kinda cute together.

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