Jane By Design Review: Grounded with a Job

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Jane's high school and working adult lives collided again in "The Teen Model" and this time with an odd dynamic. She was trusted to be the keeper of the design firm's star model... but at home, she was grounded by her brother.

Is it time for Jane to let her sibling in on her secret? As her older brother - that not only loves her, but is legal guardian - he has a reason to be worried about Jane. She is out at all hours and doesn't let him in on where she is going or has been. That's reason enough for him to be concerned.

A Teen Model

At the same time, Jane has shown that she can take care of herself. She has been juggling not only school, but a real adult job. Despite constantly having roadblocks placed in her way, she has been handling both surprisingly well. The problem is that she has kept Ben out of the loop. He hasn't seen what she has been able to accomplish; instead, he just worries the she is headed down the wrong path. That, rightfully, has him worried.

Has Ben gone overboard? Probably, but his little sister is growing up and she doesn't have parents to guide her. In particular, her budding relationship with Nick is what worries him the most. But, seriously, how cute are Jane and Nick together? Ben doesn't see it, but Nick isn't out to take advantage of Jane.

Jane and Nick are so freaking adorable, it almost makes me want to go back to high school! A first love is precious. Whenever this two are together, you just have to smile and be happy for them. From their chance coffee date to cleaning up after the party! Billy who, folks?!?

Were you surprised to see the "new look" Billy was still around? I was glad that his transformation was taken seriously and that he didn't just go back to old Billy without an explanation. He did look good all preppy, but at the same time, it was a relief to see Billy go return to his more comfortable himself at the end. A clean style can make people look at you differently, but it is more important to be true to who you are.

Billy continued to be stuck between his girlfriend, Lulu, and his best friend, Jane. Why would he think it was acceptable to skip out on a party with his girlfriend, because his friend couldn't be there? I'm not sure Billy understands the concept of having a girlfriend. He showed he is more committed to Jane than to Lulu. While it hasn't come to a head yet, it certainly will soon. Billy is going to have to make a choice. Unfortunately for Lulu, she won't win that one.

I love the interactions between the characters on Jane By Design. That is why I keep coming back each week. Jane's work challenge here with the teen model was interesting, but to me it was a means to get the real story of these characters out.

If I examine Jane's mishaps too closely, I get irritated because they are written like Jane is an idiot. She would never have gone into the bathroom with Billy and left Piper all alone. It's details like this that take away from an otherwise enjoyable show.

I was originally all for a Billy and Jane romance, but now, I'm all about Jane and Nick! What about you? Have you shifted your allegiance? I love the Billy and Jane friendship too much for them to get romantic - maybe years from now, but not in high school.


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I totally hate Billy's weird-with-earrings look!
Lulu may be fickle but her father's judgement is right on. Now...I think Gray has probably known for some time that Jane is a high school student but figures Jane will work harder if she thinks she has to hide it.(The person whose interview slot Jane took probably called in to apologize after Jane was hired,and Gray doesn't want to change assistants more often than necessary).


I was so happy Billy was back to his old look it is so cute. I do like Jeremy but i can't help loveing Billy and Jane together. I think Jane so not tell Bill all he going to do it tell her to quit.


I absolutely love the pairing of Jane and Nick too. At first, I wasn’t totally sold, but after the latest episode, I just can’t help thinking they make an adorably cute couple. As for Billy and Jane, their friendship is so strong…plus Nick and Jane’s relationship is buzzing, I think they are going to be friends for quite some time. I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what pans out. Are you ready for the next episode? It does involve a wedding…


I'm on Team Nick since the beginning. Hahaha! Love this episode!


I love Jane and Nick!! < Endgame for me :) they're so sweet together :D


Billy's going to have to make a choice? I was rather sure Lulu made it for him. After that, he ended the Preppy Billy phase. While they may try to patch things up, I think they're done. Jane and Nick are adorable together and have great chemistry, but Billy is definitely end game.


I think Jane and Nick are cute, even though that kiss in the kitchen was kinda lame. I think thier chemistry is a little off. Of course we all know shes going to end up with Billy, there's no real suspense, they practically smack you with that fact every episode. I am happy that Billy and Lulu are coming to an end. I was kinda rooting for them at first, but she's obviously way more into him then he's into her. Definitely agree with you on the party thing- I mean cmon Billy. I was glad that she didn't follow him out.


jane & nick now jane & jeremy later jane and billy endgame


Jane and Jeremy!!!! this is what im hoping for but maybe later on when she is out of high school. What year is she anyways?

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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jane: You can't even say it.
Ben: You're grounded.
Jane: Are you serious?
Ben: I am.
Jane: Ugh!

Do not let her out of your sight. Seriously!