Julie Plec Teases Tonight's New Vampire Diaries Episode, Elena and Elijah?!?!?

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A grand ball. The intentions of Mother Original revealed. And a new possible couple alert?!?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec - seen below previewing tonight's "Dangerous Liaisons" - offers up a handful of juicy nuggets, from a strong response by Caroline in the face of Klaus' advances, to Rebekah targeting Matt as her date for a specific, shady purpose.

But the item that may have fans most buzzing concerns Elena and a vampire named neither Damon nor Stefan.

Raving about the chemistry shared between Nina Dobrev and Daniel Gillies, Plec teases: “We are about to play with that a little bit. Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah.”

Read the full article now at EW and sound off: Elena and Elijah?!? No way, right? If only because there's no possible nickname for this potential couple.


ok this is too much. plec and her love to elena character is tiring


I also agree with the teacher34. The triangle is the show and Elijah is great but with Kat ....Elena and Damon belong together

David and sabrina 2014

This kind of information is a major freakout. If Elena is falling for another vampire than Stefan or Damon, the whole will go upside down. I keep wondering about what else will happen throughout the show, but I can't wait to see what other insane but wild events will come up. =O =P ;P


So excited for Elena and Elijah, we really need a break from Stefan and Damon fighting over her so giving her a fresh relationship will be a new twist!!! Also really excited about Caroline and Klaus!!!


Julie Plec and writers really do sit Elena in a very high pedestal. A shame as she is the most ridiculous character. This show needs a KW or another man in the w/room. As Klaus was ruin as they made him a cry-baby villain. Not to mention what Stefan has now become. I do however love the way Damon, Caroline and Elijah are written. Perfection.. As for Elijah and Elena , Oh please anything but the stupidest triangle device since Jerry Springer's episode 1 - 4500 ->...


Every character EXCEPT Bonnie. Because Bonnie has stuff to do. Like not having an own personality and character development and being a plot device.
Duh ...


Its the perfect couple. He can protect her from all of the stuff that's going on. Stefan and Damon i use to be a fan but not anymore. Stefan is evil. Damon always hooks up with other girls. It would be perfect. Elena is a way better and interesting person than bella.


Nickname? How about Elejah?


Elijah and Katherine NOT Elena.


I agree with teacher34 completely. Nuff said.

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