Julie Plec Teases Tonight's New Vampire Diaries Episode, Elena and Elijah?!?!?

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A grand ball. The intentions of Mother Original revealed. And a new possible couple alert?!?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec - seen below previewing tonight's "Dangerous Liaisons" - offers up a handful of juicy nuggets, from a strong response by Caroline in the face of Klaus' advances, to Rebekah targeting Matt as her date for a specific, shady purpose.

But the item that may have fans most buzzing concerns Elena and a vampire named neither Damon nor Stefan.

Raving about the chemistry shared between Nina Dobrev and Daniel Gillies, Plec teases: “We are about to play with that a little bit. Next week definitely is very much rooted in the foundation of this compassion that Elena has for Elijah.”

Read the full article now at EW and sound off: Elena and Elijah?!? No way, right? If only because there's no possible nickname for this potential couple.


I absolutely love this show-the writinng, the acting, the twists and turns, and shocks that they can jam into just an hour. Most shows make you wait half a season for all that action. I do not believe that Elena is anything like Bella Swan as other posters have stated. Elena is not an insecure, passive, teenage girl that wants nothing more than to become an immortal so she can be with Damon or Stefan. She is as smart and strong as any TEEN in her position can be. She doesn't just sit on the sidelines and watch her life unfold; she takes action and is pretty badass. However, no no no to her and Elijah. Seriously, we don't need another vampire fawning over her. Just keep their relationship what it is-respect for one another. Can we not have a friendship that doesn't turn into romance??


I don't think Elijah having interest in Elena is the best of ideas. I love seeing them together but Elena has alot of problems in her vampire relationship already, adding Elijah to it is a bad idea. Being good friends would be the best.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

if you dont like the show than dont watch it! That excuse works...well, never. If I won't like the show enough I will not watch it. So far I still have Caroline, also known as the last good quality writing in this show. The moment they destroy her character integrity in some way(for example pairing her with murderous psycho like klaus) I will sure stop watching, just like around half a million people did already since mid s1. Criticism is healthy. If I don't like something I sure as hell see no reason to not articulate my opinion with arguments on why I think so.


Elena and Elijah,Seriously?


No name for them? Elenjah? Not as snazzy as Delena and Stelena.


I meant to say MAKE not MAKES


This is one of the best shows on tv. IF you do not like the show or find a character annoying then I have a solution for you STOP WATCHING....and stop wasting your time commenting. If there is a show I do not like or do not watch I sure as hell don't take time to read about it or makes snide comments


Elena and Elijah??? No No! Well friendship only if so! Please please! Don't do this to Elijah! I think Elena and her former dopplegangers had enough men in love with them! End the circles !Tatia: Elijah and Klaus, Katherine:Elijah (Klaus curse interest), Elena: Damon and Stefan (and Matt before. she doesn't need another person falling for her. But friendship will be ok, if Elena is curious about Elijah, I can't blame her, he's just awesome!


Elijah and Elena!?! Blech. Gross. Elijah and Katherine, not Elena.
Ugh, that's just icky.


I´m very excited to see klaus and caroline!
@Bored Now if you dont like the show than dont watch it! you know whats really annoying? your complaining....

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