Kevin Bacon to Star in New Kevin Williamson Drama

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Among the many pilots picked up over the past couple weeks, a collaboration between Fox and Kevin Williamson has ranked among those in which we have the most interest.

This is the man responsible for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, after all, and the untitled drama to come is based around a serial killer who uses technology... to create more serial killers!

Now comes news that makes it clear the fall cannot come fast enough: Kevin Bacon will star in the project as a retired FBI agent who gets caught up in the killer's world.

Kevin Bacon Pic

Bacon has reportedly signed on for a 15-episode opening season, marking his first regular role on television.

The actor had been recruited by many shows over the years, and only needs to turn his head at home to see just how successful a television series can be: wife Kyra Sedgwick has anchored TNT's The Closer for seven years.

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Miranda wicker

How very Dexter of Fox with this show!


Oh no, I hope Kevin isn't entirely abandoning TVD! When he's gone, Damon's one-liners aren't as good. He writes Damon the best.


It's not his first recurring role on the small screen. He used to be on The Guiding Light. Yeah,daytime, but still small screen.


So, Kyra quits The Closer to spend more time with her family--and Kevin takes on a series gig. Makes sense LOL

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