Kurt Sutter Previews New Characters on Sons of Anarchy Season 5

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Eff him. It's time to really get moving again on Sons of Anarchy.

So Kurt Sutter writes in his latest blog entry, updating fans on the status of season five - aka The Journey of Jax - which begins shooting in May.

Otto in Jail

But the creator is already hard at work on the premiere script and reports that the new season will introduce viewers to four new characters. One is to be expected, while the other three sounds interestingly vague:

  1. Damon Pope, the notorious gang leader who's daughter Tig killed with his car on the season four finale. 
  2. Someone with a patch we've never seen.
  3. A female Sutter describes as "hard, curvy and very sexy." At least we assume it's a female.
  4. Someone who the producer simply says "packs a .45 with a walrus tusk handle"  and may be considered dangerous, but "just wants to be loved."

No air date has been announced, but season five of Sons of Anarchy will kick off in September.

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I. Can not wait for season five. U really need to make a movie out of this. But kurt u kick ass a great writer & also one hell of a cast all of u mofos are awsome.


Redlight king "when the dust settles down" should be on season 5,Good song!it just seems to fit SOA


Hurry up I miss jax


Sons of anarchy is the greatest show ever! Bought all the deasons cant stop watching!


Can't wait til it airs, am very excited to see hve been recording and re-watching


Can't wait. I am ready and waiting anxiously!


I'm so pump for season 5


I dont watch series of any kind just dont like them and cant follow well keep up what day it comes on but S.o.A I love I havent missed not one show and alot of them I bought on dvd and watch them many times they never get old . I cant wait till new season starts


Happy Birthday Clearance Clay Morrow and Ron F. Perlman you wears it well.If you ever change your mind on family,marriage,and morales give me a call. I really admire you on a long marriage and your family life. Happy Birthday today and lots of love to you and your family.


Please cast Blake Amanda Perlman in a role dealing with Leroy, or the Grim Bastards,Blake could play a sister of the deceased girlfriend seeking revenge against Tigs and Clay for her sisters death with her father Damon Pope. Blake could also seduce Tigs to kill him for her father Pope. I think Ron Perlmans daughter ( Blake Perlman) would be fun to see if she can carry on her fathers legacy as an amazing actor. Blade played a small role in Hellboy 2. Blake vs Ron on anarchy would be amazing.

Sons of Anarchy Quotes

So is that why grandma killed my other mommy so my first mommy could be here with me?


We can't allow our hearts to be louder than our reason.