Kurt Sutter Previews New Characters on Sons of Anarchy Season 5

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Eff him. It's time to really get moving again on Sons of Anarchy.

So Kurt Sutter writes in his latest blog entry, updating fans on the status of season five - aka The Journey of Jax - which begins shooting in May.

Otto in Jail

But the creator is already hard at work on the premiere script and reports that the new season will introduce viewers to four new characters. One is to be expected, while the other three sounds interestingly vague:

  1. Damon Pope, the notorious gang leader who's daughter Tig killed with his car on the season four finale. 
  2. Someone with a patch we've never seen.
  3. A female Sutter describes as "hard, curvy and very sexy." At least we assume it's a female.
  4. Someone who the producer simply says "packs a .45 with a walrus tusk handle"  and may be considered dangerous, but "just wants to be loved."

No air date has been announced, but season five of Sons of Anarchy will kick off in September.


Clay Morrow need to keep his big roles in season 5. Take Clay away from Gemma and watch Gemma tank.Clay was the glue that made Gemma so bad.Love everything about Clay and Ron Perlman.Clay Morrow is only acting so to make so many people hate him now only means Ron Perlman was worth every dollar he recieved.I REST MY CASE!


I hope the whole Damon Pope thing brings The Grim Bastards MC back for Season 5. #woot


I just want you all to know....SOA is the best show of all times.
While I was undergoing chemo this past year people would ask if I needed anything....My response was always, "just SOA and a pillow". I am not sure how many times I watched all of the seasons but it got me through my darkest hours and I am so looking forward to season 5!!!!! Thank you Mr. Sutter for getting me through tough times!!!!


I'd like it shown in the UK a day or week after it airs in America. By the time it airs in the UK I've read the episode synopsis so I know what's going to happen.


love it, love it, love it cannot wait for season 5. But....... please don't get rid of Opie.


I have been watching SOA since it first started and look forward to every season can't wait till next one.This is a collection I'm trying to get,i even make my schedule around the day and time.Great job Mr.Sutter.


when does new season start, can not wait, want it now!!!!!!


my wife love sons of anarcy bring on season 5 now!!!!!.In season 4 there seem to be disharmney betweeen the charters as samcrow is falling apart.i thought there needed to be more unity and clear leader ship.cant wait for season 5..


I wish that Sons was on at least once a week like The Big bang theory and any other sutxom. I love the show and he charcters. They all do an excellant job portaying the bikers lifestyle. Katey Segall is awesome as Gemma. We all need to get on FX's ass and et them to put it on as a weekly show year round cause the season they run now just isn't long enough. Keep up the great work guys and this girl will definitly watching in September.


OMG I'm having withdrawals already ,watched all 4 seasons 4 times ,I can't wait for season 5 ,can anyone tell me when season 5 starts in Australia? Keep up the good work Kurt .SOA.............

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