Lucy Liu Cast as Dr. Watson on Sherlock Holmes Remake

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CBS has come up with a casting scoop for its Sherlock Holmes remake that is not so elementary after all.

The network confirms that Lucy Liu - currently appearing on season four of Southland - will come on board its upcoming pilot as Dr. Watson, starring opposite Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock in Elementary. As far as we know, the actress will represent the first ever woman to take on this iconic role.

Lucy Liu as Grace Chin

This updated version of the classic tale will take place in modern times and in New York City.

What do you think of this unexpected casting?

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There was also some version out of the mid -70s that had Larry Hagman as a uniformed cop who wonders what the great detective was like now Thinks he is Holms after a knock on the head. His reviewing Dr. is named Watson, and she was a woman. "The Return of the World's Greatest Detective."


Well, slightly better known (perhaps) was the "Sherlock Holmes Returns" TV movie, starring Anthony Higgins as a deep-frozen Holmes. There was a female Watson in that, too.


That was a movie that not a lot of people know about. This is a much more well known project.


Actually, Joanne Woodward played a female Dr. Watson opposite George C. Scott as a man who thought he was Sherlock Holmes, in the film "They Might Be Giants".


Doesn't this sound a little unoriginal? Just stop copying everything british and well done! I am not one to like brits but seriously, they'll never be able to do it as well as Gatiss and Moffat and they won't certainly find a Sherlock and a Watson as great as Cumberbatch and Freeman. Lucy Liu? Huge LOL.


Nope this is gonna be a decision that blows up in their faces. I'm sorry but Watson has to be a guy. No girl can have a friendship like Watson and Sherlock without it being sexual. It may seem very sexist but its the truth. Just look at the portrayal of Sherlock and Watson the movie versions. Honestly what are these producers thinking?
Lucy is an amazing actress, I love her in any role except this. Its unlikely to be picked up, and if it does, it won't be on the air for long.


"The classics have always been about the bromance of the duo." I know, right. Disappointing


I'd have to agree with Duckie192. It'll either work and be wonderful, or fall flat on their faces.


i don't know if i feel a little repulsed......or a little intrigued.
No offense to Lucy, but Watson should be a guy, IMHO. The classics have always been about the bromance of the duo.