Matthew Perry to Recur on The Good Wife

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Great casting news today out of The Good Wife:

Matthew Perry has signed on to recur on the CBS drama, coming on board for multiple episodes as a lawyer named Mike.

Perry, Matthew

The character will first appear on March 25 and lead a panel charged with the investigation of a questionable police shooting. Look for him to clash with Alicia and possibly even appear on season four.

The Good Wife returns on Sunday with a new episode. Watch the official promo now for "Live from Damascus."


I'm thrilled to see Matthew Perry on anything for several episodes.
I still remember how wonderful he was on WEST WING. When all you had ever known was Chandler Bing all his performances are delights. "THE RON CLARK STORY" is some of the finest acting I have ever seen.
Glad to see you Matthew!


I got to work with him years ago. I salute him for getting sober and wish him well on his return to tv.


YEEEEEESSSS!!! Great news! I think he is perfect for the high standards of the good wife! Great casting!
Ps. he does not look old, enough with "twenty year old looks" being the rule on tv. He has played more than a dramatic role before and personal problems do not make you a worse performer. I hope they cast him for good, now that we have him I believe it was the only thing missing from the good wife! alittleoverenthusiasticd


Yeaaaaaaaaaaah !! Whenever this man is on TV, I'm happy.


This makes me excited. Matthew Perry starred in a few episodes of Ally MacBeal years ago and was so good as a lawyer then. Excited to see what he is like in the Good Wife.


good lord he looks old! well drugs will do that to ya...
It will be nice to see him in a dramatic role.


so sad he didn't stick with ABC, happy for him though ...

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