Max Adler Speaks on "Amazing Opportunity" of Emotional Glee Episode

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Have the tears dried yet?

Last night, Glee aired what was easily its most emotional episode to date and, most likely, its most polarizing, as well.

The winter finale provided a platform for characters to comment on teen bullying and suicide, as Dave Karofsky tried to kill himself in the face of the same sort of taunts he once delivered himself as a student at William McKinley.

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Max Adler refers to the evolving character of Karofsky as "most amazing opportunity that I could have asked for" and says about this heavy episode in particular:

"The show is about high school kids. At that time of your life, there are no decisions that have been made for you. You have so much optimism and hope and you do anything you want. Along the lines of the comedy/tragedy map, you also need to gain perspective, show the struggles and the fears and the anxieties of people in high school.

"I feel like if you ignore one side and show the other, it’s not as rich and powerful of an experience. If everyone can see both sides, there’s an amazing window of perspective that opens up and you can appreciate one now that you see the other. I thought it was necessary to go here to contrast with what is normally seen on the show. At the end, there is a message of hope."

Profound words from an actor who - no matter how you felt about the PSA-style of the episode - gave a magnificent performance.

Read more from Adler at EW and sound off on the Glee winter finale now: What did you think?

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This was an amazing opportunity for Max Adler that was not used to the fullest by the Glee directors. One less regionals song and more focus on his suicde, and circumstances leading up to it would have been good. From what I understand Max Adler has a great singing voice and this episode would have been a good opportunity to show off more of his talents.


Ok it was a great message but please tell me my favorite person on the show dies...


I'm still amazed at his performance from last night. I hated Karofsky in season 1, wanted Kurt and/or Blaine to just PUNCH him in early season 2, yet could sympathize with him in late season 2, and then was crying alongside him in season 3! I really hope his character sticks around for a while. I'd really love to see more of him and also see the friendship side with him and Kurt. There's an amazing storyline to be found there, and I hope the writers see it too.


I read the full interview and the sad thing is he's not sure if he's coming back on Glee in the future. I hope he returns though. He's amazing and I hope he becomes regulars next season? Well, one can hope.


And he truly was remarkable.

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