Michael Rady Cast on First Cut

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The CW has announced its first piece of casting news for First Cut, a Grey's Anatomy-type drama from ex-Gilmore Girls producer Jennie Snyder.

As first reported by Michael Ausiello, Michael Rady (Melrose Place, The Mentalist) will come on board the pilot as Micah, the surgical resident in charge of a team of interns that includes lead character Emily (not yet cast) and Tyra (Kelly McCreary).

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First Cut is one of many promising CW pilots. Others include Arrow, a take on the comic book hero The Green Arrow; The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to Sex and the City; and The Selection, which is set in the future and is being compared to The Hunger Games.


I don't really think this or any of the others (particularly The Carrie Diaries) will do well for fall. I do think Arrow will make it, but I don't see the others being as great.


I hope he stays on The Mentalist. He's the best boss.


whats up with the cw always recycling actors... this is the third person from melrose place to be cast in a new pilot.. there are other actors out there you know haha.. and this isnt the first year theyve done it.. but i shouldnt complain they all are decent actors.. i would just like to see fresh faces


really liked him in Greek! Interested how he will play a role where he plays a boss, superior! CW is stepping up! Pretty good casts for First cut and G Arrow!


Will this mean that Michael will be leaving The Mentalist, I was just getting to perhaps accept him, and now he will be offed.

Sarah silva

I will check this show out!
Cast me as Emily... LOL

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