NCIS First Look: Married Tony! Handcuffed Ziva!

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Next week's big 200th episode of NCIS puts an It’s a Wonderful Life spin on TV’s #1 drama.

More specifically, "Life Before His Eyes" is based on the 1998 film Sliding Doors. Whatever parallels you want to make, it's going to be out of this world ... in the literal sense. We're talking alternate realities.

Fans are used to single NCIS agents Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) on the same side of the table and exchanging wisecracks and quasi-flirty remarks. Well, that won't happen Tuesday.

Here's a shot of married (!) Tony interrogating a handcuffed Ziva, who’s still with Mossad:

Alternate Tony and Ziva

“The interrogation is as if they hadn’t met” six seasons ago, says showrunner Gary Glasberg, who says the scenario is meant to explore how never meeting her “would've affected Tony in his world and Ziva in her world.”

The scene is part of the fallout of a situation NCIS leading man Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) experiences, which makes him wonder about how decisions he’s made in the past have effected the lives of those around him.

The episode airs Tuesday, February 7 at 8 p.m. EST. Watch the NCIS 200th episode promo if you haven't seen it, then weigh in with your thoughts on what you expect from this unusual, milestone installment of the series.

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@Jacqui I was thinking the samething I remember back in seasn two Tony and Kate talk about if they were married how many kids they would have


I love Tony & Ziva as a couple but this is obviously that Tony is married to another woman considering it says that the photo is one of their first meetings. If Kate is there i'm excited to see how her and Ziva interact. This episode could be very good or tank but I find it strange that both Grey's and NCIS are doing alternate reality episodes within weeks of each other.


My prediction is Kate is married to Tony they have a child & Kate & his daughter get killed by Ari or Ziva & Tony is devestated. Kate has to die so that Gibbs realizes in his epiphany moment that it is fate her death. Or Tony dies as well, something really awful must happen for Gibbs to appreciate what he has....there must be a trigger.


With the excellent writing on this show if Tiva truly does happen which i for one am all for if
the home at home and work as they should at work and I think the writers knows what makes us happy the have done it so far for 199 episodes my they all be blessed with as many more as the can all handle together. Together all of them is what I want. so tony and
ziva marry if done right it could be great for all though I must say Mcgee needs some loving He deserves it so writers lets find him that special someone. Life is great at ncis let keep it that way keep writing a great story line you have the greatest of actors to act the charactors parts for you so go go go all the way to anyother 100 at least.


i dont think it has anything to do with hidden messages about tony and ziva's relationship or lack of it. it has to do with gibbs becoming an ncis agent and how that changed everyone elses future and how things would have turned up if he didnt became an agent. kinda like cheer up dude...even if the love of ur life died...would have been worse if she didnt!


I want Tiva together Tony is meant to be Ziva and she meant to be with him they are soul mates. Tony and Ziva love each they just lying to them selves and they will get together at the end of the series (witch I hope isn't for a long time)


well if gary that stupid to piss of 30 million NCIS fanbase to make 6 percent of a small anit-NCIS fanbase


lets face it there will always be tiva which for me is great.but i dont think it will go any further till the last episode of the show and i hope its not for a long time.


Danny and ZIa - I agree with both of you. No Tiva please! The idea that tptb might use this episode to promote the idea that Tony can only be truly fulfilled if he is with Ziva, would turn this show into something that no longer even remotely resembles NCIS, but more a cheesy, bad romance novel. If this is the endgame for this season, the show will have officially evolved into an evening soap opera. Yuck.


200th episode is a great achievement. I really don't want to see Tony and Ziva together. Keep the team, a team. I would like to see Tony have a steady relationship, even married. I hope the flashbacks that Gibbs will have does not change him too much. It would ruin the show. Looking forward to the new episodes.