NCIS: Los Angeles Review: That's My Girl!

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Kensi is virtually indestructible. We've known that she is tough, but nothing like what she went through after being shot by the sniper.

Until now, Kensi's past has been almost as big a secret as Callen and Sam's have been. We knew her father was a military man and she was curious about his death. She finally got the answers she has so desperately been searching for.

"Blye, K. (Part II)" started right where last Tuesday left off with Kensi getting shot by a sniper. Thankfully, she was wearing a vest and the bullet hit her in the side. Despite her pain, she was more determined than ever to find out the truth.

Deeks, Callen and Sam

How amazing was her take down of the guy in the truck?!? A woman on a mission can do anything! That's a fight scene I could watch over and over again. Kensi had several impressive one-on-one battles in her quest for the truth.

Until the very end, I expected we would find out that her father was actually still alive. With the introduction of Kensi's mother, I'm glad the writers didn't go down that path. Her father died trying to correct a wrong and protect an innocent reporter; it served a purpose.

The conspiracy surrounding all the deaths was a little difficult to follow, but in the end it all made sense. Clairemont was protecting himself from a story about a killing he did in Haiti. He used his military sniper team to take out the reporter. A huge violation of the military code and a betrayal of his team.

Kensi's father tried to protect the reporter and for that he was killed. When Kensei started snooping around his death, Clairemont took out any remaining witnesses. Such a shame! In the end, Clairemont caused his own death by pulling out a gun. It was perfect that Granger was the one who killed him. It brought the story of the sniper team full circle.

The mystery, the fights and the intrigue were nothing compared to the heartfelt moments that we got to see from Kensi. She has been a tough cookie, who has until now kept her emotions private. I'm not sure which was my favorite: her talk with Deeks, her reunion with her mother or her time of the beach with her father's notes.

They were each precious in their own way. I've never been a fan of Deeks and Kensi getting romantically involved, but their partnership is deeper than that of co-workers. They trust each other in a way that many romantic partners could only dream about having. When Deeks said That's my girl, my heart may have softened to a relationship between them, but only for a moment.

Will Kensi's reunion with her mother break the shell she has had around her all these years? Kensi's isolation was slowly suffocating her as we saw during the holiday episodes. Presumably, she will learn the truth now about her mother and Kensi will get the unconditional love of her mother back.

I'm haven't been a fan of Granger, but I softened to him a little when he gave Kensi her father's sniper journal. Kensi learned the truth about her father's death, but his letters to her provided the closure that she needed. He loved her; she was always on his mind. Kensi was loved.

When we next see Kensi, I hope that she comes back a changed woman. It would be disingenuous for her to come out of this ordeal the same person and agent she was before.

And ... it looks like Granger isn't going anywhere. Will he be more tolerable now? I'm not sure.


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Eh. Going against the grain, I find Kensi a ridiculously unbelievable character. Sure, most of these characters are so far removed from reality in a fictionalized crime series. I just find Kensi so over the top and far too skinny. Compared to real world female police officers and firefighters I work with, she's a joke. But of course Hollywood puts pretty people in shows, both men and women, not believable people.


@Suzie...its not just that her eyes are 2 different colors, she also has a dark mark on the white of her eye which is a birthmark. I think its pretty rare. For the show, I thought this was a great conclusion. As with the reviewer, I was thinking Kensi's father was alive, but it turns out that he is not, and she is reunited with her mother, that she never talked about. I'm glad Kensi finally has all her answers. I think they should show her as a changed woman, not totally, but there needs to be some change. I am still not a Kensi/Deeks fan, and especially not a Kensi/Callen fan. Let them be a team, relationships should not be with another team member.
As for Granger, I need more to trust him. Would prefer he was not there, just Hetty. Great show.


@Ness I'm pretty sure they won't "off" Kensi for a while. First, nobody has ever been taken off right after ykou get to know them in either series, and second, her contract is for six more years. I haven't heard about Eric Olsen (deeks) contract though, hopefully he stays on! Now as for the obvious deeks and Kensi "thing", he didn't deny it in the past two episodes when asked about it, and when they show up at the boat house together in the beginning of Blye, K (II), it seems like he may have been with her. He doesn't know why they are there and only Kensi got the message. Not deeks, Sam, or callen. Just a thought though.


Wow What a great Show Kensi was unbeleaveable and the team backing her all the way it was great start to finish couldn't ask for any moreand what an ending. Great writers, cast. and all the other people who work to make it a great Show producers, cameramen setup people the ones we never hear about good job.


Seems none of the peeps that make these dramas have no talent or else they would not try to blot out the converstations of the actors with interfering back ground music. This happens on most dramas that the actors and story are far below avreage. Back ground,-or should i say "fore-ground" music seems to drown out a lot of things including the so called talents of the issue. Only things the writers want us to really listen to are the commercials-dont hear 'drowning-out' background music there. Only thing we are blessed with is the remote to switch channels. *click*


I really loved this ep in that we learned so much more about Kenzi's life and her relationship to her parents, and I loved that she wore a TMNT outfit and was a fan of a boy band! That was so adorable! I also think Deeks did a good job in this episode of supporting his partner, whom he's clearly in LOVE with, without pushing her when it is obvious she has feelings for him, too. I just think the actor who plays Deeks is yummy and adorable, and I'd love to see him and Kenzi have an affair, because I think it would be good for her to open up instead of being so closed and hard-arsed all the time. Plus, they're opposite types, and opposites attract, because they complete one another.


I want to know who the woman was who played Kensi's Mom. I have seen her before but can't place where.


I'm definitely a lot more okay with Granger now. If he does stick around, hopefully it is in a less antagonistic role. As far as Kenzi and Deeks, I'm not a fan of them getting together at all. They are partners, friends (best friends, probably), but getting romantically involved is a bad idea. Plus, I am a huge Kenzi/Callen shipper. :)

Frank lee meidere

@Cindy: I have to disagree somewhat with your assessment of Deek's role in this. I think his importance to her, her importance to him, and his unwavering support were very strong, yet not overdone. But as much as I enjoy the show, I am becoming a bit weary of the Mysterious Secret Background trope. It was all right with Gibbs, because it actually explained his character. Tony's lost engagement was less so. In NCIS LA, however, it seems like everybody's got a Mysterious Secret Background. First there's G, who started off not even knowing his first name. Then there's Hetty. Now we get the whole "Kensi joined NCIS to track down her father's killer" thing. I think NCIS should possibly be a bit more careful in its recruitment practices.


Good job, writers, directors, and cast alike! The acting, plot, and ending were all amazing! All we need now are a Deeks arc and a Sam arc. But I that Kensi's secrets (at lest about her dad) are put, could she be a candidate for the offed character at the end of the season? I hope not!

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