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NCIS Promo & Photos: A Super Secret Society

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"This isn't a costume." - Abby

Next week on NCIS, DiNozzo is forced to work closely with his ex-fiancee, Wendy (Perrey Reeves), when the death of a Navy captain is tied to a secret society. Might these two rekindle the passion they once had?

The tie-in comes when the team finds the deceased military officer wearing an unusual costume under his uniform. That leads NCIS to the society of real-life super heroes in its quest to unmask the villain.

For a discussion of Tuesday's NCIS 200th episode event, follow the link for TVF's "Life Before His Eyes" review. Then watch the promo for "Secrets" and click to enlarge a bunch of photos from it below ...

  • Gibbs, Tony and Ziva Pic
  • Tony, Ziva and Wendy
  • Strange Encounter
  • Abby in Costume
  • Tony and Wendy
  • Gibbs and Duck
  • Sitting the Witness Down

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I for one like the idea of Wendy and Toni. This could work out in the future episodes. But in hine sight Tony and Tiva are attracted to each other, alot depends on how the rules are followed. Gibbs rule about working together could very well end the team .Which we all know could end it all.And probably bring the show to it's Climax. I really don't want it to end .NCIS is one the few shows left on tv worth watching. TV programming is becoming a vast waste of time.


Sorry to my boyfriend, but I'm watching NCIS at 8 on Valentine's Day!


gigi you right only episode that Tony saved Gibbs was Requiem unless there another episode that I didn't see but I seen every episode since it started I even seen the 2 JAG episodes.


Show me where it's wrong. What other episode did Tony shoot the 2 guys and jump into the water to save Gibbs? Just curious which one it was if not Requiem? I'm waiting. Will be glad to look it up if you'll give me the name of the episode. Thanks.


MW favorite episodes are dead man talking and Chimera but I also read that he season 3 was his favorite too. but what MW said is once Tony and Ziva get together is where do you go from there but he never put Tiva down or anything like that. Am Tiva fan and I understand where MW is coming from NCIS is different show from Castle and Bones if Tony and Ziva get together am worried it will end up like Cuddy once they got together it kinda got boring. But I do want Tiva together but I don't think it will be until the last episode.


@gigi Your one to talk I look it up and you got it wrong maybe you should take your own advices


Those were on a list of his favorite EPISODES...his tweet was about what was his favorite SEASON! Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing. And, "that one where he shot those two guys and jump into the water"??!! It was called "Requiem". Try actually watching the shows before you comment, okay? Sheesh.


No michael Weatherly favroite was dead man talking and the one where he shot those two guys and jump into the water


yes annie a valid poll has been taken congrats you are in the top5 as a ziva hater.


I think that the huge majority of fans simply want NCIS to be entertaining, fun, and exciting. I doubt that fans who aren't invested enough to comment on fan sites are sitting on pins and needles with the will they, won't they Tiva question. 2% eh janet? Really? Was there a valid poll taken, or did you just pull that number out of ...... thin air?