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NCIS Promo & Photos: A Super Secret Society

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"This isn't a costume." - Abby

Next week on NCIS, DiNozzo is forced to work closely with his ex-fiancee, Wendy (Perrey Reeves), when the death of a Navy captain is tied to a secret society. Might these two rekindle the passion they once had?

The tie-in comes when the team finds the deceased military officer wearing an unusual costume under his uniform. That leads NCIS to the society of real-life super heroes in its quest to unmask the villain.

For a discussion of Tuesday's NCIS 200th episode event, follow the link for TVF's "Life Before His Eyes" review. Then watch the promo for "Secrets" and click to enlarge a bunch of photos from it below ...

  • Gibbs, Tony and Ziva Pic
  • Tony, Ziva and Wendy
  • Strange Encounter
  • Abby in Costume
  • Tony and Wendy
  • Gibbs and Duck
  • Sitting the Witness Down

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i think about 2percent of fans are interested in tony and wendy together and you michael are one of them we all know tiva is here to stayso go away michael you talk rubbish.


Michael Weatherly tweeted the following this week: M_Weatherly Michael Weatherly
A2Q "What's been your favorite season do far? #NCIS200� I loved season 3. Enter ZIVA!
7 Feb Man, I bet that really ticks you off, huh Michael (or Michaela) or whoever you are? Guess you don't know MW near as well as you think you do. lol And, no...the actors don't decide the storylines. They're pros. They do whatever the writers/producers tell them to do.


Said it before and I'll say it again Turndrup, you're just jealous of Cote because you're a woman.


The actor may have an opinion on what happens in the show, but in the end he doesnt make the decisions. The writers and executive producer make the choices as to what happens in NCIS, not him. Besides, Cote is in the show too and she does like the idea of Tiva, so they are never going to be able to cater to all the actors opinions. They have been building up the Tiva relationship for almost seven years now, they arent going to throw that all away because of one actor's opinion.


@ Kat 1 TPTB is not in control of the stories he not even a part of the show he left back in season 6 and yes the actors do have a say in the storyline 2 The only people who been negatively about wendy are people who Tony put it well" Hate change" but NCIS fan are loving the idea of Tony and wendy because its different and not Tiva. 3 Like I said if the actor does not want it and the real fanbase does not want it then its not going to happen just look at House its going off the air because of Cuddy.


Michael Weatherly has always been vocal about how he feels about Tiva so this isn't new news. And last I checked, TPTB control the stories not the actors. Wendy will not be around very long and I agree with you Tegan, them bringing this ex into the picture will bring them closer. It isn't like Wendy become part of the cast. And consisting how negatively fans have responded to Wendy bringing brought in at all, I don't think she will be around long at all!


Im just saying if the actors on the show does not want it why forced it on him just to please people who are not real fans of the show


Then I guess nothing will, Michael. Because another article was quoted as saying not to worry about damage to Tiva because Wendy would "bring the couple together."
In your face. :)


if these does not kill tiva nothing will Any good Tiva moments coming up on NCIS? — Melissa
ADAM: If it's Tiva tension you're after, don't miss next week's episode, which features Tony's ex-fiancée Wendy (guest star Perrey Reeves, aka Entourage's Mrs. Ari). "There's a whole lot of lip-locking," Michael Weatherly teases. "I think Ziva understands there's a real threat." But even though Weatherly thinks something is brewing between Tony and Ziva, he doesn't believe they will ever be a couple. "Who knows? Maybe they secretly try a kiss just to see what it might be like," he says. "But putting them together? I don't think it is a good idea for our show."