NCIS Round Table: "Psych Out"

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Our NCIS review broke down the latest installment of television's #1 show in great detail.

Now, TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal and Eric Hochberger have assembled for their weekly Round Table Q&A discussion of events from this week's episode, "Psych Out."

Join in below, as we analyze Jaime Lee Curtis' character, Gibbs' psyche and more ...


Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three).

Steve: Psychologically combative.

Matt: Different, but solid.

Eric: Excellent, intense.

NCIS RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite one-liner from the episode?

Steve: Gibbs asking Vance if he spent "private time" with Ryan at school. It's precisely the kind of question Gibbs would just walk away uncomfortably from if the situation was reversed, and he seemed to revel in that.

Matt: Gibbs saying "goodnight" to Dr. Ryan after finding the bug in his basement, then promptly smashing the thing. Not really a one-liner in the zinger sense, but a vintage Gibbs reaction.

Eric: "You're not from accounting." Or basically that entire exchange between Ryan and DiNozzo.

Best scene?

Steve: Eric makes a good point below. My second favorite was probably a series of scenes, with McGee out of his element and scrambling to do detective work without the aid of phones or computers. Old school. Reminiscent of "Power Down" and always fun to see the team in action without the technological tools that are exaggerated for TV anyway.

Matt: Gibbs confronting Ryan, both at the school and at the party. "I like parties, when there's something to celebrate" was a great retort after his hooded overcoat was dissed. Those two know really how to push each other's buttons. Cut from the same cloth, you could say.

Eric: Can we change this to second best scene so our answers actually vary? It's obviously Gibbs confronting Ryan at her son's school, smiling ever-so-slightly knowing he's regained the upper hand, or at least leveled the playing field. Sometimes saying nothing says everything, and with her flustered reaction, what more was there to add?

Gibbs and Ryan: Do you see the connection?

Steve: In a romantic sense? I expressed plenty of skepticism in my NCIS review Tuesday night about why that might not work. That being said, I thought Jamie Lee Curtis was terrific and I'm already looking forward to the March 20 episode when she returns, so that says a lot. JLC and Mark Harmon have such a great on-screen rapport and watching them square off - and then team up - was a treat.

Matt: As the old adage goes, you do not do pancakes with the woman who bugs your home. No, in all seriousness, for all the talk about how Gibbs and Tony love powerful women ("there's nothing more attractive than a woman with a gun," etc.), remember that the true love of Gibbs' life did not fit that bill. Time to look outside federal agencies for love, Jethro.

Eric: Hey, why not! At least it's someone his own age. JLC is awesome with MH as Steve said, and she proved she isn't all bad. On second thought, she's not redhead, unlike Borin ... who I love and who's also at least 20 years younger than Gibbs. Now that I've completely undermined my own argument, next question please!

Tony and Dr. Ryan

What, if anything, was out of place this week?

Steve: Dr. Rachel Cranston. Her first episode was terrific, but here she was largely overshadowed and her connection to Kate - her original reason for being introduced - had no special relevance this week.

Matt: Team interaction. Everyone has their moments, but I feel the show has been lacking a bit in terms of true team building and crime-solving of late, with episodes focused predominantly on 1-2 characters. Don't get me wrong, those episodes have been good, but I guess I'd like to see more of a balance in coming weeks.

Eric: Steve's right about Rachel. I like her character and how we were introduced to Kate's sister, but bringing her in alongside another major guest character felt out of place. Also ... Abby! I miss my girl. And finally, a lack of Activia plug. That would have just been hilarious ... though it's probably best for the show's integrity that there wasn't one.

Any additional observations?

Steve: Gibbs was a little more alive this week, perhaps coming off the 200th episode. For much of this season, he's been a bit morose and angst-ridden. He was paranoid and uptight, for sure, but only because of the case. He seemed to get his mojo back a bit, even when faced with an adversary who challenged him so much professionally.

Matt: I love NCIS, but it has to be careful not to make its plots too soap-like. Right now, the balance is strong in that the "fantasy" of certain relationships (namely Tiva, but also Gibbs/Ryan) lingers but does not overshadow the bulk of the program. As I said in my previous answer, it's all about the team and their work, with personal anecdotes and sprinkled in and evenly distributed.

Eric: Good dialogue, interesting plot, believable character development ... it's why we watch.

What's your take on these issues of the week on NCIS? Discuss below!

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Jaime lee curtis needs to move on, you want a partner for gibbs, that woman from Law and order was great! She was like a girl Gibbs, it would be interesting how they would make the Alpha x 2 thing work. No Jamie please!


we need more episodes with mcgee :D he's been shunted to the side recently. an episode with mcgee is essential to his character development otherwise it's going to throw off the dynamic of the show. perhaps an episode (or few) with mcgee and gibbs together - that relationship also needs to take it up a notch. other than that, NCIS IS AWESOME


There actually was a spoiler earlier this year that some popular, main character was going to be killed off at the end of the season, but this spoiler did not specify which drama series this would be happening in. If it was NCIS, my guess would be either Tony or Tim, since, if I'm not mistaken, their contracts may be up for renewal. The writers have effectively taken away Tony's field skills and given them all to Ziva, so his main function this season seems to be wanting a change and of course providing the largest portion of the show's humor. The writers don't seem to want him to be perceived as skilled, brave, or heroic anymore. In the promo pictures of SM for Need to Know, he looks healthier than he has in a long time, and lately (like in the 200th) they seem to be giving his character little teases that something is up with him. If MW left the show that would be the end of it for me as well.


@rachelw Hi, I agree with you about McGee. Something is not right :-( I can't put my finger on it (and no I'm not talking about his weight loss, Sean already explained that). They aren't giving him really strong, Tim-centric episodes these days. What is going on there? Sean/Tim doesn't seem to be happy or excited about his job. And why was that whole thing about Okinawa thrown into the MIDDLE of the 200th ep? That was weird. I kind of wonder if Sean is leaving or something, to be honest. As for "McAbby" - um..good luck with that. NO WAY on Earth they will ever get more attention than T&Z; MW & CdP get higher billing, and that's how those shows go. Tony is getting all the attention these days, unfortunately. Gibbs is getting old, so maybe it's a changing of the guard or something & Tony will be team leader soon.




It was a wonderful, and classic NCIS. JLC was sublime. I am noticing a shift in the relationship between our TIVA (which of course I love) --and a continuing stand off approach by Gibbs -- this however was one of his strongest roars in a long time. McGee, is concerning me -- and I know most don't want to hear this, but something is going on and I have to wonder if it's Abby or something else. But Gibbs getting the booty call- priceless. GREAT FUN.


@Nat Wow - WELL SAID!!! You deserve a "Probie Snack" for that :0) Not only does TV Show Biz follow a very strict, structured canon, but even more importantly, T & Z are the biggest, hottest "buzz" on NCIS these days, and CBS darn well knows that. It's too late to turn back now; they have a Tiva money-making machine on their hands, so they've hit the jackpot, and the MONEY is all they care about, bottom line. This has NOTHING do to with any cast member's personal concerns about not wanting their job to end sooner than later; this is not "personal" at all - it's Show Business, Baby!! The job of a network is to give viewers what they want to see, because they can easily pick up that remote and watch something else - simple as that.


@Janet Hi Janet! Cheer up - dont' worry about haters and their juvenile comments. As far as T/Z are concerned,just be encouraged in the fact that the decision is NOT MW's just because he may want to drag out the show in order to keep working - nor that of any other cast member on NCIS. The decision will be CBS's alone, and THEY move in the direction of the viewers, who clearly WANT Tiva. This is TV show biz; show biz follows canon, and canon demands that by the series end, we WILL see a hook-up, as originally designed by Mr. Don B. himself. It's already written in the cards, so don't worry about it! Tony WILL end up whomever he's meant to be with. Cast members want to "hang around longer", but if NCIS DON'T deliver they've been selling all this time, there won't be a show for anyone TO "hang around" at. That would be the true Disaster.


Oh that hurt oh wait no it didn't because its a lie


michael real fans dont keep writing lies. you know nothing about NCIS fans like you we can do without.

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