NCIS Round Table: "Secrets"

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Our NCIS review broke down the latest installment of TV's #1 show in great detail.

Now, TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Matt Richenthal and Eric Hochberger have assembled for their weekly Round Table Q&A discussion of events from this week's controversial "Secrets."

Join in below, as we analyze Tony's psyche, real-life superheroes and more ...


Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three).

Steve: Entertaining, vintage NCIS.

Matt: Incomplete; foreshadowing.

Eric: Unexpected, amusing.

NCIS RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite one-liner from the episode?

Steve: It was more of a several-liner, but Ducky nailed it in the morgue with his psychoanalysis of Tony. That was such a great scene. I also loved Tony and McGee in the car, and how their relationship has evolved over the years. Tony's definitely going easy on Probe-a-licious of late and even gives him props now and then! McGee is a good listener.

Matt: Tough call! Abby's reference to her "costume," Ducky recanting Palmer's devastation, and Tony addressing the RLSHs with the megaphone to name a few. I also enjoyed the repeated "People get not hungry."

Eric: Steve's cheating so I will too: Gibbs' bow to ICU. No words were necessary.

Did you like Wendy? Why or why not?

Steve: I did, very much. She was entertaining and multi-layered, funny and a little shady ... a great window into Tony's life back in Baltimore. You can see how they had a strong connection back in the day. I don't think she's a good fit for him in the future, however, if that's what she was angling for. If Tony's going to be with anybody, why not the person everyone seems to notice he has such strong feelings for? How many people have to say it! Take a hint, man.

Matt: Not particularly. Perrey Reeves did a nice job and I enjoyed the episode, but I felt that to a point, the writers were tweaking Tony's character a bit to make a story fit. I know we haven't met her before and there are always things about the past we don't know, but he's the overgrown kid with commitment issues - did that all stem from Wendy spurning him? The actors were both solid and the script flowed well, but something about Wendy's character and Tony's relationship with her felt just a little off, like revisionist history.

Eric: Reading the comments on Steve's review, I think some of the fan hatred towards Wendy is a bit over the top. That said, Wendy was lying from the start and did dump DiNozzo in fairly harsh fashion. Not an endearing figure by any means, or a good way to win over 20 million Tony fans. I did like the way she mixed it up with the team, but the cat/mouse relationship he and Ziva have is far superior.

Where do you think (or hope) Tony and Wendy's story is going next?

Steve: She will probably be back again, and maybe that won't be the worst thing - if Tony is going to deal with his past. Wendy was the cause of a lot of his issues, apparently, and that's something he needs to make peace with. This didn't happen definitively Tuesday, clearly. Maybe she'll make an additional attempt to reconcile with him and then he'll finally let her go.

Matt: I'm not sure how Wendy will play into it, but this episode was telling in that it reinforced was Tony missed as a child and has been yearning for all these years - a loving, unconditional and uncomplicated female relationship. He may have seen Wendy as that person but their split was obviously a big setback. My advice: No to Wendy AND no to Ziva. Romantically that is. These high powered career women are a recipe for disaster, as Gibbs has shown us. Tony needs to find a nice girl outside the team ... and preferably law enforcement and/or journalism.

Eric: Was anyone else thinking what I was thinking regarding the inclusion of Wendy's son, who looks nine-ish, and the repeated reference to the fact that she the broke up with Tony almost 10 years ago? Wendy didn't exactly excel at truth-telling, and something tells me that the boy may be Tony's. I hope not, but if nothing else, the closing scene definitely did not end this chapter (as we saw with E.J.) of Tony's increasingly complicated life. I just think there's more to this that Wendy hasn't revealed yet. The episode's title was "Secrets," after all.

Tony, Ziva and Wendy

Case of the week: Cheesy or entertaining?

Steve: Both. Many of the show's best episodes, to me, are among the more intense. If every week were like this one, the show would lose some of its appeal, but lighter cases can be be a ton of fun once in awhile. I laughed early and often and that's always a major component of NCIS, as integral as character development and crime-solving.

Matt: Cheesy, but as Steve said, a brief respite from life-and-death matters is healthy.

Eric: Entertaining! Maybe it's the computer programmer in me coming out, but I loved seeing the crime-fighting, community organizing nerds take action and interact with our favorite special agents. I knew Ray Wise had to be behind it all, too. That guy is so awesomely shady in everything he does.

Which NCIS character would make the best real-life superhero?

Steve: McGee. You know he secretly wants to join their cyber fraud division.

Matt: Ziva. She's basically achieved action-hero status already this season.

Eric: Abby, obviously. Is this even a debate?! One question: If Abby were to become a RLSH, would she have to start dressing up in conventional clothes and wearing her typical "costume" underneath them?

What's your take on these issues of the week on NCIS? Discuss below!

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I did not want Tony with Wendy but I do like her I know she lied to him and she hurt him by leaving Tony right before the wedding but I like her a little bit now I don't want her with Tony I don't see chemistry between them.


I ended up liking Wendy a great deal. I'm not sure whether she and Tony could work out their issues after so many years, but these things do happen in real life. I appreciated the care Gibbs displayed and the insight into Tony, whose sweet side tends to be smothered by the persona he adopts so often. I was really glad that there was no Tiva nonsense at all in this episode. The main difference between Ziva and the two women that Tony has loved is that they saw him as a bit of a hero in their lives; they saw him as someone who they could look up to and admire. Ziva is too busy letting Tony know how much better she is than him to be a good fit. I'm really glad that Gibbs has Rule 12 in effect and is so insistent on it for Tony. Having a relationship develop between two teammates would be to totally dismiss an important aspect of the Gibbs leadership and the G/D dynamic. Please TPTB realize that the constant romance angle is not a universally popular idea.

Sue ann

My favorite thing was the big grin from Gibbs. Mark Harmon has a great grin, and we have far too seldom seen it on NCIS. It bodes well for Gibbs's future that he grinned like that. I did not like Wendy. I myself ditched a fiancee because he lied to me. I don't regard lying as a good basis for any relationship, and this character lies reflexively. I don't believe she could be trusted. Without trust, there is nothing. She will have to be back, because nothing is resolved between them. That is too bad. I dislike soap operas. I knew who the villain was the instant I laid eyes on Ray Wise. I have never seen him play anything else. But, cheesy, AND entertaining. The case was just background. I think Abby would like to be a superhero -- she does good deeds for their own sake, because it is the right thing to do. I think she might have trouble with the riding-off-into-the-sunset part of the superhero game, though. She gets involved ...


I really enjoyed this episode. It was light hearted and funny, with serious undertones that didn't over take the fun. I liked Wendy. I thought she was a reasonably believable character and I liked her chemistry with Tony. As for the fans who are tired of Tony angst, all I can say is - are Ziva and Gibbs the only ones allowed to be the heros AND have drama now? We've had tragic Ziva and Gibbs for years along with incompetent, butt of joke Tony. I'm glad that my favorite character is finally getting some attention that isn't insulting. I loved the nice interactions between the team and Gibbs bow to ICU. Also loved Fred walking in on the kiss. I wouldn't mind if Wendy became a mostly off screen romantic interest for Tony. As for the show turning into a soap - it kind has been going in that direction for several years. It's just that this season it's someone besides Gibbs and Ziva having a share of the drama.


Hello Gentlemen: I appreciate your comments as always, but one of you (*cough-cough!* Eric) is kind of missing an important point, I think. In case you hadn't noticed, Tony LOOVES his "high-powered", independent career women (go re-watch Obsession). In fact, Jeanne B. back in S4 was sort of a prototype of Weatherly's REAL "high-powered", lovely career wife!! Tony IS a complicated man! So isn't Gibbs. There is no WAY they could be happy with someone who doesn't understand their complicated lifestyle. Forget about any woman who truly loves Tony for who he is for a moment (Yep, we all know who): Tony needs someone who can identify with the kind of life he leads, NOW. The same goes for Gibbs. Shannon wouldn't be a good match for Gibbs NOW, as an NCIS Agent. Back then life WAS simpler for Leroy. That's probably why Vance is still married to the same woman, because she understands the demands the job places on her husband. She EMBRACES the complication, and that's what Tony needs as well.


My guess is that NCIS will last until season 12. So either they keep fooling around with love-interest and have both of them without a real shot at love, or they will pair them up and try to make it work without affecting the team dynamic. Outside love interests don't work. The audience just rejects them all the time. I think Tony and Ziva would work because basically they alreasy behave like a couple just without the physical contact. The whole "I am jealous, but also supportive"-dynamic is getting old. We will see what the next few episodes have in store for us. Can't wait to see how everything developes.


Fred is 7. I know they picked a bigger kid for the part, but they said it in "Newborn King" (this year's Christmas episode).
I think Wendy wasn't all that bad, but certainly Tony and Wendy won't reunite in a romantic manner. She left him right before the wedding and basically destroyed a lot in him. It's impossible for him.
But I have to disagree. Tony needs a woman who challenges him. Strong, intelligent, career-oriented women are his type. Remember obsession or even Jeanne Benoit. She is a doctor. He seems to be into that kinda thing.
I also believe they're building up to something between Tony and Ziva and I certainly hope so because they will never ultimately put together Tony and Ziva with people outside of the show.


For me it was a wonderful treat to see the Tony & Ziva scenes, they had become few & far between in the first 11 episodes this season. It was beginning to look like they didn't work in the same office anymore. Love the entire cast but it is Tony & Ziva who have brought me back every Tues. night for 7 years.


To clarify the age of Wendy's son, it was stated in the Christmas ep, Newborn King,that Wendy's son was seven. So, not Tony's. Agree that Wendy was ok, and served a purpose as a window into Tony's past, and to hopefully push him forward, but not a good fit. And she hurt him, badly,but despite realizing that, and making the observation he was "sad and lonely" (because of her!), she showed no remorse. Not nice. But I enjoyed the ep,and loved the balance of character/crime/humor. The Ducky/Tony and Tim/Tony scenes were top notch, and in fact loved all the dynamics in this ep. I have to admit I love Tony-centric eps, especially when they have a big dose of team. Add to that cupid-Gibbs,Meow-Abby and a layed back Vance who gets off a jibe at Gibbs? Not bad!


when ncis has its last episode i sure hope tony/ziva end up together.And gibbs goes to mexico and builds a house like his mentor had.I wish his mentor was not dead.The perfect ending would be gibbs and his buddy drinking a beer and going fishing out on his buddy boat.What fun.

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