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I agree with Lindsey. While I highly doubt New Girl was making a negative statement, and I think Katie is right, I think it would have been better to introduce a more neutral character who had two moms. I didn't like Brianna or her moms.

I was so mad at CeCe and wishing Schmidt would stand up for himself. But the breakfast scene pulled it all together for me. I got where Cece was coming from. But best of all, I LOVED Schmidt in that scene. Esp. the walking up the wall part.

There was one awesome quote from Schmidt, but darn, I can't remember it! I will post it here (whether you want me to or not, lol) if I do remember it.


I think you're right, Katie. I guess I'm still adjusting to a New Girl where everything isn't necessarily meant to be quirky or offbeat.


I like that her two mom's wasn't explicitly addressed. I think the writers were just trying to make the idea seem as normal as her showing up with a mom and a dad.


Ahh, the right of ritual for hating one or two of your students in your class. Yay, Jess has finally graduated!!

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