Nikita Review: Was This Destiny?

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Last week, the game changed for all the different teams on Nikita. This week, on "Rogue." we got a glimpse of what's to come as a result.

Nikita, Michael and Birkhoff are still working with Alex, who is their inside connection to Division. They also have an ally in Senator Pierce, who was the sole survivor of a "terrorist" plot against our country. And, presumably, that arrangement includes Sean too.

Amanda has sole control over Division now, but hasn't launched any missions since going rogue from Oversight. According to Alex, she hasn't done anything except strut around "like she won Top Model."

Percy's out on his own, having gone rogue with Roan and his Guardian. It was odd to see Percy in the field with a gun and right in the heart of the action. First up, Percy and Roan killed a Newark police detective to draw out Nikita. And it worked.

The Old Nikita

Nikita's past revealed
We knew that Nikita had a drug problem and that she ended up on death row for killing a cop, but we didn't know the circumstances surrounding the killing. Poor Nikita. Yes, she was drugged out of her mind. But she never should have been sent to death row to begin with due to the corrupt cops. The extenuating circumstances should have been enough to get her out of jail within a few years at most.

The cop killed her unarmed friend and was going to plant a gun on him. Did he deserve to be shot? Probably not, but he was not an honorable police officer, nor was his partner. Carla helped Nikita get clean once, but then abandoned her when she went to jail... while Nikita felt she betrayed Carla when she relapsed. They have some catching up to do!

Carla Bennett re-emerged
Carla helped Nikita get clean. Unfortunately, it didn't stick and Nikita ended up in jail. When Carla's finger print was found on the gun, she had to take off because of her past. But Nikita never knew anything about it.

But Division knew, including Amanda and Percy. They even tried to kill Carla 12 years ago because they feared she was going to expose the program. For some reason,  they decided to go after Carla again now. Convenient plot point? Or is there a real reason to go after her after all this time?

Why does Percy want her now? To help him get Division back from Amanda perhaps? And why did Amanda reinstate the kill order against Carla when she took control of Division from Percy? Is it personal? After all those years, they can't think she would expose the program now, right? It's been so long, what would she even be able to do?

It was a shocker to find out that Carla created the Division program. She never knew that Division "recruited" Nikita, however. This is going to be interesting! How will it play out? Will she be loyal to Nikita and try to bring down Division?

One of the most intriguing thoughts to come out of the reunion was that Carla thought Nikita's recruitment to Division helped her; that it was her "destiny" and she "thrived" there. Even calling it a "gift." In a way, I can see her point. Nikita is an amazing woman with smarts and skills unlike another. Unfortunately, it came across like Carla was instead justifying what she did with the creation of Division and her abandonment of Nikita.

Alex's quest for revenge
She is heading right into trouble. For now, she has the help of Nikita and Michael, but I'm not sure how long that will last. They have problems of their own and Alex has the tendency to not  make the best decisions. Amanda came up with a plan for Alex to reveal herself as the rightful heir to the Udinov empire. It included using fake alibis (that's going to work, right?) from Division.

All Alex wants is to get her mother back and bring down Semak, but Amanda has much bigger plans. I'm not sure why Alex would align herself with Amanda. Wouldn't Nikita and Michael be a better option to help her achieve her narrow goals? All I see is a big disaster coming Alex's way. It's unfortunate.

While not much happened in "Rogue," new alliances and goals were revealed. They are all so good at playing each other. Percy used Senator Pierce to track down Nikita. Then, he used Nikita to track down Carla. And then Nikita used Division to track down Percy and Carla. In a way it is crazy how often they are able to play each other and get away with it.

It's still not clear why Carla Bennett is so important. Nikita used to be the main target of both Percy and Amanda - has that focus been shifted to Carla Bennett? Or are they now a package deal?


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what will happen next! what will happen next! what will happen next?!?!?! I can't wait! :D And I can't believe that the founder of Division wasn't in Division anymore. So many facts to uncover in the future episodes. :D Can't waitttttttttttttttttt! :D


Nikita is a grat show.deserve big network and off course few more seasons
Can't wait for next episodes..


sooooo in love with this show but hate that its on CW!!!
#Nikitta FTW


Miss owen,ryan and birkhoff.when will nikita find out that ryan still alive?can't wait for the episode to come.


Nikita.can't wait for next episode
Give more actions please
Where is owen,ryan..we need your help here


Carla started Division?!? Bahaha. Plot twists I can handle. But her starting Division? Yeahhh. When we found out that Kasim was Division, I was like ''WTF? OMG!'' but now it seems that EVERYONE is tied to Division in one way or another. and I'm kinda tired of that. And if she created 'the program' then wouldn't Michael and Oversight know the history of Division and who made it? Couldn't we have just one civilian join the fight? Just one so that we know that Division isn't taking over the world? Oh wait. We had Ryan. And he got eaten by Amanda. *sigh* So much for wishful thinking. So Carla made Division. I'll get on board with that. But Percy was ACTUALLY civil to her. Creepy and badass. Gotta love his character...


Wow.nikita fan thatʻs a good idea.!!! Percy&carla = nikita.
Nikita is awesome.must watch tv show!!!!! The only problem is wrong network!!!!
Nikita deserve award and big tv network...need more people to watch...
Gossip girl is a crap...teach teenagers to sleep around and be a bitch!!!


I agree with you saad 72... Nikita should be in the other network fox, abc, nbc, cbs .... Nikita is great show, great actors, great writers and most of the stars doing their own stunts .... Awesome
This show need more appreciation... Maggie, shane , xander ! Wow they are totally awesome ... Must be nominated for emmy or whatever award ...
I don 't understand about the stupid rating system.... ( why is this ridiculous vampire, gossip girl can get more ratings)????? Now people can watch from internet and internationally there is more fans of this show... Please renew for more seasons...


Carla walking through the gunfire was awesome. Alex loses two Division tails and can only stay for 10 minutes because the Division satellite will be in position just to talk to Mikita. I found that funny. Carla started "Division". I like the twists and turns but it does seem like it's becoming too convoluted.


Maggie Q should really win an award for Nikita. She is just as good as Julianna Marguilles and any other actress who wins @ all the events.
The pic above and her whole stint as a druggie gave me goosebumps! Seriously!
I kinda wish Nikita was on another network even a cable one like hbo. It would've won sooooo many awards.

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