Once Upon a Time Casts an Evil Mother

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Are you ready for another family reunion?

Last week on Once Upon a Time, viewers met Snow White's father. In the near future, meanwhile, we'll get to know the woman who grounded the Evil Queen as a child.

Barbara Hershey Pic

Veteran actress Barbara Hershey - an Emmy, Golden Globe and Oscar nominee - will guest star later this season as the Queen's mother, Cora. It's unclear what brings her to town, but she may show up again in season two, ABC sources confirm.

Hershey might be best known to audiences these days for portraying Natalie Portman's parent in Black Swan.

Once Upon a Time takes Super Bowl Sunday off and then returns with a new episode on February 12, titled "Skin Deep."


I will simply say...I LOVE this show...I was skeptical at first, but every week I have been so entertained and when it is over, counting the days til the next episode...I don't know who's concept this was...but KUDOS to them and all involved with a stellar show and cast...I hope this one is around for several seasons...After all there are many fairy tales out there waiting to be told here in StoryBrooke...^..^


I've seen Barbara Hershey in a couple of films, and she is very talented. I'm looking for to this!


I wonder if she is a witch, we have seen her father and Im 96% sure he isnt a witch so its probablt mommy dearest.


gah, what has she done to her face?? :(


She kinda resembles Lana Parilla...


The Evil Queen is Snow White's step mother. The Evil Queen hates Snow White because she believes her husband loves Snow White and her dead mother more than he loves her. The Evil Queen's jealousy is why she targeted Snow.


Awesome, so ready for more of Regina's backstory! Can't wait to find out if she was also Snow's mother as well, and what happened to her.

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