Once Upon a Time Review: True Love Isn't Easy

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The latest episode of Once Upon a Time may have been titled "What Happened to Frederick" but the question I really wanted answered was this: What happened to David? Honestly, I think I liked him better when he was in a coma.

Even after the Valentine's Day debacle, David was still waffling between Mary Margaret and his life with Kathryn. Was this part of the curse of Storybrooke? The brave and honorable Prince Charming became this cowardly adulterer? Ugh.

Emma on a Motorcycle

Mary Margaret was right. What they were doing wasn't about love? Lust perhaps. Deceit, most certainly. Kathryn had every right to be furious. 

If David had told her the truth, it would have hurt like Hell but at least it wouldn't have given Regina the power of revealing his final betrayal. And why did Mary Margaret seem to be taking the brunt of the blame? Why didn't we see people shooting snarky, disapproving looks at David?

In the fairy tale world, we saw Prince Charming and Abigail working together - and what a difference that made. I liked that Charming asked her if she'd used love's true kiss to break the spell. I suppose that's a well known cure in this universe.

Charming fought off the siren, remained true to his love and returned Frederick to Abigail. Then, he was off to fight for his own true love. What a contrast to the weaselly way David had acted in Storybrooke.

Speaking of Storybrooke, the mystery writer finally revealed his name: August W. Booth

Does anyone have any idea if that name is a clue to his intentions in Storybrooke? If there's a hidden meaning in it, I can't seem to find any, but it says something about this show that it's made me ponder a simple name.

I loved that August took Emma out for a drink to a magic well. How apropos. Of course, was it all part of his plan to return the book to her? It certainly appeared that way. But that doesn't explain how he knew about the well in the first place. How does this stranger know Storybrooke so well?

So... was anyone else holding their breath as Kathryn drove toward Storybrooke's border? What do you think happened to her when she got there? Did August change the story in Henry's book? And was Mary Margaret right to leave David? Thanks to next week's Oscar telecast, we've got until March 4 to ponder the fates in Once Upon a Time.


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Google is the real magic. I looked up booth and pinochio and the first sight was the story of pinochio sneaking into a booth where he saw his first puppet show and made a mistake causing him to lie. All evidence leads to booth being pinochio. A fairy tale character can come to sb if he/she left before cursed like emma. Booth could have snuck away with emma or in his own trunk made by japetto. This story could be what was changed in the new book given to henry. Booth is also his earth name so that was not a lie he told emma. Also for all we know in this show pinochio may be rumples son. He could have been placed under a puppet curse like the couple in archies story. This would explain how the book has all knowledge about fairy land. Only regina and gold knows the true story and its doubtful they would tell. So my money is on pinochio. Now who was the records keeper several stories back?


Didn't anyone notice the red spray paint in Regina's desk? She's the one who sprayed "tramp" on Mary Margaret's car. I think August may have changed some pages in the book.


I think he might be Rumpelstiltskin son :)


I am inclined to agree that August is Pinochio. AWB - A Wooden Boy? Just thinking out loud :)


Some have been asking what August was doing w/the book. My little girl got it. She said, "That's how Henry got his book back, Mommy! August was dipping the pages in the well water so Henry would get back what was lost to him, just like Abigail got back her knight."


Nope. Don't buy it. The curse has to do with MEMORY, not character. David isn't a tool because of the curse. He's a tool because he avoided every single opportunity to tell the truth. Kathryn gave him a chance; he acted like a coward and lied. AND...he lied to MM about it, leaving her wide open to take the brunt of the fallout, including a big slap to the face. Kathryn should have slapped HIS face, and he should have been brave enough to sit there and take it. If the curse was about character, Ella's boyfriend wouldn't have proposed, Jiminy Cricket wouldn't have stood up to Regina, and Hansel & Gretel wouldn't have been reunited with their dad.


I don't think August is Henry, because even though nothing romantic has happened yet with Emma, there is a chemistry there and I don't think that would happen if he knew Emma was his mother. Also, if he is Pinocchio and he never lies, then didn't he just lie about his name? I think that although the idea of him being Pinocchio is awesome, then he would have lied about his name and that pokes holes in it. I'm betting on him being part of the creation of the original book.


August Wayne Booth--was digging around on the 'net, found that lots of people think it has another meaning or is an anagram, etc. Wayne comes from a word meaning wagonmaker. Since wagons were wood, back in the day, we could stretch that to mean carpenter, eh? August is great or revered, and Booth refers to a hut, of all things. Besides Geppetto, what other fairytale character built things?


I think that David is very confused, not cowardly as most people seem to think. Remember when he came out of the coma, he was attracted to Mary M, but didn't know why. Regina was manipulating them all, the last thing she wants is for them to be happy. She made Catherine and David believe they were in love and married. He's a good guy in both worlds, hopefully he will start to remember like Catherine did, and not feel so guilty for loving Mary M. Probably that is why Catherine is now missing. Love the way they continue the stories and keep us guessing, the twists are great. I love all the characters, its such a fun show. Not sure who I think August is yet, he seems to know quite a bit about Henry though.


And as for who august W. Booth is? I still think he's
A descendant of the writer of the book, the grimme lineage per say. Imagine ur the original writer of the book, before the book u were writing wonderful stories of a land far away and happily ever after.....then nothing, they all dissapear - he wrote each fairytales final stories andtold the entire thing to his child.........august w. Booth, sounds so contrived that it could be a fake, or maybe even an annnorgam.....I dunno but I definitely do not think he was actually living in the fairytale world cause he would have been transferred to storybrook like everyone else was. So he's definitely something else. Oh, and one last thing..... reginas a whore

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True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Emma: I'm not your mother.
Mary Margaret: No, but according to Henry I'm yours.