Once Upon a Time Review: True Love Isn't Easy

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The latest episode of Once Upon a Time may have been titled "What Happened to Frederick" but the question I really wanted answered was this: What happened to David? Honestly, I think I liked him better when he was in a coma.

Even after the Valentine's Day debacle, David was still waffling between Mary Margaret and his life with Kathryn. Was this part of the curse of Storybrooke? The brave and honorable Prince Charming became this cowardly adulterer? Ugh.

Emma on a Motorcycle

Mary Margaret was right. What they were doing wasn't about love? Lust perhaps. Deceit, most certainly. Kathryn had every right to be furious. 

If David had told her the truth, it would have hurt like Hell but at least it wouldn't have given Regina the power of revealing his final betrayal. And why did Mary Margaret seem to be taking the brunt of the blame? Why didn't we see people shooting snarky, disapproving looks at David?

In the fairy tale world, we saw Prince Charming and Abigail working together - and what a difference that made. I liked that Charming asked her if she'd used love's true kiss to break the spell. I suppose that's a well known cure in this universe.

Charming fought off the siren, remained true to his love and returned Frederick to Abigail. Then, he was off to fight for his own true love. What a contrast to the weaselly way David had acted in Storybrooke.

Speaking of Storybrooke, the mystery writer finally revealed his name: August W. Booth

Does anyone have any idea if that name is a clue to his intentions in Storybrooke? If there's a hidden meaning in it, I can't seem to find any, but it says something about this show that it's made me ponder a simple name.

I loved that August took Emma out for a drink to a magic well. How apropos. Of course, was it all part of his plan to return the book to her? It certainly appeared that way. But that doesn't explain how he knew about the well in the first place. How does this stranger know Storybrooke so well?

So... was anyone else holding their breath as Kathryn drove toward Storybrooke's border? What do you think happened to her when she got there? Did August change the story in Henry's book? And was Mary Margaret right to leave David? Thanks to next week's Oscar telecast, we've got until March 4 to ponder the fates in Once Upon a Time.


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Interesting thoughts about August being Pinocchio. It has made me think about the possibility.
My original thoughts on August were that he is a minstrel. They were travelling storytellers that used to tell fairy tales to royals. Notice that the hankerchief August wears around his neck is purple (a color of royalty). Also, I think that if August were an actual character that he would have been confined to Storybrooke as the other characters are. I don't think the Queen would send Pinocchio to a place where she couldn't keep an eye on him.
But it does seem that he has some kind of prior knowledge of Henry. He was able to find Henry's hiding spot for the book. Also, he spoke of Henry to Emma, "He's a smart boy", as if he knows that he has figured it all out. I cannot wait to see the pages that he has added to the book.


Part2: I mean i really love the show, and i liked the reveal of Augusts name, and the mystery involving him and the book becoming a bit more complex and apparent - but why don't they give us a bit more than just some flirting and him looking cool and cute. This show started with more than that. It was one of the few shows, that are made "for the whole family", that i instantly enjoyed. I like David and MM, as a part of it. But what about all the other people in the town? We only met a few of them yet. I want the whole thing. The scene in the end made me realize how much i missed operation cobra!


Part1: The whole David and Mary Storyline is becoming really annoying for me. I liked it in the first place and i even like the dilemma that delayed their romance, because obviously they couldn't get together that early in the series.
But now after the xxth twist i really don't care anymore.
If David is the wrong twin, that whould be a nice turn, but i have a feeling that i will just go on like that for who knows how many episodes. I'm glad that Henry got his book back and there seems to be more progress in the overall storyline coming. After an episode like this, i almost feel if the producers started to assume, that only very stereotypical women, who are only interested in romance, drama and horses watch the show. And that i whould find kind of insulting.


I think he's Pinocchio. I thought about it since the first time when he asked Emma for a drink. He plays with words. He asked her for a drink, and once she agreed, he said he never said "now". That made me think he goes out of his way not to lie... And this episode all but proved it. "Say what you can about me, but I always say the truth". Once he said that line, I was sold. My girlfriend told me that I'm psychic for having figured that out two weeks ago. Anyway, it's all but proven he's Pinocchio. Pinocchio learned a valuable lesson about lying and that's why he makes sure he says the truth.


got this from another blog... n 1808, Jacob Grimm was appointed court librarian to the King of Westphalia. In 1812 the brothers published their first volume of fairy tales, Tales of Children and the Home. They had collected the stories from peasants and villagers; they were also aided by their close friend August von Haxthausen. August is obvious
Haxthausen – house=shelter=booth


I really don't think he's Henry's father because you'd still recognise the father of your child regardless of how many many years on it is. I think it was pretty clear that he's connected to the book of fairytales. He's able to enter Storybrook which no regular person is able to do however, he's also able to leave which means he's not a fairytale character. He had never visited Storybrook until large changes started to take place and the book was destroyed. It'll be interesting to see exactly HOW he's connected to the making of the book? Is he somebody that needs to protect the book before these fairytales are lost? Is he a grimm ancestor but since fairytales were originally written by several authors, I'm trying to figure out how he's better connected? MAYBE he didn't write the book because we only saw him sealing pages and binding the book... but he would've had to have got his hands on the new written and drawn pages somehow?


There is no way August is Henry's father. Don'tt you think Emma would recognize him???


Maybe August is the one who wrote the story, and maybe hes Henry's father


I thought for sure that when something once lost was about to show up it would be Graham, little bit disappointed that it wasn't so. As for August I think he added pages to the book, maybe it all changes I mean the ending of the book depending on what happens with Emma or maybe the ending had to stay hidden from Regina before, she has read the book I think? And she would not let Henry keep it if it had to much information in it that could bring her down.


August has to be an adult Pinocchio.. Did anyone see how obsessed with water he is? Pinocchio got trapped in Monstro! Plus, in Fairy Tale World, Pinocchio was obviously made of wood, as was the tree that Emma was placed in. It was stated that a single HUMAN could be placed in the tree. Pinocchio was made of wood. When they came to our (real) world, he was turned into a seven year old boy, who "found" Emma. Now he is only a few years older than her!! If it's true, I cant wait for a scene between Pinocchio and Gepetto.

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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Emma: I'm not your mother.
Mary Margaret: No, but according to Henry I'm yours.