One Tree Hill Preview & Sneak Peek: "The Killing Moon"

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The whereabouts of Nathan Scott will take center stage on tomorrow night's new episode of One Tree Hill.

So will a very powerful performance by Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley, according to producer Mark Schwahn, who teases "The Killing Moon" in one of the two following videos. In the other, we witness a panicked Haley try to report her husband as missing.

Along with the Nathan search, One Tree Hill viewers can look forward to Clay receiving a few answers; Julian trying to get back to normal; and Brooke doing her best to give Tara a fair chance.

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I think someone that wanted revenge on Nathan took him
Everybody from One Tree Hill I love Nathan & Haley & Jamie & Lydia I think they are the cutest family Nathan has been on there from the beginning for 9 years I think they should let Nathan & Haley be happy with there family At First i thought Dan took Nathan because before Nathan left he said you better be gone by the time i get back but i don't know now!:) I don't think they would kill him off his is the main character:)


I think that Nathan was Kidnapped for ransom and is being held hostage.
His known in Tree Hill as a basketball figure and known to be rich etc. I think Dan will try to find him with Chris Kellers and Julians Help. I hate Tara! Shes there to cause troubble and Chase is an idiot for being with such a ho-bag, especially that she is causing problems and playing dirty to his friends Haley + Brook. I also think that the guy who attacked Brook in season 6, will come back for revenge.


They wont kill off Nathan...after 9 years the fans deserve Nathan and Haley to live happily ever after. However when James said he did not want to come back for one last season and then changed his mind but said he would not be in all 18 episodes they had to give a storyline that would allow him to be a vital part of the show still but able to be in less episodes...

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