One Tree Hill Review: Road To Redemption

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Dan Scott's road to redemption may have started a while ago, but it became much more obvious during "Catastrophe and the Cure" that it may indeed be the main overarching theme to One Tree Hill.

Sometimes it's thought provoking to take a step back and look at an entire series, figuring out what it really was all about. The events that occur - whether it be pointlessly written storylines, or actors leaving the show - can change the path of the show, but at the end of the day a story is being told.

Dan vs. Detective

Over the course of nine seasons of One Tree Hill, that story may end up being about a man making a number of awful decisions on his way to rock bottom, and then finally finding redemption. Whether his family - and the audience, for that matter - accepts said redemption, after all of the heinous crimes he committed, is exactly the kind of grey area that would make the ending to this story so interesting.

If viewers still can't stand Dan Scott - as I know many cannot - and aren't willing to forgive the man for the many awful things he has done over the years, then this might be a more difficult pill to swallow. I, on the other hand, believe this character has paid his dues and is ready to redeem himself for many of his wrong doings.

While it is certainly thanks to the great writing, so much credit has to go to Paul Johansson for portraying such a terrible human being... who can also be so very sympathetic at the same time.

I mean, come on! When he finished his Nathan search for the night and dropped Julian off at Karen's Cafe, demanding he go inside to hug and kiss his wife and kids, there is no way it wasn't time to admit that this man has changed. Dan Scott doesn't have the right to hug his wife or his kids anymore, and he doesn't want anyone else to lose out on that joy.

All of the characters we have loved in the past, or currently love to watch on this show, have been negatively affected by Dan Scott. It's now his time to help them all to be better people in the face of all the turmoil he has put them through.

Lost in the shuffle here during this Scott Free Redemption is the fact that Nathan has been found! He was discovered by the audience, but not by any characters on the show. I have to admit I was pretty disappointed by the reason for his kidnapping: Eastern European criminals angry about Nathan signing one of their basketball players? While not unreasonable, it would have been much more interesting if it related to something in Tree Hill.

Captured Nathan

Thankfully, Nathan was able to convince the hired hit men to hold him for ransom instead of simply killing him when the phone rang, like they were originally told. Was that now dead hired gun extremely difficult to understand for anyone else? I had to rewind my DVR three times to hear "Phone rings. He dies."

With Nathan all tied up for the time being, and Haley spending most of her time worrying about her hubby, I wouldn't expect to see the original OTH couple very high in this week's One Tree Hill Relationship Rankings. Let's take a look...

1. Brulian
Thanks to Dan Scott, these two finally got to enjoy themselves at the end of the episode with their cute little babies. It was fun watching Julian help Dan en route to realizing how good he had it, and it was also a lot of fun to see Brooke get back in the game by hiring Chris Keller to sell out her cafe. 

2. Clinn
What? Could this be for real? Clinn at #2? While Quinn didn't have much to do, I did enjoy the fact that she stood up for Dan. Clay, on the other hand, had a lot of screen time with his new best bud Logan. The dude might go off on crazy fugue episodes, but Clay is at his absolute best with this little kid. They have a great chemistry, which was exemplified by their X-Men session.

3. Naley
Nathan being tied up, and Haley worrying about him, wasn't really all that great. Their expected reunion, though, that should be fireworks.

4. Millimouth
Did anyone think Mouth was going to open that box of pizza?


They're not a couple so I had to leave them off the list, but Chris Keller and Chase were quite the dynamic duo in "Catastrophe and the Cure." Even the fact that the latter slept with the former's girl on a couple of occasions couldn't impede this blossoming friendship.

Whether it was Chris Keller first admitting that Chase is a good dude, him apologizing for pushing Alex on tour and standing up Chuck, or everything about his performance at Karen's Cafe, these two were a lot of fun this week. Chris Keller declared Chase as his best friend, then kicked him in the no-no spot, and finally took him to the strip club to help him recover from Tara's indiscretions. He's a class act that Chris Keller.

We are almost half way through the final season of One Tree Hill. What does everyone think of the run so far? Are they doing the series justice on its last leg? Was tonight's installment one of your favorites yet?

Do you want to see Dan Scott get his redemption? And will you forgive him once he does? How is Nathan going to escape the Russians? And who tops your Relationship Rankings this week? Read our latest set of One Tree Hill quotes and sound off!


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Alot of people seem to not like the reason why
Nathan was kidnapped, I for one think it's brilliant.
This show started out being about 2 brothers
And their love for basketball. It hasn't been
about basketball for a while until now. Basketball
has given Nathan so much and taken away so
much from him also. Why not throw in it being
the reason for possibly his death (although I'd
be incredibly upset) I think it makes alot of
Sense! Also Dan will redeem himself in his family's
eyes, I'm sure of it :-) just hoping Nathan
Has the chance to say how much his
Dad means to him before the end of the season.
It's obvious that he still cares got his dad,
He just can't admit it.


The only reason I took interest in Clay's storyline is because I saw them filming it. I was literally standing right outside when he left the building


I think there may be a connection with Tree Hill in the kidnapping still to be revealed though. That comment from the kidnappers when playing their game about 'local connection calls them bones' - that may well have just been a meaningless remark, but what if it's not? What if that local connection turns out to be someone close to home? Not Dan; I am all in favour of Dan's road to redemption, but someone else...


Wouldn't have made more sense if Dan would have gone through the list of his enemies and one of them had taken Nathan....although I'm glad that Dan will get some closer this season. The closer to the end the more I think it's Dan who dies. Probably making up with Nathan before telling the kidnappers to take him instead....or his 3rd world heart just can't take it.....and who knows, Dan may get his forgiveness from lucas in next weeks episode. Best quote "full charge, I bank with Chase!"


This is a great show, and I'm loving the ninth season! Will be sincerely sad to see it finish up. Having Dan Scott and Chris Keller playing front running characters this season was a smart move, am enjoying watching both of them! Brooke gets better each season as does Haley! ts funny I never really cared much for the older version Chris Keller, but this new version is very entertaining! My only qualm - not a big fan of Mouth and Millie - I don't think they add much at all to the show and if they disappeared off it next week I'd hardly notice. That aside, love everything else! I Look forward to each new episode but at the same time feel sad that it is coming to an end.


I want Dan to have redemption and agree very very much, with Dan Forcella's comment -
All of the characters we have loved in the past, or currently love to watch on this show, have been negatively affected by Dan Scott. It's now his time to help them all to be better people in the face of all the turmoil he has put them through. Also I am Happy that at least Quinn stuck up for him, she can see that he is now helping people etc. Just like he helped Julian. I am very dissapointed with Tara not getting her Karma for all the terrible things she is doing or has done. She just gets away with it. So I am very dissapointed with the writers about that. Maybe Dan should grab her by the neck and scare her.


I was bored with the reason for nathans kidnapping. It made no sense. But I loved chase and chris keller. "why are you helping my competition? Why are you sleeping with my best friend?" Haha best scene... Scratch that thought, "full charge, I bank at chase" Best scene!! Love that julians getting better. And I hope dan gets at least a good reunion with his family, even if he doesn't get redemption

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