One Tree Hill Sneak Preview: Where's Nathan?!?

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Based on the way this week's installment of One Tree Hill ended, it's rather clear what will be the main focus of next Wednesday's "The Killing Moon," isn't it?

The whereabouts of Nathan Scott. Look for Quinn to distract Jackson on the episode, as Haley goes in search of her man. Elsewhere...

  • Clay will receive a few answers regarding his condition.'
  • Brooke will try to keep an open mind about Tara.
  • Julian will attempt a return to a regular life.

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Personally i think nathan mite b dead. As u shuld remember those who watched in the first episode of season9 they showed haley in a morg looking at some1s body. N she started crying. So its either A she cried cuz its nathan or B she cried in relief that it wasnt him.


oh shit i hope hailey finds her husband. and i'll be watching it tonite! cant wait


oh, i am sure Dan got Nathan kidnapped...I clearly remember Nathan saying Dan has to leave when he comes back and when Jamie asked Dan if he had to leave, Dan (with that evil look in his eyes) said he's not going anywhere...he want's to get under Haley's and Jamie's skin and then he'll give an order that will release Nathan!


I think that Nathan was Kidnapped for ransom and is being held hostage.
His known in Tree Hill as a basketball figure and known to be rich etc. I think Dan will try to find him with Chris Kellers and Julians Help. I hate Tara! Shes there to cause troubble and Chase is an idiot for being with such a ho-bag, especially that she is causing problems and playing dirty to his friends Haley + Brook. I also think that the guy who attacked Brook is season 6, will come back for revenge.


One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Chuck Scolnik has never been more disappointed in you.


Chase: How'd you get in here?
Chuck: I took Alex's key. She didn't want it.

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