Paget Brewster to Exit Criminal Minds

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The roller coaster ride of Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds appears to finally be ending: the actress is leaving the show at the end of this season.

Last year, Brewster's character of Emily Prentiss was initially killed off after the star left to film a pilot... only for her to be resurrected when that pilot did not make it to series. Now, however, with her contract up this summer, Brewster has made the decision to pursue new options.

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“After six wonderful years playing Emily Prentiss, I have decided it’s time for me to move on,” she said in a statement to Deadline. “As much as I will miss my Criminal Minds family, I am excited about the future and other opportunities."

Said Thomas Gibson, who is locked in to next season along with Joe Mantegna, Shermar Moore and AJ Cook: “We all love Paget and her character and will miss her greatly but I know that she will have continued great success.”

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Just found out paget left the t.v show last year.....thats really sad..... maybe she will come back in awoke.....


Please bring back Emily Prentiss as one of the main characters on criminal minds. Season 8 is weird without Paget Brewster. The character, Emily Prentiss, was amazing. Her strength, right from the start, was very telling. She was humble and willing to look at her own flaws right from the beginning. She questioned herself if she could ever commit such murders. It's really sad that such a well developed character has to leave. Even if it's for interpol.


hopefully the dynamics will work when the action rolls next season with the new actor coming in. PLEASE stop it with whole 'beautiful mind/john nash' scenes when it comes to reid. they don't go over well. it is a bit much. either stop or do it much less frequently. the character reid is brilliant, quirky, etc.... and it has worked from day one. it feels unrealistic.....


I hate it when actors think their too big to be on a show anymore and leave a cast that is working awesome. Look what happened David Caruso when he left NYPD Blue, it took him years to get his career back on track. I hope it works out fir her.


Im really upset Emily is leaving, I literally cried when she died in the other season and now shes leaving.. again. broken heart again.


Is Matthew Gubler not locked in for next season? Without one of my favorite characters on TV I won't be watching the show. Spencer is vital, as is Penelope. I not only watch but order the complete seasons as they come out. That will end too if there is no Spencer Reid next season. Totally bummed until I find out what is going to happen.


I do agree.. This show continue's on the weeks it airs New eps.. to bring only asemowe writing and great talent. Having the orginal 7, well, I honestly wasn't too upset when Elle Left the show.Joe has done a pretty good job of replacing Mandy. Though I do miss him.. I am surprised that CM hasn't brought Mandy back as some kind of deranged killer trying to get rid of serial killers. I don't care for the way the writter have been changing the character of Reid, just let him have normal thoughts and not go nuts. I have watched ever show that CM has put out there, I will continue to do so as long as they air. Good luck CM's you did a smart thing bringing J.J. back.


To Emily-you have a wonderful part that you do so well so please don't leave-you are an integral part of the cast. It's a little soon for Hotch to have a girlfriend since he got his wife killed by his unsub. Please reconsider Emily!


Bummer she's leaving. The whole cast has such great chemistry. With her gone, there will definitely be some major shoes to fill. Hope its not that blond JJ clone they brought in last season. And I hope they don't kill her. Also what's up with the Rossi haters? He's awesome. I'm glad we get him for at least another season. Hope Matt sticks around too, his character is the mos irreplaceable of all. Yep, the show will not be quite the same without Emily.


Agent Prentiss is easily my favorite character on the show so I am super bummed about this. That being said, Paget Brewster is extremely funny and I'd love to see her cast in a solid comedy show. Prentiss will live forever in seasons 2-7 and I'll enjoy watching Brewster in whatever she does next.

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