Paget Brewster to Exit Criminal Minds

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The roller coaster ride of Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds appears to finally be ending: the actress is leaving the show at the end of this season.

Last year, Brewster's character of Emily Prentiss was initially killed off after the star left to film a pilot... only for her to be resurrected when that pilot did not make it to series. Now, however, with her contract up this summer, Brewster has made the decision to pursue new options.

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“After six wonderful years playing Emily Prentiss, I have decided it’s time for me to move on,” she said in a statement to Deadline. “As much as I will miss my Criminal Minds family, I am excited about the future and other opportunities."

Said Thomas Gibson, who is locked in to next season along with Joe Mantegna, Shermar Moore and AJ Cook: “We all love Paget and her character and will miss her greatly but I know that she will have continued great success.”

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this makes me sad Emily Prentiss is one of my favorite characters. :"(
well I wish her the best of luck and hope to see her in future shows/movies!


I love love love this show. Sorry to see Ms Brewster go and wish her well
but that won't stop me from watching the show.This is a great series and the
main characters are still in tact.It has taught me that their are plenty of
wack jobs out there.Keep up the good work.


I love Criminal Minds, look forward to watching every week. I even watch the re-runs. Too bad she is leaving, I really enjoyed watching her. Good luck in your next endevors.


Ridiculous and yet not surprising at all. I had a feeling this would happen which is why I wasn't pleased when she agreed tocome back. If they inexplicably boot you six seasons into the series let it stick...and move on. The show made the abrupt decision to let her go...thhey. nor should she have let fan outrage influence the end game,especially if the end result of her departure would be the same..


She was OK but she wasn't my favorite so I will still watch the show! I LOVE CRIMINAL MINDS!!!


I looooovvvee Criminal Minds! I will be sad to see Paget go, however, she doesn't make the show. As long as some of the original cast is still there I'm ok with it. Loved Shemar in the twell last week! WOW!


NO< NO NO< NO, she cant leave again, it was awful when she left the first time, she is so good, we like the "TEAM" just the way they are!!!!!!!


I'm sure she will be fine in whatever she decides to pursue although I never cared for her character on CM!


Where is Rachel Nichols when you need her?


I wonder how they will kill her off this a cat she will have 9 lives. But we will miss you Paget!

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