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The beginning of "My Brother's Wedding" was done so well. While the show could have spent time going through the drama of breakups and what the decision of Crosby and Jasmine made means to their friends, it used a montage instead.

Great work. We got the point, but didn't waste time.

A Parenthood Wedding

The brothers grim
It's a damned good thing they saved time on those matters because far more exciting and important to Braverman family relations were the fisticuffs that broke out between Adam and Crosby at the wedding planning meeting. There was beer flying, popcorn bouncing, mom being screamed and two big boys on the floor tumbling around with everyone looking on. Fabulous!

We finally found out what the offer was for The Luncheonette. More than double the original offer. If I remember correctly, that means both families would walk with over a million in cash because the numbers reflected taking the mortgage, finances and everything else into the equation before the bottom line. Walking away from that would be tough, but still should have been discussed with Crosby.

Love and politics
Amber and Bob were discovering that their feelings were not fleeting. Sarah was standing by whatever decision Amber wanted to make, and Kristina was ignoring Bob. Bob told Kristina exactly what I was thinking. He's not a bad guy, they've known each other for a long time and he's sorry he's developed feelings for an intelligent, wonderful girl she brought into his life.

Really, how could you not root for Bob and Amber? He's running for councilman, not president. By the time that happens, they could be happily married. For now, she chose her job, and he accepted that. But I believe their attraction is far more visceral and won't be easily dismissed.

Sarah's feet hit the ground
It was only a matter of time before Sarah saw the writing on the wall with Mark. Things were moving too quickly, and he was dreaming of weddings in Ireland. She was swept up in the romance of a fresh start in life and his cute face and young love. When she realized what it meant, she let him go. When he had time to process what happened, he realized they had taken all the wrong steps. Duh. He asked her to marry him.

The Grahams move on
I sure read the whole Zoe situation wrong from the start. I thought at the very least she'd become a part of the family with her baby, but once she had it there was no looking back. She was kind enough to tell Julia she changed her life. I loved how quickly Joel and Julia headed over to the adoption agency.

When they were asked how they felt about taking on a baby from a mother who hadn't decided previously to give their child up, I fully expected them to have a call during the wedding to pick one up during the wedding. Hey - it's television! They got the call. Not for a baby, but I think their new addition will round out their family nicely.

The wedding
It was fast, small, beautiful and all Braverman. Jasmine looked beautiful and the Crosby's smile was a mile wide. When "Color My World" came on and Adam and Haddie were dancing I realized I danced with my own dad at a wedding to that very song. One of the very few times we ever danced. A Braverman wedding covered all the bases, and so did Drew. Oooh! Oh yes they did!

The biggest surprise during the wedding was Adam ripping up the offer to sell The Luncheonette. I think I was more surprised than he was. He realized what a great life Crosby had introduced him to during the last year and he wasn't willing to give it up.

The episode was perfect. Not a beat was missing. It had everything. Brawls, sex, laughter, tears, marriage, proposals, a possible adoption and more. What did you think about this incredible Braverman finale? What are your hopes for Season Four? Keep your fingers crossed that we'll all be meeting back her again next year.


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I loved it every min of it! Ppl fight families fight N no matter how much money is involved adam was alot happier working with crosby and thats where he belongs! Sure ot would help financially but working through hard times is what makes the good times even better. I really did not like how sarahs son had sex... Guess i dont care to watch it but i did however love love that sarahs man came back for her ahhh i love happy endings as for crosby n jasmine about damn time i love those two!!!!!! Great show cant wait for more seasons i love this family


I really like the show, but can't Julia and Joel be satisfied with one child and count there blessings? They agreed to take any child with any situation cause they are so desperate? what's up with that? Poor Sydney. she is going to be happy about this situaton.:(
On the other hand I love love love Amber and glad she met with Bob. Who knows how that story line will playout, but I wouldn't mind if she and Bob hooked up again.:) Whatever makes Amber happy! I hope the show makes it for the next season!


Love this show! However, I do not like and never have liked, Crosby or Jasmine. I guess it is better for the show that they ended up together afterall, but he is often a juvenile jerk and she is often a bitch. I also cannot believe she would choose Crosby over the hot doctor! Although I thought the wedding was lovely and well done. As for Sarah and Mark, I love them both so much and was so happy he appeared at the wedding. I just adore Jason Ritter. I did not realize he was piloting a new show, and if that show is picked up, I will miss him on Parenthood, but will definitely check out his new show. I love Julie and Joel and hope things work out with their new son. This show is so good, it makes me laugh and it makes me cry. I am sad that this season is over and cannot wait for next season.


Loved the finale! Love the show!! Hated for it to be the final one for the year. I hope there's no doubt about
it coming back next year. Does anyone know for sure? I cried at the wedding and at Adam's speech.


Pretty good finale. I can't deal with Sarah who is so random in what she does in her life. One second she is thinking of having a kid with Mark and the next she breaks up with him? He didn't do anything wrong other than get excited about their life together. Why can't they sell the luncheonette and see if Crosby and run it. Win win for everyone. I think Bob Simon was wrong for making Amber his assistant when he knew he had a romantic interest in her. It is wrong for someone with that level of power to us it for personal gain, especially with Amber being so young. I would like to see the show return. It is better than 95% of anything else on "free" tv.

Sarah silva

I also was not a fan of the way they are taking the Julia and Joel storyline.
More cons:
I know they were devasted when they did not get Zoe's baby (which I called from day 1). That they were not thinking clearly and told the adoption lady they would take any child. You can tell that the look on Julia's face when a boy who seemed about Sydney's age got out of the van that she was not really happy. I know there are lots of kids out there at all ages that need a loving home but I feel that this boy will just be with them for the time that his mom is in jail and I do not see him ever calling them mom and dad.
This is just my opinion

Sarah silva

Cons: Once again Christina is mean, from the way she was during the argument with Crosby and Adam to how she was with Bob. No matter how much Bob thinks he needs Christina for his campaign he should have fired her she does not respect him and he is her BOSS.
I did not like Adam for 90% of the episode. I totally agreed with Crosby when he and Jasmine were talking and he said that he is always blamed! So true!
I am one of the people that is pro Amber and Bob and I was sad that she chose work over a relationship but she figures she can not do both. I hope after the campaign that they will pursue a relationship

Sarah silva

Good points: Adam deciding at the last minute to bot sell the Luncheonette.
Leaving the Sarah and Mark storyline open and having him show up and the wedding and propose which leaves it open for her to say yes (if Jason Ritter's show is not picked up) and then no if it is. However I am a huge Sarah and Mark fan and want him to stay on Parenthood
I liked the wedding.
Crosby telling Jasmine that he likes how she loads a dishwasher as that was one of their many fights last season
Max coming in and asking his dad and Zeke if they were fighting and if so that mom has some salsa....a joke about salsa getting poured on Adam during the fight with Crosby
Teen love...Drew & Amy sleeping together that scene was handled very well

Sarah silva

I really love this show. However I was not a fan of the finale
There were some good parts and maybe because I think it was rushed as they had to wrap up storylines with only 18 episodes but all in all it was a dissapointment for me and that makes me sad to say as I am one of the biggest fans for this show


Great finale, Jason Katims must be the most sought after showrunner in Hollywood by now. BTW - BILLY RIGGINS! That was amazing!

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