Persia White Interview: Can Abby Be a Mother to Bonnie?

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Abby Bennett will not be winning any Mother of the Year awards on The Vampire Diaries. That much is certain.

But in an exclusive TV Fanatic interview, Persia White explained how her character will still do all she can over the coming weeks to make up for abandoning her child at such a young age. Read on for excerpts...

Bonnie and Mother

On "The Ties That Bind," Abby said she's enjoyed the past 15 years being a "woman," as opposed to a "witch." Can you elaborate on that? Will we be seeing or learning about anything else from the character's past?
Abby has a lot of making up for the past mistakes. Being a parent is a huge responsibility and the fact that she is a witch holds an even greater weight... we'll learn more about her weakness and strengths as the episodes unfold.

What can we expect next from Abby? How will she work with Bonnie to regain her powers? 
Abby is trying to finally step up to the plate and be who she is, mainly a mom to Bonnie.

How do you interpret Abby's bond with Jaime? Is she trying to make up for abandoning her daughter by taking in a son?
Yes. I think Abby was trying to make up for her abandoning Bonny by being a parental figure to Jaime. She took him in as if he was her own.

Got any dating advice for Elena?
I think Elena should stay out of vampire business and date a young hot guy who can giver her what she deserves, life as a human... a family.

You share many scenes with Kat Graham. Talk about working with her on set.
I LOVE working with Kat. We have so many things in common, it's been amazing! We both have a musical and dancing background. Sometimes we laugh so much together on set, they have to tell us to be quiet and stop goofing around. I love many of the cast members on The Vampire Diaries, it really is the best cast and crew I've ever worked with.

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David and sabrina 2014

I'm not sure if Abby will be helping out Bonnie a lot but if she can, then she can also be a not so bad character after all. What I mostly agree is that Elena can't have a normal life with a human when she's a doppelganger and the next thing people know, humans will think that she's insanely creepy being supernatural. Mostly Elena's life is around vampires, but if Elena is with the vampire that makes her feel normal and human (like tefan throughout season 1 and 2), then she can have a happy life. I can't wait to find out what else happens.


Can a plot device be a mother to a plot device?


She will die. Guaranteed.


Still i don't believe abby don't have any magic left.I hope she stick around for a while.A very good advice to elena but elena can never have a normal life,she is the doppelganger and she chose to live her life with vampires,so its not the salvatore's fault.


Finally, some cast member agree that Elena should stop dating the salvatore brothers.


Wow, it's like every interview with the TVD cast nowadays inculdes something about Elena leaving the Salvatore brothers & find a guy to have a fmaily with?
I mean, they can't all have the exact same opinion. Is it just me or does anyone else think they were asked to say this from producers...throw us off the scent for a while ;)


Lol @Sarah...I was thinking the same thing. Semantics. Perhaps because she hasn't worked with all of them shes referring to who she has worked with. At least that would be how I would respond if that were a follow up question.


In reality i agree with persia that Elena has to live a life away from vampires, but it is a show. It all started with Elena and the Salvatores, some how it has to end with them. No matter how she tries to keep away she is already involved being the dopplegager.


Nothing to really comment about BUT they spelled Bonnie wrong once and it is funny that Persia said she loves many of the cast members.I wonder who she dose not like

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